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Cowboy Bebop

Season 1 Episode 1

Asteroid Blues

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 02, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

It's a normal day on the Bebop for bounty hunters Spike and Jet, until they find out about a new bounty hunter. Asimov Solensan is going around selling a new drug that he stole from the syndicate. It is an eyespray called "Bloody Eye" which makes all of its users very fast and almost invincible, but they also go crazy. Spike and Jet do whatever it takes to catch the culprit. At the same time the syndicate is trying to kill Asimov and get the drug back from him.moreless

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  • Enter Spike Spiegel, rouge bounty hunter who is tracking down a syndicate runaway, Asimov, who is pushing red eye, an illict drug.

    Introduction Spike Spiegel, rouge bounty hunter scowering the solar system for his next meal. The biggest problem most people have with Cowboy Bebop is that it is slow to start. I think that this holds true, but is a necessary evil. This opener, however, does deliver.

    This was the perfect way to meet Spike. We see his recklessness when Jet tells them why they are broke, his sarcasm over the "bell peppers and beef" and his philosiphy on life when he says to Asimov "after all, I had to even the score, right?"

    While this was only the first episode I think that it did pull me into the series. It was actually a very witty episode that had a "surprise ending". I consider Astroid Blues to be an above average episode of Cowboy Bebop and would recommend it to any anime fan.moreless
  • We meet Spike and Jet as they search for bounty.

    This series starts out in a grand manner with good plot and exelent music.

    We first meet Spike Spiegel and Jet Black onboard the Cowboy Bebop trying to find a bounty to hunt down. They find said bounty and heads out for the hunt. The target: Asimov Solensan. But it turns out they are not the only ones looking for him and violence ensues. And what grand violence it is. This to me is one of the strengths of this show; the way they film the figthing. It is beutiful. Good colors and exelent music. The music is good throughout the show all from the starting theme to the ending theme. This is an very good episode. You all should watch it.moreless
  • In the first episode of Cowboy Bebop you become introduced to Spike and Jet as the fly through space looking for a bounty.

    Cowboy Bebop sets a pretty good tone in its debut episode. In this episode Spike hunts down a crimial by the name of Asimov Solensan who davels in an illegal drug called "bloody eye". The episode has great actions secnes as expected, but the best in the first as Asimov makes a deal for the "bloody eye" in the back room of a bar. Soon a gunfight begins and from there its a close copy to the 1995 movie Desperado's opening fight scene which is just as cool. The episode actually ends on a meloncholy note, but still Cowboy Bebop beings with a bang and I am lookign forward to further episodes.moreless
  • a great introduction to one of the best series of all time.

    Although I saw Ballad of Fallen Angels first, this episode was still one of the more memorable for me. It is in this episode that we meet Spike Spiegel and Jet Black for the first time, and what a time it is. Jet and Spike must track down a dealer of a dangerous and addictive drug which induces berserker rages, called "Red Eye". Upon landing to catch this dealer, Spike meets the dealers' girlfriend, who is "supposedly" pregnant (watch it and find out what I mean). Soon enough we see some action, along with some slick moves on Spikes account, and a little emotional conflict between the drug dealer and his girlfriend. I enjoyeded the ending of this episode, and was amazed at how well it transitioned to the next.

    I give it a perfect ten.moreless
  • Pretty good but a little weird, but it really does get a lot better on episode 5 and so on.

    The pilot is actually the first and only episode really where spike and jet are on their own. They're chasing down a criminal who killed his own closets syndicate partners and took off with a drug that's used by spraying it in the eyes (pretty interesting). The episode has plenty of action and some of the show's best music. The pilot had some great moments like the ending, but it also had some weird moments. There's one moment where Asimov's female partner is just looking at us, and she seems to narrate her story in a way that felt a little weird. The show does throw away the mistakes I thought could have been fixed and it gets a lot better.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The place "Zona Norte" mentioned by Laughing Bull is actually the real life red-light district of Tijuana.

    • The drug "Red-Eye" in this episode may be a reference to the fatigue and eye aggravation of an overnight airline flight, which is commonly referred to as a "red-eye flight".

    • Jet: Speaking of beef, they say in TJ, the carnitas are out of this world.

      Although carnitas are strongly associated with pork, they can also be made out of beef / chuck roast. They are only mentioned in the English dub.

    • When Spike talks to Laughing Bull, a Playstation can be seen on the floor.

    • At the very end of the episode, when Jet comes to tell Spike he has finished dinner, Jet is holding a nearly finished cigarette. When he sends it floating to Spike and Spike catches it, the cigarette has become much longer.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Jet: Hey Spike! It's Ready!
      Spike: I'm just about finished. What's cookin'?
      Jet: Special. Bell Peppers and Beef.

    • Jet: (Listening to Spike whistle) Nice tune. Real easy.

