Cowboy Bebop

Season 1 Episode 10

Ganymede Elegy

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 30, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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The Bebop is on its way to Ganymede, Jet's home when he was a cop, to deliver a bounty named Baker Panchorero. Jet starts to space out thinking about his old girl friend, Alisa, who left him years ago. The Bebop lands and while Spike and Faye cash in the bounty, Jet goes to "Le Fin", the bar owned by Alisa. While Jet and Alisa are reminiscing about old times, Spike finds out that Alisa's current boy friend, Rhint, has a bounty on his head.moreless

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  • Jet runs into an old flame from his home satilitte, Ganymeade. He takes the bounty on her new boyfriend, then helps him get off on self defense. He leaves her forever, knowing that he did everything he could. Unlike Spike, he accepts what is happeningmoreless

    This is a very sad episode, but it is a special one. Jet shows his other side for the first time. He has always been sure and almost seems omniscent, but he is stumbling through this episode. He shows that he, like the rest of the bebop crew, is human. He ends up helping Elisa, his old flame, be reunited with her new love. Then he leaves, chucking the clock he had promised to give up on when it stopped ticking. It is a sorrowful episode that I feel that just about anyone can relate to.moreless
  • While on a trip back to Ganymede, Jet's home planet, to turn in a bounty, he meets up with a lost love of his, Alisa, after talking a bit, Alisa tells Jet that she had a boyfriend, Rhint, who turns out to have a bounty on him.moreless

    Sad, but sweet. I love that you finally find out a little of Jet's past, and that's probably as far as it's gonna go, but that's okay. There's really not much of the other characters in this episode. It is mainly Jet. You also find out why people call him the black dog. Nice episode *sob*
  • Jet's past resurfaces when turning in a bounty on his home colony.

    In one of the sweeter noirs I've seen, Jet shows his basic self to us and an old flame. Spike's respect of Jet's need to handle the bounty was very cool, but I got the feeling he wasn't too far away, just in case.

    I rewatched this yesterday, and I had forgotten how much Alicia resembled Faye! As Faye says on learning Jet's an ex-cop-"No wonder we don't get along." It also goes to his he-man woman-hating attitude to Faye, but his generally chivalrous nature to other gals.

    The fact that he keeps it business in the end, and turns over the scared kid with the very likely chance of the kid going free shows how Jet was a good cop. Alicia's speech about how she didn't have to do anything when Jet was around was also pretty insightful. While it's cool to love someone and know they are right- not just as in correct but also morally right- can wear on a person. If the person who's right ends up calling most, if not, all of the shots, it can make a person wonder if they can contribute anything to the relationship. While Alicia took a sort of cowardly way out, I understand her just leaving; Jet is essentially a good man and it would be hard to leave him face-to-face.

    The noir elements are there: a woman who already betrayed the male lead once, and whois ready to 'betray' him again. The lead male tempted to break the law for the Betraying Female. Dark atmosphere provided by the aptly named Le Fin bar, which means The End in French. There's a air of encompassing crime in the area Alicia works, and presumably, lives in; that you must get a little dirty to try to stay clean. Then the overall feeling of disappointment, despair, and unease that is ably helped along by the always amazing Yoko Kanno's score. Her use of brass is not new or innovative, but evocative of the best noir moments of longing and acceptance.

    A great little episode, with much to say about the taciturn ex-policeman.moreless
Beau Billingslea

Beau Billingslea

Jet Black

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Faye Valentine

Steven Jay Blum

Steven Jay Blum

Spike Spiegel

Melissa Fahn

Melissa Fahn

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

Kouichi Yamadera

Kouichi Yamadera

Spike Spiegel [J]

Unshou Ishizuka

Unshou Ishizuka

Jet Black [J]

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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jet: I'll take care of this. You can go back.
      Spike: You're not going to let him get away are you?
      Jet: When I was a cop, this was my beat. I'm the Black Dog and once I bite I don't let go. I have no regrets about her, and I'll settle this score on my own turf.

    • Faye: (referring to Jet) Well well, he used to be a cop hunh? That explains it.
      Spike: What's that?
      Faye: Why we can't get along for five minutes.

    • Alisa: Time doesn't stand still.

    • Ed: Duty calls, 3 o'clock tea!

    • Ed: Hey Faye, what did you put that stuff on for?
      Faye: Beautiful skin can only be maintained by tireless efforts which are ultimately totally futile, understand?
      Ed(while rubbing her head on Faye's legs): Mmmmmm, Yes! Futile! Useless!

    • Jet: For some reason, I didn't feel sad or broken up. It just didn't seem real, but slowly I realized that it was real, that you were gone and little by little I felt something inside of me go numb.

  • NOTES (5)

    • English Voice Talents
      Melissa Charles, Michael McConnihie, Henry D. Grey, David Lucas, Wendee Lee, Mike D'Gard, Julie Maddalena, Frank Buck, David Umansky, Robbie Mathews, John Billingslea, Dave Footman

    • Episode Commentary:
      On the Remix DVD extra, Wendee Lee (Faye) and Yutaka Maseba (English version producer) are back with more audio commentary. They talk about the cultural diversity of the series, the casting process which turns out to be a rare no-audition event, Wendee's family seeing the movie for the first time, Yutaka's exposure to anime, and the use of computer graphics in anime.

    • Original Japanese Airdate (テレビ東京 - TV Tōkyō): May 8th, 1998.
      WOWOW Airdate: January 1st, 1999.

    • This episode first mentions Jet's nickname as a policeman, "Black Dog" or sometimes just "Dog". It figures into a title later, as well as an insight to his character.

    • The Bounty Information
      Rhint Celonius
      1,800,000 Woolongs
      ID: L83645KDR
      Height: 5' 11''
      Weight: 154.5 lbs
      Age: 27
      Domi: Ganymede
      Criminal Record: Murder

      Baker Panchorero
      800,000 Woolongs
      Height: 6' 1''
      Weight: 262.8 lbs
      Age: 36
      Domi: Mars
      Criminal Record: Bank Robber


    • Ganymede:

      Ganymede is also the largest moon of Jupiter and the largest natural satellite in the Solar system.

    • Greek Mythology on Bebop: Ganymede, where Jet grew up, is also the name for a greek figure Ganymede, who was a Prince captured by Zeus and made into the nectar pourer for the Gods.

    • Bounty: Baker Ponchirello
      The bounty head that is turned in at the beginning of the episode is named Baker Ponchirello, after the two motorcycle officers in CHiPs.