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  • one of the coolest and best anime

    I highly recommend this it's very action packed and awesome. I wish it had more just 26 episodes everything about this show is really great the animation, the plots, truly brilliant and well written even the opening is cool
  • Overrated.

    I'm sorry, but I've seen this series multiple times and still can't get into it as much as other people. I find half the show to be average or boring. The other half to be pretty good.
  • "Bang!"

    "And the work that will become a new genre will be called: Cowboy Bebop"

    This is a series that knew exactly what it was and was so well planned that it puts most other Anime to shame! It transcends the genre and becomes something completely unique with it's intricate storyline, developed characters, great animation and one hell of a soundtrack. Spike Spiegel's 26-Episode journey is more tightly woven and masterfully presented than most stories in general. An action-packed series that smartly intergrates the past and present with the episodic plot; the backstories are all simply perfect for each character the show perfectly balances all these aspects to provide a more engaging narrative. It truly is a classic!
  • One of the greatest and most influential TV Series of all time!

    This is the show that revolutionised the Anime genre and created it's own sub-genre by being as unique and fresh as possible. There isn't a single show quite like it, and this brilliant blend of sci-fi, western and film noir style works for it's favour!

    Aside from the magnificent atmosphere created by the show's world-building, animation and music, there's also a perfect underlying plot going on that utilises these well-developed character's maximum potential. The voice acting is absolutely incredible (both Japanese and English) - Spike Spiegel is one of the greatest main protagonists of all time and the show is just amazing in general!
  • Best anime. Ever.

    After watching this series on Toonami, I could not have been happier. In fact, I wish it could of gone on for just a little while longer, but then again that is the glory of this show. With an amazing, and I mean AMAZING plot, this anime is my favorite. Although its only composed of 26 episodes, don't think it's not worth seeing. The characters are depicted greatly, with background stories in some episodes, you can feel that you can really get to know them for who they really are. As an anime created in the 1990's its the best series I have ever seen.
  • Greatest Anime of all Time!

    Now I just recently finished watching both the Anime 'Cowboy Bebop' and the Movie, and all I can say there is nothing TO say! I'm left Speechless of how amazing this Anime is. I simply can not do it justice, all I can say is they REALLY need to re air this more often. And I can just see future generations watching this Anime with their kids! It's not to be missed nor to be forgotten. Oh, and The Cowboy Bebop Movie kicks ass too :)
  • Just goes to show ya that you don't need a 100 episodes to make a good story.

    This show is probably one of the best written animes out there. It is really original and the cast of characters are like able. Although it is just 26 episodes long I do not think that this show needs to be any longer. It summed up the story in 26 episodes without seeming to be rushed. It's a amazing show that will always be one of my favorite animes. So see you.-Space Cowboy!

  • *The* greatest anime, period.


    Cowboy Bebop is simply the pinnacle of anime. It was an extremely groundbreaking show which was focused on real world problems, problems which plague us even today. The show was centered on ideals such as existentialism, atheism, and philosophical overtones. This anime can stand the test of time, not because of it's intense action, but because how thought provoking it is.

  • 4 bounty hunters from the future work together as they scower the galaxy for bounty heads. By living together they search for the autonomy of their lives, of what it really means to be free.

    This anime series, in my opinion, is in the top 5 of all time. The first thing that most people realize, I've talked to many people about it, is the music. Cowboy Bebop is an amazing arrangement of audial and visual art. The plot line throws these 4 "rouges" with their own agendas and past together, and they slowly unveil their pasts. Without the others, each would be tradgically lost, but together, they discover what it is to be human. They discover what it means to be free. And most importantly, that the past must not catch up to them, but that they must catch up to their past.
    I could go into so much more detail because the show operates at so many different levels, but I wouldn't want to ruin the series. It is truily "The work which became a genre"
  • There are no words...