    • Laughing Bull: The swimming bird will meet a woman. The bird will be hunted by this woman. And then...death.
      Spike: One more time...
      Laughing Bull: What's that?
      Spike: I was killed once before. By a woman.
      Laughing Bull: You take women too lightly, my friend.
      Spike: On the contrary.

    • Spike: You know, it's better to just leave the water running. So you don't clog the drain.

    • Spike: I'm just an old fashioned cowboy.

    • Spike: Your boyfriend is sick; he's a small fry. I don't bother with his type.
      Katrina: A wise decision.
      (Katrina looks to her right)
      Asimov (throttles Spike from behind): Now who's the small fry?!

    • Jet (looking down at Spike, who is only half-conscious): Having ourselves a little nap, huh?
      Spike: I had a sweet dream.
      Jet: That's heart warming!

    • Katrina: (as her last words) Adios, cowboy.

    • (coming episode)
      Spike: Well, the show is finally underway.
      Jet: What's all this?
      Spike: Next week, we're totally changing gears. It's gonna be anime for all ages.
      Jet: What's the story?
      Spike: Housepets wreak havoc throughout the stars.
      Jet: What?
      Spike: (Laughs) No, the guy who talks to animals will not make an appearance, but anyone who loves animals should gather around and watch this show.
      Jet: Can we say stuff like that? I'm taking no responsibility for this.
      Spike: Caution! Small children should sit far back from the TV.
      Jet: C'mon, how far back?
      Spike: About three quarters of a mile.
      Jet: That's too far!
      Spike: (Laughs) Okay, half a mile.

  • NOTES (14)

    • Actor Commentary
      In the Remix Volume 1 DVD extra, Japanese voice actors Kouichi Yamadera (Spike) and Unshou Ishizuka (Jet) provide audio commentary on this episode and the effect of the series on their careers. They talk about related projects, the three old guys, and some of their ad-libs.

    • Original Japanese Airdate (WOWOW): October 23rd, 1998.

    • On the Remix version, the producers neglect to put up the title in English for the preview of "Stray Dog Strut".

    • This is the only episode where a character does not say the name of the next episode during the preview.

    • This episode is the first appearance of the three old men Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim, but not the last. They show up from time to time, just happening to be in the same place at the same time as the Bebop crew.

    • When Spike helps Katrina pick up her groceries, with the exception of the hotdog in his mouth, everything is some kind of chocolate or cocoa product.

    • Throughout the 2000 DVD releases of CB, it is listed on numerous internet shop sites that the 2000 and not the 2004 editions of the series have deleted scenes. This refers to the footage that was edited from the series when it aired on network television.

    • The handgun Jet Black uses throughout the series is a Walther P99.

    • The pistol that Spike almost always carries is an Israeli Jericho 941.

    • Spike's name according to Laughing Bull is Swimming Bird.

    • The indian fortune teller's real name is Laughing Bull.

    • The number next to "BeBop" that's on the side of the Bebop (Jet's ship) is 268170.

    • Character debut:

      Spike Spiegel - He has dark green, somewhat poofy hair and typically dresses in a blue leisure suit with a white collared shirt underneath. Spike was modeled after Arsene Lupin from Maurice LeBlanc's Lupin III comic, which was later turned into a manga and subsequent television series and movies by Kazuhiko Katō (Monkey Punch). When not dressed up he is often shirtless and practicing martial arts like Bruce Lee.

      Jet Black - Spike's partner. He's older than Spike. He has a beard, and no mustache, although everything above the line of his eyebrows is completely bald. Attached to his right cheek is some sort of metallic piece. He also has a big scar down the right side of his face.

    • The Bounty Information
      Asimov Solensan
      2,500,000 Woolongs
      ID: F47998UGK
      Height: 6 feet 2 inches
      Weight: 174 pounds
      Age: 36
      DOML: Asteroid
      Criminal Record:
      Break into a bank robber.
      Bodily injury resulting in death.


    • "Asteroid Blues": El Mariachi

      This whole episode is an homage to the Robert Rodriguez El Mariachi series and the later Desperado movie. Asimov is the Antonio Banderas character El Mariachi and Katrina is the Salma Hayek character Carolina. Plus, the episode takes place in a desert, western setting like Desperado.

    • Cowboy Bebop: Lupin the Third

      The main cast of Cowboy Bebop is modeled after the classic anime Lupin the Third. Spike is Lupin and Jet looks almost exactly like Jigen. Other characters shown later will also resemble those from Lupin the Third.

    • Spike Spiegel: Bruce Lee/Johnny Woo

      In terms of fighting style, the use of Jeet Kun Do, Spike has similar qualities of both Bruce Lee and Johnny Woo.

    • Three "Gate Diggers": Antonia Carlos Jobim

      The three old men's names are Antonio, Carlos, and Jobim. They take their names from Antonio Carlos Jobim, a famous Brazilian songwriter.