Cow and Chicken - Season 3

Cartoon Network (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Night of the Ed/Cow's Pie/I Are Good Dog
    The Night of The Ed: Dad brings home a jackal as a pet for Cow and Chicken. Promptly, Mom and Dad go out to celebrate, leaving Cow and Chicken in the "capable" hands of Ed, the jackal. Cow's Pie: Cow is making her special pie. She tries desperately to get Chicken to taste it. He won't. Finally, worn down, Chicken eats the pie. He likes it. He gobbles it down and asks for more. Cow smiles shyly to the camera...she just doesn't have the heart to tell her big brother what the secret ingredient is. I Are Good Dog: (Weasel) Weasel and Baboon are purchased in a pet store by an obnoxious little kid. Weasel makes a splendid pet. Baboon does not. Finally, unloved, Baboon runs off and is collected by the pound. He's sent to the glue factory to work.moreless
  • Professor Longhorn / A Couple of Skating Fools / I.M. Weasel: He Said, He Said
    Professor Longhorn Steer: Mom and Dad are disgusted that Cow and Chicken believe the world is round, so they hire Dad's brother, Longhorn Steer (who really is a steer) to tudor Cow and Chicken. Longhorn fails, but Cow and Chicken learn that he doesn't want to teach...we wants to be a normal steer, get married, have kids, hold a job, and stampede. A Couple of Skating Fools: Chicken's dream is to be a world famous figure skater, so he and Earl enter a figure skating contest. Red Guy is jealous because his partner is Flem, so, he injures Earl, making Chicken helpless out on the rink...until Cow comes to save Chicken's dream. I am Weasel: "He Said, He Said"moreless
  • Night of the ED/Cow's Pie/I.R. Good Dog
    "The Night of The Ed: Dad brings home a jackal as a pet for Cow and Chicken. Promptly, Mom and Dad go out to celebrate, leaving Cow and Chicken in the "capable" hands of Ed, the jackal. The ferocious beast gets loose in the house, and almost eats them.
  • The Night of the Ed / Cow's Pies / I.M. Weasel: I Are Good Dog
    Night of the Ed: Dad decides that the family needs a he buys a spayed male jackel named Ed. He and Mom go out to celebrate, leaving Cow and Chicken alone with a living terrorist pet. Cow and Chicken then consult "How to Care for Your First Jackel" to try to tame Ed, Cow's Pie: Cow bakes her own pie and wants Chicken to try it...but he doesn't want to. Cow then follows Chicken everywhere until she takes drastic measures...hiding all of the food in the house, only leaving the pie. Chicken gives in, and discovers the pie is actually good. Little does he's really poop. I am Weasel: "I.R. Good Dog"moreless
  • Be Careful What You Wish for? / Lost at Sea / I.M. Weasel: I Do
    Be Careful What You Wish For: Chicken is fed up with Cow's constant babbling, and wishes for her to shut up. Cow then gives Chicken the silent treatment. Chicken soon regrets when Cow doesn't tell him about an oncoming truck, and not representing him in court. Lost at Sea: Flem and Earl find themselves lost in the middle of an ocean near the equator. They fear their lives are short, and begin reminescing about their fun lives: home coming, water boys, mentally challenged, eating cheese in Yurp, running with the bulls in Pimplelotta, singing drinking songs in Germany, and having love for Cow. I am Weasel: "I.R. Do"moreless
  • 101 Useless Uses for Cow and Chicken / Intelligent Life? / I.M. Weasel: Tree Story
    101 Uses for Cow and Chicken: Chicken starts to mess with a pricing gun in the super market, and then starts getting carried away. Soon, Cow and Chicken inevidibly have price tags stuck on them. Red Guy assumes they're for sale, and buys them...but doesn't know exactly how to put them to use. Intelligent Life: Cow doesn't wish to come in, but rather stay out all night to stare at the moon. So she builds a make-shift rocket ship out of cardboard boxes, a trashcan, and traffic cone. It ACTUALLY works, and finds herself on the planet Mud, where she brings space alien (Red Guy) back to earth where he says the solution to all problems is: puppets. I am Weasel: "A Tree Story"moreless
  • The Day I Was Born / Factory Follies / I.M. Weasel: Drivers Sped
    The Day I Was Born: Cow wonders about the day she was born. Chicken tells her she was adopted, Mom tells her that the stork delivered her, Dad said they found her in a cabbage, Teacher says she hatched from an egg, and Red Guy says he delivered her. Factory Follies: Red Guy is CEO of a giant factory. He holds a birthday party for himself in the confrence room later that night, but none of the employees show up. But it doesn't matter, he has enough fun by himself. I am Weasel: "Driver's Sped"moreless
  • Playing Hooky / Chicken Lips / I.M. Weasel: Honey, I Are Home
    Playin' Hookie: Cow and Chicken have a big test the next day at school but when Chicken forgets to study, he tries to fake all kinds of illnesses to avoid going to school. After holding his thermometer over the grill, Mom and Dad call the doctor who makes housecalls: The Red Guy. Chicken Lips: Chicken is upset because he can't whistle, and everybody else can. The Red Guy tries to tutor Chicken, but he finds out that Chicken can't whistle because he has no lips. The Red Guy then immedietaly sends Chicken to surgery. I am Weasel: "Honey, I Are Home"moreless
  • Chickens Don't Fly / P.E. / I.M. Weasel: I Am Vampire
    Chicken's Don't Fly: Cow and Chicken are taking a trip all by themselves. Their taking an airplane. Once Chicken sees the actual plain, he starts to have anxiety attacks and believes that flying is a dangerous way to travel. P.E. Chicken, Flem, and Earl are finally 6th graders, and are ready for their first day at junior high. Once in their gym class they find it difficult to put up with a strict P.E. teacher, and bully twins. I am Weasel: "I Am Vampire"moreless
  • Grandma at the Mall / Chicken in the Bathroom / I.M. Weasel: Unsinkable I.R.
