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Cowboy Bebop is an action-drama anime that centres around four bounty hunters and their dog. It first premiered when Cartoon Network launched a block of cartoons aimed at older audiences called [Adult Swim] on Sunday September 2nd, 2001. Japanese Title: 「カウボーイ・ビバップ」 Characters: Spike Speigel, Age 27: The protagonist of the series in which most of the show revolves around. He once belonged to a syndicate called the Red Dragons, but left for his own reasons. He now spends his time bounty hunting. Unfortunately, he finds his past starting to catch up with him. Jet Black, Age 36: The oldest member of the crew and owner of the star ship Bebop. He once worked for the I.S.S.P (Inter-Solar System Police), but left because of corruption. He is also known as the "Black Dog". Faye Valentine, Age 23: A master con-artist, Faye is a drifter with a mysterious past who just happened to come across the Bebop. There is a very large price on her head due to a massive amount of money that she owes to creditors. Beautiful, smart, and cunning, she is definitely one to keep both eyes on. Edward Wong Hau Pepalu Tivrusky IV, Age 13: The youngest member of the bunch. Ed is the genius, if somewhat bizarre, hacker that rounds out the Bebop. She is pretty silly and not really up there at times, though she is still a valuable member of the team. b>Ein: Ein, a welsh-corgi, was once a lab animal. As a test subject, his brain has been greatly enhanced. Due to this, he is actually smarter then the rest of the Bebop crew. Most of the time you'll see him hanging around with Ed during the series. Japanese Airdates While three episodes of Cowboy Bebop did not air on [Adult Swim] during the series first run on the network (see below under "Episodes"), more than half of Bebop, fourteen episodes in all, did not air during its first run in Japan on TV Tōkyō (Japanese: テレビ東京) in late spring of 1998. Cowboy Bebop was acquired in the summer by WOWOW Network and broadcast in its entirety in late 1998 and early 1999.moreless

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  • Wendee Lee

    Wendee Lee

    Faye Valentine

    Steven Jay Blum

    Steven Jay Blum

    Spike Spiegel

    Beau Billingslea

    Beau Billingslea

    Jet Black

    Melissa Fahn

    Melissa Fahn

    Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

    Unshou Ishizuka

    Unshou Ishizuka

    Jet Black [J]

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