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Did you like the ending? (Could contain spoilers)

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    I'm definitely in agreement with those that say the ending was poetic. In fact with some misgivings I'm willing to say my overall impression is this series was the only thing close to rivaling generation kill in overall, all time, tv programming.

    However, I understand both sides of the argument. It would have been swallowed much easier had Spike taken more damage. I originally found this thread just searching for whether or not Spike actually died at the end, or if he started his own bounty enterprise with the disillusioned triad members and got his grudge screw on with Faye (IE: the "fill in your own ending" story that's been pretty popular this century).

    When you think about it, that would still be poetic and tragic since the love of his life was dead, he would remain a grudge-heavy bounty hunting machine that would fill additional episodes with spite and angst despite having some degree of prosperity and poon. I mean he certainly had chemistry leaning into Faye on the last episode but it's not the same.

    Anyhow, Spike took a bullet through the elbow, a throwing knife in the shoulder, and a sword slash just above the knee. As people have noted, 'ready' to die or not, he's been pretty resilient thus far, and even a non-badass human could survive all that. I even replayed segments of the final fight over and over to see if the throwing knife got his heart instead of his shoulder, or if the slash was high enough to get his femoral artery, but after review it's completely understandable to be surprised that he collapsed at all on that stairway.

    Even if they had used the same fight sequence but made a bigger deal out of some arterial bleeding (aortal or femoral, which the show had certainly been violent enough to reciprocate), then the ending would have impressed its poetry on more people.

    It might seem like finnicky bull that doesn't relate to the story itself, but I think CBB viewers are made to be a bit sophisticated and resistant to dread, as they've endured close calls and some degree of medical realism through the series.

    So as small as it seems, add some arterial spray to Spike's thigh near the end of the fight and you've got more of an exclamation mark, and less of a question mark, when the fruition of this poetic story bids the viewers farewell.

    Still great though, obviously.
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    Ok, im not going to write as much as you guys have 'cause i simply dont have that much to say.

    First, im a happy ending kinda guy, sadly. So even though it may very well be true that Spike dying was the right thing for the shows story and meaning, I would still have happily have seen him live on with his crew and have more merrily encounters with near death.

    Second, Ed leaving I just did not like. Someone here noted that she was a wanderer and never stayed too long in one place, but to me it seemed like she wanted to be on the Bebop. "Ed is going somewhere far, far away. I might not be coming back. So, Ein, you should go back". Where, if anywhere is she going?If she's going after her father who forgot her for 7 years, i would rather she stayed with the crew as daddy seemed to very easily forget her every other second. I just want to know where she was going. (I had to add an s on all the he's' and hims, forgot she's a she.)

    Thirdly, the only crewmembers left, Faye and Jet. How was that going to pan out. I know it was only two in the beginning but Jet and Faye I think needs more (an alive Spike and a returned Ed, just saying). Maybe they picked up new people, who knows. Or maybe they could be just a duo, now that i think back. But that's a maybe. A returned Ed and Ein would do dandy.

    So. that was a little more than I thought it would be.

    (The scene with Ed and Ein leaving rips at the heart)

    Just recheacked that ep. Says Eds dad looked for her for seven years, but he sure left her easily after he'd found her. And yes he maybe just thought that she would join him later, but still.

    Where do you all think she went?

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    Supakilla_2004 wrote:
    It's all here
    Spikes must die in the battle against Vicious, if only for the very simple reason that his survival would negate the value of his decision and sacrifice.
    This conclusion doesn't really follow from the premises and hardly irrevocable proof that Spike's dead. A lot of you guys here seem to have a pretty romantic notion of death, personally I choose to think Spike lives and the falling star was for Vicious (or from a more realistic view, random chance) but it could go either way.
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    I felt the ending was fitting.
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    The ending was amazing. Julia had died, and Spike avenged her by killing Vicious, after that, what did Spike have left to live for? Everything Spike was doing on the Bebop was just to run away from his past, he realised that running away was not the answer, and decided to finish things. He knew he was going to die, but as he said.

    "I'm not going there to die, I'm going to find out if I am really alive".

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    It is unclear actually if Spike did die. Even creator Shinichirō Watanabe said, "I've never officially said that he died. At this point, I can tell you that I'm not sure if he's alive or dead." This clever move on his part because it leaves the matter of a sequel open should he finally decide to make one. However, it has been stated that he believes in doing this would make fans upset. The reason I suppose is because by this point most fans believe that Spike is dies at the end and therefore put some closure to the series so to continue it would just seem absurd. Personally, as a fan of the series I would love to see it continue because it was never officially confirmed that Spike actually died so he could very well be alive but simply passed out from his fight with the syndicate and Vicious. So anything is possible.

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