    I simply cannot express how much I love this show. It has had a profound affect on how I view all types of fiction and cemented my love for anime. One particular scene ALWAYS makes me cry and I've seen it like a dozen times. Every time I watch this show on DVD I get emotionally hooked just like I did when I first discovered it.
    Many of us think it's the greatest anime ever but that's really a matter of opinion. No one's pick is really wrong but this show has to be in the discussion.
    I can understand why younger anime fans don't love this series. It speaks to a more mature heart, one that has loved but more importantly one that has lost something very dear to it. I don't wish this fate on the legions of teenage Bleach-heads but life will unfortunately give them the tools to appreciate the Bebop someday.
    The soundtrack is an absolute classic. The woman who composed it used her travels in America (she's Japanese) to inspire her and it shows.
    The theme song just came up on my random/shuffle iTunes session, so I think that's a sign that I'm on the right track here and also that my review is finished.
  • I just started watching this and I'm already hooked.

    I am appalled I am appalled that people are giving this show a score of 8. The show is magnificent, for the lack of a better word. I am not very big on anime, but this is was one of my favorites on a very short list. Cowboy bebop has everything in a television program, interesting characters and plot. The show is amazing and every time I watch its like looking at a piece of art. The american voice characters are left to be admired except Steve Blum whom I a believe is Spike. When I was younger I disliked the show because it was violent, but now I don't really mind. Cowboy Bebop rocks.
  • The Real Folk Blues...

    Cowboy Bebop is a 1998 Japanese anime action/ adventure/comedy series created by Studio Sunrise and is about a group of bounty hunters called "cowboys" whose job is to journey through the solar system and along the way capture as many bounties as possible, although they're not always successful! Each episode of this show is filled with a great blend of action and comedy and is also accompanied by an extremely cool acid jazz soundtrack by The SeatBelts. From the 1st episode to the very last, this show will have you gripped from start to finish. Overall, Cowboy Bebop is a very enjoyable anime series that deserves its legendary status.
  • the melancholic yet thrilling and funny story of a "depressing bunch" of bounty hunters, traveling through the solar system, fighting bad guys, seeking for their destiny. A space jazz-opera.

    10 ANS DÉJÀ…

    Cowboy Bebop (カウボーイビバップ), produit en 98 par les studios Sunrise, naît d'une idée lumineuse de l'équipe déjà responsable, entre autres, de Visions Of Escaflowne, et de la collaboration de Shin'chiro Watanabe (assistant sur le film Macross Plus et réalisateur des séries Samurai Champloo et Afro Samurai) jouissant ainsi d'une réalisation technique incroyablement maîtrisée, et aussi originale que son écriture, ses "character design" et "mecha design", et sa musique, signée Yokô Kanno.

