Cowboy Bebop

Season 1 Episode 7

Heavy Metal Queen

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 23, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Heavy Metal Queen

Jet, Spike, and Faye are after their next bounty head, Decker. Spike gets a tip and is waiting for Decker in a bar along with every other bounty hunter in town. Faye is at an ice cream parlor waiting for Decker. Spike meets V.T., a female space trucker, by helping her beat up some of the crude bounty hunters in the bar during a fight. Faye sees Decker and gives chase, but with the high explosives he has he messes her ship up. The story of this episode revolves around the character of V.T.


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  • The crew are after a guy named Decker. They know where he's headed and that he has a serpent tatoo. Spike waits at a bar in town along with many other bounty hunters while Faye's at an ice cream parlor. This episode is also about a woman who goes by V.T..moreless

    This episode was great for its comedy, action, and chase. Its focused on Spike, Faye, and a woman who only goes by V.T who meets up with Spike and helps them in this episode.

    My favorite scene was when Spike performed his floating act and uses his gun shots to get him back to V.T.'s ship.
  • Every bounty hunter in the galaxy is looking for a man named Decker,who is carrying explosives. Faye is on this case.As for Spike, which is getting over a serious hangover,meets a women who goes by the initials V.T.. She hates bounty hunters,but will shemoreless

    This is another great episode. This has a really great bar fight in it, and never again do I want to see Spike hungover, not a pretty picture. I know this might sound wierd, but in the beginning of the episode I tought that VT was a guy, maybe not that wierd, but anyway. Watch it, it great, and funny.
Bambi Darro

Bambi Darro

Additional Voices

Guest Star

Rebecca Forstadt

Rebecca Forstadt

Muriel, Boy Witness

Guest Star

Melodee Spevack

Melodee Spevack


Guest Star

Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer


Recurring Role

Jin Hirao

Jin Hirao

Antonio [J]

Recurring Role

Hiroshi Naka

Hiroshi Naka

Jobin [J]

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • (coming episode)
      Jet: Once in a while, I do the preview myself. I'm Jet Black, 36 years old. I'm often told I don't look 36, but you shouldn't judge people based on appearances... or how much hair they have (clears throat). Things are never what they seem to be. That's how the next episode is too. It's a story that seems very unlike Bebop. Next episode, Waltz for Venus. Stuff like this is good once in a while.

    • VT: Since when is it a bounty hunter's job to chase after a woman's *** instead of money?

    • Faye: It's ugly, and parts of it are still broken.
      Jet: To bad it wasn't your mouth that was broken.

    • Spike: You spilled my egg…I needed that egg.

    • Spike: The place is crawling with bounty hunters, they all know about Decker, and I've got a hangover the size of Neptune.

    • Antonio: VT, I think your name is...
      Carlos: Adrianne, that's just gotta be it, right?
      VT: But Adrianne doesn't start with a V.
      Antonio: Aww, you see, we should've stuck with Leticia!

    • Faye: I don't like this. It's a delicate operation and I'm not really the delicate type.
      V.T.: All right then, then don't be so delicate, let's just go for it!
      (V.T. then cranks up the heavy metal all the way, startling Faye)

    • Faye: Can you please turn down that repulsive music?
      V.T.: I don't think so. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  • NOTES (4)

    • English Voice Talents:
      Robert Wicks, David Lucas, John Billingslea, Masamune Miller, Michael McConnohie, Bambi Darro, John Smallberries, Tom Charles, Sam Strong, Thomas Cooper, Renee Stevens, Lee Osborne, Reba West, Steve Kramer, Wendee Lee, Walter Woo, Roger McNulty, Emily Brown, Sonja S. Fox, Sparky Thornton, Buck Preston, Dylan Tully.

    • Original Japanese Airdate (テレビ東京 - TV Tōkyō): April 17th, 1998.
      WOWOW Airdate: December 4th, 1998.

    • The character V.T.'s name is short for Victoria Telpsicorei.

    • The Bounty Information
      12,000,000 Woolongs


    • The cargotrailers of the trucks as well as the foot pedals look a lot like the ones from the 1996 movie Space Truckers. A movie that might have had some influence on this episode.

    • Decker bears a remarkable resemblance to Woody Allen.

    • The space truckers named in this episode- Love Machine, Sneaky Snake, and Spider Mike- are characters in the 1978 movie Convoy. They were played by Burt Young, Randy Brady, and Franklyn Ajaye, respectively.

    • As Spike is making his prairie oyster, there is a bottle of Boofeather Gin- a Greeking, or name change to protect patented/copyrighted brand names, of Beefeater Gin. 'Boofeather' has a beefeater mascot like Beefeater's does.