Cowboy Bebop

Season 1 Episode 27

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 03, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Vincent Volaju
      Drafted into the U.A. in 2060
      Joined the U.A. SOF in 2062.
      Last rank was FSG
      Defeated at the Titan War II, in 2068.
      6 feet 4 inches 174 pounds Age: 28
      ID: H23234D55 Domi: Mars

    • Big Shots Cowgirl Hotline
      Tel: E5-5517-7477

  • Quotes

    • Guy: Vincent!
      Vincent: I told you not to come here.
      Guy: Yeah I know. But the jacks are all set up. I want to get out of here. The cops are starting to sniff around so, you know, if I could get the rest of my money. Come on Vincent, I did everything you said.
      Vincent: Did you say your prayers?

    • Vincent: I have no fear of death. It just means dreaming in silence. A dream that lasts for eternity.
      Spike: You're an original, aren't you?

    • Lee: I didn't see Sporky Dorky. Not enough points.(falls)
      Faye: I need you alive, kid. Hey!
      Lee: Press my reset button.

    • Jet: You have any idea where lymphocytes come from? Bone Marrow.
      Faye: Yeah, so?
      Jet: The message mentions bone marrow, so they must know about the nano-machines.
      Faye: And so?
      Jet: That's all I have.
      Faye: So ends yet another episode of Wasting Time with Jet, unless you want to check the bone marrow of everyone on Mars.

    • (Faye draws a picture of the man on the monitor.)
      Faye: There you go.
      Spike and Jet: Huh?
      Ed: Nya?
      Jet: That's really unique, Faye. That your mug shot or your version of Picasso?
      Ed: Ai-nyah.
      Spike: Hey, I'll make you a deal. If anyone can catch him with that drawing, I'll pay you the bounty myself, Faye.
      Faye: Fine, I'll just go catch him myself. You two can stay here and make your silly little jokes. Ha-Ha.
      Jet: And so ends another episode of Wasting Time With Faye.

    • (Spike opens a cup of instant noodles)
      Spike: Man shouldn't have to live by carbohydrates alone, complex or otherwise. Tell me, have you heard of protein, Jet?
      Jet: Did you say something?
      Spike: I was just thinking about meat.
      Jet: You want meat? You gotta catch big game, not small fries at a convenience store.

    • Ed: (singing) Circle's an eye ball, Circles are pretty, A tasty wonderful, Just like black grapies.

    • (After they heard that Faye was at the same place when the truck exploded.)
      Newscaster: The symptoms appear to be viral.
      Faye: Viral?
      Newscaster: Although we can't rule out the possibility of biological warfare.
      Faye: Biological warfare.
      Newscaster: We may all be at risk from this grave condition if we don't identify….
      Faye: (turns around and notices the guys are backing away) Guys, what are you doing? Hold on a minute. Ein, you too?
      Ed: Germ girl Faye-Faye! Stay away!
      (Faye gets pissed off and chases them around the room.)
      Faye: That's it! Okay, you want germs?! I'll give you germs!

    • Faye: I knew I came in here for something. I was looking for that hat. Do you know where it is?
      Jet: No idea.
      Faye: (sighs) Where is it?
      (Scene cuts outside in town where Ed takes the hat from Ein and takes a big whiff off it.)
      Ed: Funny funny smmmeelll.

    • Spike: Are all the employees here like you? You've got some pretty classy moves for a corporate girl.
      Electra: The more that you know, the shorter your life will be.
      Spike: I love the kind of woman that can kick my ass.

    • Spike: "Yo."

    • Faye: "Argh!!!!! It's ideas like this that get people killed!"

    • Rasheed: "Lights that can be seen as..."
      Vincent: "The most beautiful butterflies around..."

    • Old Woman: He called you a cowboy. What did he mean? What are you?
      (Spike blows the tip of his pistol and then twirls it in his hand.)
      Spike: Just a humble bounty hunter, ma'am.

    • (Robber comes out of the bathroom and sees Spike. He grabs an old lady hostage.)
      Robber: Don't move!
      Spike: Excuse me, Jet.
      Jet: What?
      Spike: You said three (robbers), not four.
      Robber: Throw down your guns, now!
      Jet: Disinformation is sometimes required for enemies AND allies.
      Spike:: (pointing to Jet) Don't pull that Art of War crap on me.
      Robber: Drop 'em!
      (Spike points to the robber.)
      Spike: And you, you take too long to take a shit!

    • Jet: "You never learn, do you Faye?"

  • Notes

    • Two fight scene clips between Spike and Vincent on the monorail were claimed to be reused in an episode of Naruto.

    • The animation is sufficiently detailed to identify some of the guns used; the pistol used by Vincent Volaju on the train is identifiable as a Strayer Voigt Infinity, chambered in either .45 ACP or .380 Browning, and the submachine gun fired into the weather control centre ceiling by Faye Valentine is identifiable as a Heckler & Koch MP5K, chambered in 9mm. Faye's pistol in the arcade is identifiable as a Glock; however, the animation is not sufficiently detailed to identify what model of Glock and caliber. Spike's pistol is a IMI Jericho 941, though the movie does not give enough clues to identify what round the pistol was chambered for. Jett's pistol appears to be a Walther P99, but lack of detail makes identification and chambering difficult.

    • June 24, 2003: The movie comes home to DVD.

    • Originally the movie was suppose to come to the US with the full title but fear of being sue persuaded them to change it. Which is weird seeing that half the show has song titles for their episodes.

    • The movie would have to take place between sessions 22 and 23 since the end of session 22 sees Cowboy Andy as Samurai Andy who can be seen in the halloween parade, this clearly places the movie after session 22. However in session 23 Big Shot, the T.V. show, gets canceled due to low ratings, yet Big Shot airs normally during the movie.

    • In the American release of the movie, Melissa Charles, John Billingslea and David Lucas are all credited by their real names (Melissa Fahn, Beau Billingslea and Steve Blum), as the movie is a union-governed production, unlike the television series.

    • Cowboy Andy (or should I say samurai?) makes a brief cameo during the Halloween parade scene. See if you can spot him.

    • Simply called "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" in the U.S

    • The Cowboy Bebop movie finally hits the American shores April 4, 2003.

  • Allusions

    • Product Replacements
      When Spike follows Rasheed for the beans, he passes by a logo and photo sign labeled Kodac, like the Kodak film company.

      When Lee plays the shooting game, the grassy background resembles the computer generated graphic of the hills in Teletubbies.

      When Ed looks for Lee, he walks by a subway station entrance that has a golden arched logo and the name WcDonalds.

      As Spike boards a bus, there is a logoed Pudweiser sign, a play on Budweiser beers.

      While Ed hacks for Cherious Labs, there is a S logo and the word Getsdape, which resembles the N and the Netscape browser.

    • Bob Dylan: "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"
      The title "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" is a Bob Dylan song. Episodes named after popular American songs is a common theme in Cowboy Bebop. Eric Clapton did a remake of the song some years later and Guns 'N' Roses did a remake of the song many years after that.