    En 26 épisodes trépidants, structurés, de manière à priori conventionnelle, autour d'une histoire de prime ou d'enquête, la série s'intéresse à des personnages profondément humains et sérieusement déjantés. Spike Spiegel et Jet Black sont deux chasseurs de primes blasés et cyniques qui opèrent à bord du Bebop, un vaisseau spatial au look quelque peu oldscoule. De planète en planète, ils traquent les criminels et malgré leur pugnacité, leurs talents de pilotes ou d'artistes martiaux, ils se ratent immanquablement... Et ce, même rejoints par Ein, un Welsh Corgi soi-disant supérieurement intelligent, Faye Valentine, une joueuse aussi sexy que vénale et aussi dangereuse que sans-gêne, et Ed, une jeune hackeuse complètement tarée (tazée) à l'allure de garçon manqué. Au fur et à mesure, les liens se nouent entre ces personnages typiques et attachants qui finissent par former malgré eux une famille, chaotique mais solidaire, tandis que l'on découvre peu à peu le passé de chacun, leurs blessures cachées, leur histoire personnelle. Action, humour, émotion... Une recette archi-classique parfaitement dosée, mais complètement renouvelée, et menée avec autant de brio que d'inspiration. Un "space opera" post-moderne, ou « Space Jazz » comme le nomment les auteurs, qui emprunte à tous les genres - l'esthétique comme la thématique - et à tous les registres, toutes les ambiances et toutes les influences, pour donner un hybride proprement hallucinant qui évolue dans un univers d'une cohérence parfaite, au fil d'une histoire d'une cohésion tout aussi parfaite, qui s'équilibre entre épisodes libres et épisodes clés > "Ballad Of The Fallen Angels", "Black Dog Serenade", "My Funny Valentine", "Jupiter Jazz", "Speak Like A Child", "Hard Luck Woman", "The Real Folk Blues". On passe de l'humour délirant - la plasticité expressive des personnages - au drame intimiste - leur désespoir mélancolique -, de l'action tonitruante à l'émotion intense, du réalisme à l'onirisme, du lyrisme au nihilisme... On est cependant loin de scènes d'action, d'émotion, d'humour minutées et juxtaposées avec une efficacité qui tendraient vers l'artificialité. Ici, récit et action donnent à chaque épisode (de 25 minutes) son rythme, sans cesse contrecarré par les issues, fatales ou ironiques, distillant comique ou tragique avec une égale intelligence et une égale sensibilité.
    On passe du western au film noir, du fantastique à la comédie, du désert brûlant et sa lumière saturée aux ruelles crasseuses et leurs clairs-obscurs bleutées, des lunes joviennes aux cratères martiens, des guerres des étoiles aux duels au soleil, de la griffe du passé aux syndicats du crime... Mais la série a aussi le don de mêler ces genres entre eux, notamment dans des épisodes atypiques, aux titres évocateurs : "Toys In The Attic", "Stray Dog Strut", "Mushroom Samba", "Pierrot Le Fou", "Sympathy For The Devil"… L'analogie avec le Western, présente dans le titre, qui fait allusion aux chasseurs de primes, à qui le système solaire a redonné droits et devoirs, et qui dans l'argot de 2071 se font appeler « cow-boys », ne s'arrête pas à ce clin d'œil. Comme dans le cinéma d'exploitation des 70s (western ou chambara, polar ou pinkku), la forme va de pair avec le fond. La violence et l'érotisme exacerbés - gratuits diront les détracteurs - avec la perte de civilisation et d'humanité. En plus de piocher dans les grands genres, la série fourmille de décors et de personnages familiers sortis de 2001, Blade Runner, Alien, Moonraker, Star Trek, Akira, Batman, Lady Snowblood, Baby Cart, Le Jeu de la Mort ; de la Blaxploitation ou du film de Kung Fu ; d'allusions à la poésie japonaise, à la philosophie du jeet kune do, à Ernest Hemingway, à Dizzie Gillespie, à "Babe" Ruth et à Bruce Lee... Quant à l'analogie musicale du titre, elle ne renvoie pas simplement au style de jazz en question, avec qui la série partage les préceptes (maîtrise et improvisation) mais annonce aussi la variété et l'importance de la musique, sur laquelle l'action se synchronise et les combats se coordonnent, et sur lesquels le ton de chaque épisode est donné ("Honky Tonk Women", "Cowboy Funk"). Les titres de chaque « session » et les prénoms, de l'antagoniste Vicious, ou des protagonistes Jet Black et Julia sont autant de clins d'œil musicaux. Dès le générique, qui brasse à lui seul visuellement et musicalement son lot d'influences, on est dans le bain...