    Grandman at the Mall: Grandma pays at visit to Cow and Chicken's house to take them to the mall with her. Her purpose for being at the mall: to look for a new grandpa, because she lost the old one. Chicken gives her the slip while he, Flem and Earl hang out at the concession stands. Chicken in the Bathroom: Chicken refuses to take bath, so he just sits there in the empty tub, while Cow, Mom, and Dad try to make him take a bath so they can use the toilet. I am Weasel: "Unsinkable I.R."moreless
  • Me an' My Dog / Cow's Dream Catcher / I.M. Weasel: Dessert Island
    Me An' My Dog: Cow brings home an "invisible" dog, whom she dubs, Kevin. Pretty soon, she and Kevin are inseperable, but causes trouble with school and friends. After she enters Kevin in a dog show, and wins, Kevin "runs away". Afterwards, Cow finds Kevin, befriended an "invisible" homeless man. Cow's Dream Catcher: Cow tags along with Chicken, Flem, and Earl on their camping trip in the tree fort. Cow says that if Chicken, Flem, or Earl touch her dream catcher that they'll die. Chicken accidentally breaks her dream catcher, and soon, he, Flem and Earl are at the mercy of Cow's worst nightmare: The Milkman. I Am Weasel: "Dessert Island"moreless
  • Sergeant Weenie Arms / Sow and Chicken / I.M. Weasel: I Am Bush Pilot
    Sergeant Weenie Arms: After Earl gets the new Sergeant Weenie Arms action figure, he, Flem and Chicken go to Dead Skull Cave to meet the soldier himself, and become full-fledge weenie marines. After they do so, they learn that weenie marines are sissies. Sow and Chicken: Cow and Chicken get an unexpected visit from Cow's twin cousin, Sow (a pig with 8 teets). After Sow's first day at school, she causes chaos, and puts the blame on Cow. It's up to Cow to pull the plug on Sow's evil ways. I Am Weasel: "I Am Bush Pilot"moreless
  • Cow Fly / Where Am I? / I.M. Weasel: I Stand Corrected
    Cow Fly: Cow is depressed because she has no friends: until she finds a fly in her room and befriends it. Pretty soon she and the fly are inseperable: until Chicken, Mom and Dad call in the fly exterminator. Where Am I?: Cow stays outside too late, and pretty soon finds herself lost in the woods, and tries to survive. She pretty soon comes to the conclusion that it's eat, or be eaten, so she puts on war paint, and finds a squirrel in a bush, she quickly eats. It turns out she was in the backyard all the time, and her imagination got the better of her. I Am Weasel: "I Stand Corrected"moreless
  • Goin' My Way? / The Baby Sitter / I.M. Weasel: The Hole
    Goin' My Way?: While driving in the snow, Mom and Dad find The Red Guy who says he's heading "home"; so Mom and Dad take him home with him, and immediately think of him has their new favorite son. Cow and Chicken work together to try to prove The Red Guy's a fraud. The Babysitter: Mom and Dad go out of town, leaving Cow as the babysitter, because she's the biggest, and not the oldest. Pretty soon, Chicken is at the mercy of his sister's babysitting technique: eating marshmallow soup for supper, doing homework with Crabs the Warthog doll, Piles the Beaver doll, and Manure the Bear doll, taking a bath and being scrubbed with dishsoap, and wearing diapers. I Am Weasel: "The Hole"moreless
  • Can Cow Come Out and Play / Horn Envy / I.M. Weasel: Time Weasel
    Can Cow Come Out and Play? The Red Guy is depressed because no one will play with him. After seeing Cow has Crabs the Warthog, he wants to play with her because he has Crabs's doll house. When he askes to play with Cow, she tells him not if he was the last man on earth. With that he locks the entire world in a trailer, and is the last man standing: but Cow still won't play with him. Horn Envy: Cow has a crush on Crag, the smartest kid in school, but is ignored by him. Her friends try to convince her that her horns are too small, so she tries every way to make them bigger by decorating them with coat hangers, paper masche, and even chocolate chip weenies. Cow later learns that Crag wasn't interest in Cow, because he had a crush on one of her friends. I am Weasel: "Time Weasel"moreless
  • Can Cow Come Out and Play?; Horn Envy
    "Can Cow Come Out and Play" When Mom tells Red that Cow would play with him if he were the last man on Earth, Red devises an elaborate scam where he locks the entire world in trailer. "Horn Envy" Cow is Infatuated with the cool boy at school. "Time Weasel" (Weasel) Weasel invents time underwear, which Baboon promptly steals hoping to change history in his favor.moreless