    L'environnement futuriste est, comme souvent dans la SF de qualité, remarquablement documenté, sans pour autant tomber dans la description fumeuse ou la démonstration pompeuse. Tout est sensoriel, l'animation y est évidemment pour beaucoup, mais l'écriture tend à simplifier - ou occulter - certaines choses. Le principe de « gate » a simplifié le voyage spatial, la série rend cette invention humaine et contemporaine, sur le mode ironique ou parabolique ("Gateway Shuffle") et donc, imparfaite. En effet, depuis un « incident » qui a détruit en partie la Lune, la Terre est quotidiennement torpillée de météorites lunaires et a, par conséquent, été désertée ("Jamming With Edwards", "Wild Horses"). Nous découvrons que Vénus, Mars, Ganymède, Callisto, Europe, Titan et Pluton sont toutes habitées, sur la pertinence des hypothèses actuelles concernant la colonisation spatiale sur les planètes suscitées. Pertinence qui s'annule à cause de l'aspect impossible des moyens nécessaires compte tenue de l'époque (2021) vis-à-vis desdites hypothèses, à l'image de Pluton, dont la colonisation est peu probable (pas même envisageable) ; mais aussi à cause de la trivialité du mode de vie des colons et la bizarrerie des styles vestimentaires et architecturaux. Si certains astéroïdes exploités pour des raisons diverses abritent de façon précaire quelques marginaux ("Asteroid Blues", "Bohemian Rhapsody"), Vénus est rendue habitable grâce à des bases flottantes, desquelles poussent des plantes qui ont permis l'établissement de villes au sol. Or, si les nuages d'acide ne posent visiblement pas (plus?) de problèmes, l'hélium cause des changements vocaux, les spores des plantes provoquent chez certains « le mal de Vénus », même si les « pluies » de ces spores sont d'un onirisme hallucinant ("Waltz For Venus"). Mars est partiellement terraformé au sol, dans ses cratères, où une atmosphère artificielle permet la vie dans des métropoles en surface idylliques, mais qui cachent les bastions du crime organisé ainsi que les bas-fonds de la société future ("Boogie Woogie Feng Shui"). Ganymède est une planète couverte d'océans et baigne dans la nostalgie ("Ganymede Elegy") et Callisto est une lune morne à l'atmosphère glacée ("Jupiter Jazz"), Io est une planète volcanique mortelle, Europe est une sphère criminelle, Pluton est une prison, Titan, un désert ("Knocking Out On Heaven's Door" > le film).

    Or dans ce « désert » sur lequel, pour la petite histoire, on a récemment découvert un cycle du méthane analogue à notre cycle de l'eau, où n'importe quel humain devrait se munir d'un équipement insensé pour survivre, nos colons ne sont habillés qu'en berbères, et fument, par-dessus le marché. Sur Callisto, résister au froid d'une planète un poil loin du Soleil ne demande qu'une simple doudoune rose, éviter le rhume est cependant impossible pour quelqu'un se baladant dans une parfaite panoplie de p…éripatéticienne. Si le kitsch des vêtements peut renvoyer à une conception assez sensée de la mode - et à la grande tradition du manga nippon -, il s'adapte au cinéma de n'importe quelle décennie, et ainsi rendre ce patchwork d'inspirations diverses tangible, voire même assez logique. De même, la familiarité ou la banalité de certains lieux (pour l'œil du terrien du 20e siècle) ferait passer la série pour de la SF fauchée, si ce n'était cette impression d'étrangeté quant à la similitude de certains bâtiments, de certaines rues. La ville vénusienne est une réplique d'Istanbul. La métropole martienne est un collage de HongKong, New York et Londres. Les ouest (très très) lointains de chaque planète forment un catalogue modernisé du western.

    Ce mélange déconcertant de réel et d'irréel, de science et d'invention, de vieux et de neuf, est autrement visible dans l'aspect technique astronautique, parfois très réaliste (avionique, impesanteur, pression…), parfois irréalistes (bruit et radiations). Subordonner la logique physique au spectaculaire fait partie des codes en vigueur, on le sait (Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica…) mais l'inverse est vrai. Un exemple, survivre sans combinaison dans l'espace est possible pendant quelques minutes, bien que le cinéma tend à prouver le contraire, à travers des morts toutes plus horribles les unes que les autres. La série se pose dans cet entre-deux : dans l'épisode intitulé "Heavy Metal Queen", Spike, en retenant sa respiration et en bouchant ses oreilles, parvient pour quelques secondes, à tolérer le froid spatial avant de rejoindre un vaisseau. Cette scène laisse évidement perplexe, de par sa folie, mais elle n'a pourtant rien d'irréaliste. L'animation, par définition, rend possible tout ce qui naît de l'imaginaire et met l'accent sur le détail uniquement quand il est d'importance (le mouvement d'un sein, pour accentuer la sensualité d'un personnage ou le tic d'un sourcil pour renforcer la nervosité d'un autre, pour ne citer que ces exemples). Chaque choix est donc rigoureusement pensé, comme le reste, car il s'ancre dans le propos : ce monde du futur n'a pas de sens - pas plus que le notre en fait - et c'est un monde brutal et cruel. Rien n'a changé. Les terroristes, les psychopathes, côtoient les innocents et les marginaux. La plupart des 'primes' ont souvent des circonstances atténuantes, qu'ils agissent pour une bonne raison ou leurs idéaux. Mais tous sont les victimes d'un système, ou comme nos héros, des victimes de la vie, et tous cherchent leur place. Jet est hanté par un passé où son boulot de flic lui a coûté un bras et une relation amoureuse. Décidé à se libérer de son passé - personnifiés par son ex et son ancien coéquipier - il est sans doute le seul, à son corps défendant, à trouver dans son rôle de patriarche une consolation, mais aussi un foyer le distrayant de son job de chasseur de prime. Faye est brisée par son amnésie. La chance lui a distribué les mauvaises cartes (ironie du sort) car en plus des dettes qui l'ont sans doute lancé sur la voie du jeu et alimenté, à défaut d'un compte en banque, son amertume, sa déception amoureuse a façonné sa personnalité et son caractère, fait de cynisme et de méfiance qui tiennent les autres à distance, en dépit de sa plastique. Ed, électron libre du groupe, cache elle-même derrière une douce folie, une apparente décontraction et une inconséquence juvénile le désir de retrouver sa famille. Ein, quant à lui, est juste un chien. Vicious lui même apparaît comme la Némésis. De fait, il n'est pas différent de n'importe quel méchant. Si le personnage en dévoile finalement peu, clairement, il a plus la densité psychologique d'un Darth Vader que d'un Rastapopoulos. En sa qualité de gangster, il fut longtemps, tout comme Spike, un simple sociopathe armé, il aurait pu donc être un gentil dans n'importe quelle série b. La trahison de Spike et Julia en a fait un psychopathe assoiffé de vengeance et de pouvoir (comme quoi ça tient à peu de choses parfois). Mais ses soifs ne seront pas rassasiées aussi facilement que pour n'importe quel « villain » de bandes dessinées, car lui aussi se frotte à la réalité, mais aussi à une certaine lassitude.
    Car il est clair que si le spectacle virtuose du combat contre le crime est une catharsis jubilatoire pour nous, pour eux il est d'une absurdité achevée. Absurdité qui transparaît au travers de certains combats, de certaines situations et à travers les personnages de Jet, de Ed et de Faye, mais surtout celui de Spike. Si sa nonchalance et sa témérité tiennent au premier abord de la coolitude absolue, ils témoignent plus du détachement total, qui tendent vers des penchants suicidaires. S'il trouve un certain plaisir dans son rôle de « cowboy », il n'y trouve en vérité aucune satisfaction. S'il trouve un certain réconfort auprès de sa famille de substitution, il ne veut pas s'y attacher. Spike est déjà mort une fois, et depuis, mène une vie vide de sens, de raison. Car sa seule raison de vivre est Julia, et leur amour, rendu impossible par Vicious, l'obsède au point de passer à côté de l'amitié de Jet, de Ein et de Ed et pourquoi pas de l'amour avec Faye. Spike est en fait le héros romantique ultime. Il pourrait avancer, mais s'obstine dans un comportement inconsidéré, dans une voie sans issue. Toutes ces possibilités sont là, à sa portée, murmurées par la série et les spectateurs. Mais Spike est un « fantôme » comme il le dit lui-même. Chacun, à sa façon, est lui aussi un fantôme. L'impossibilité pour Faye et Spike d'échapper à leur passé s'oppose à l'espoir de Jet et de Ed et Ein (dont le choix canin apparaît déterminant) de vivre, malgré leur solitude, dans le présent. Dans un monde futuriste, où la distance et le temps sont devenus relatifs, l'ironie prend tout son sens, à l'image de l'épisode "Brain Scratch". Une réflexion sur l'influence du virtuel (du fictionnel), une mise en abîme qui définirait presque l'essence même de la série : 23e session, l'épisode témoigne des liens tissés entre les héros (Ed et Jet enquêtent en duo tandis que Spike vole au secours de Faye), avant que ceux-ci ne se dénouent à tout jamais ; son message semble poser des questions sérieuses et profondes, mais n'est en réalité que la somme des inventions et des divagations d'un subconscient infantile. La force de Cowboy Bebop, , c'est de posséder plusieurs niveaux de lecture et confronter un premier degré à un second, un réalisme documenté à une fantaisie débridée, un romantisme lyrique et tragique à son contrechamp fait d'espoir et de raison. C'est aussi d'agencer à sa manière ce qui a déjà été vu ailleurs. C'est un collage moderne, métissage au sens propre d'influences, de références, de styles et d'univers mais où l'inspiration et la citation ne prennent jamais le pas sur la cohérence globale et le processus d'invention. Les créateurs de la série procèdent comme Quentin Tarantino ou George Lucas : ils samplent, et arrangent le tout avec une imagination, une sensibilité et un univers personnels, inédits. Pas étonnant que QT et Watanabe se soient trouvés pour la séquence animée de Kill Bill.

    Au final, difficile d'expliquer l'emprunte que la série laisse sur le spectateur. Il espère une prise de conscience des personnages mais se heurte à une machine infernale, prie pour un "happy end" en sachant parfaitement comment l'histoire doit finir. Une désespérance désespérée, mais dans le même temps, un plaisir ludique. L'espace de ses 26 sessions + 1 (le film, incidemment meilleur épisode de la série), la série distille une mélancolie vénéneuse, unique et intense, dont on a du mal à se dégager.
  • One of Adult Swims best!!!!

    Cowboy Bebop is an action-drama anime that centres around four bounty hunters and their dog. It first premiered when Cartoon Network launched a block of cartoons aimed at older audiences called [Adult Swim] on Sunday September 2nd, 2001.
    Japanese Title: 「カウボーイ・ビバップ」
    Spike Speigel, Age 27: The protagonist of the series in which most of the show revolves around. He once belonged to a syndicate called the Red Dragons, but left for his own reasons. He now spends his time bounty hunting. Unfortunately, he finds his past starting to catch up with him.
    Jet Black, Age 36: The oldest member of the crew and owner of the star ship Bebop. He once worked for the I.S.S.P (Inter-Solar System Police), but left because of corruption. He is also known as the "Black Dog".
    Faye Valentine, Age 23: A master con-artist, Faye is a drifter with a mysterious past who just happened to come across the Bebop. There is a very large price on her head due to a massive amount of money that she owes to creditors. Beautiful, smart, and cunning, she is definitely one to keep both eyes on.
    Edward Wong Hau Pepalu Tivrusky IV, Age 13: The youngest member of the bunch. Ed is the genius, if somewhat bizarre, hacker that rounds out the Bebop. She is pretty silly and not really up there at times, though she is still a valuable member of the team.
    b>Ein: Ein, a welsh-corgi, was once a lab animal. As a test subject, his brain has been greatly enhanced. Due to this, he is actually smarter then the rest of the Bebop crew. Most of the time you'll see him hanging around with Ed during the series.
    Japanese Airdates
    While three episodes of Cowboy Bebop did not air on [Adult Swim] during the series first run on the network (see below under "Episodes"), more than half of Bebop, fourteen episodes in all, did not air during its first run in Japan on TV Tōkyō (Japanese: テレビ東京) in late spring of 1998. Cowboy Bebop was acquired in the summer by WOWOW Network and broadcast in its entirety in late 1998 and early 1999. Cowboy Bebop is an action-drama anime that centres around four bounty hunters and their dog. It first premiered when Cartoon Network launched a block of cartoons aimed at older audiences called [Adult Swim] on Sunday September 2nd, 2001.
    Japanese Title: 「カウボーイ・ビバップ」
  • This is a brilliant anime and an absolute classic.

    I am not even going to bother with a smmary of the plot like I normally do because if you don't know about this show then you have issues. Even non-anime fans that I know absolutely love this show.

    It has without a doubt the best soundtrack ever for any show and as well it should considering that most of the show is writtten and choregraphed with the music in mind. The character designs are absolute classic as are the characters themselves. The plotlines are really well thoughtout and the whole tone of the show is spot on. All in all this is one of those brilliant shows that will be remembered for a very long tiem to come.
  • The coolest show ever created.

    Cowboy Bebop is in my opinion the coolest show ever.
    The animation in this show was so smooth the music was awesome the characters were easily some of the most likeable characters in anime.The story was about four bounty hunters who seemingly have nothing in common but they somehow manage to all fit together because of the great story.

    The episodes would vary between old westerns, romance, action.But perhaps the best feature in Cowboy Bebop was the fact that the flashbacks never really got in the way of the main story like what you see in so many other anime. Cowboy Bebop was the perfect blend of music, style, and action thats why it is the Coolest Show Ever.
  • It is the story of four cowboys and a dog, traveling the solar system as bounty hunters. They are bonded together by loyalty, friendship, and the promise of a lucrative bounty. Tensions flare and secrets are revealed in this era of space travel...

    Cowboy Bebop has distinguished itself from other animes. There is no stupid squeaky voiced, big eyed, spiky haired people with super powers. All characters are believable and realistic. The animation is stylish and the blend of jazz music is extremely well written and composed by professionals. In the end, each individual episode is great and is capable of standing by itself, making the entire series excellent.
    The music has brilliant Jazz influences, and the theme, especially the Real Folk Blues, is one of the best of any anime. As one of the first animes I've watched, it has remained my favorite after many years. I just absolutely love Cowboy Bebop.
  • In my mind Cowboy Bebop is one of, if not the, best anime of all time.

    This anime is just great in every way. All the characters are likeable and they all have their own unique personalities. There is also a lot of musical references in this show. Quite a few of the episodes are named after Rolling Stones songs. Of course they are not the only band referenced within the anime as there's an episode called "Bohemian Rhapsody" which is named after Queen's well-known song as well as an episode called "Toys in the Attic", which is the name of the song and breakthrough album by pioneering American hard rock band Aerosmith. "Bebop" is also the name of a type of jazz. The last few episodes of the series actually made me cry, which is rare as I never tend to cry over TV Shows.
  • An instant classic.

    This series centers around the lives of 4 bounty hunters. It takes place in the future around the year 2071. You have the kick ass, Spike Spiegel, the tactician Jet Black, the computer expert Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, and the vivacious Faye Valentine. Though each character has his or her very own story, the story pretty much centers around the life of Spike Spiegel, and his past ties to the crime syndicate, The Red Dragon Clan. The group goes through a slew of bounty heads, which leads on an action packed ride filled with aerial dog fights with spaceships, gun battles, and some old fashion hand to hand combat. As soon as you see the credits roll, you'll be hitting forward on your DVD player for the next episode. A definite must see.
  • A fine mixture of space opera, western, martial arts and American music make up for the best anime series ever!

    Cowboy Bebop is one of a kind.

    It is the final product of years of development in the anime industry. It is the best example of japanese animation you can find.

    Cowboy Bebop tells the story of a crew of bounty hunters who travel around the galaxy looking for easy money. Their job is not glamourous, not clean and not pleasant. But that's all they know how to do. And in the middle of their adventures, we are gradually presented to the shards of a love triangle gone awry. This tragic event from the past unfolds before our eyes, opposing two men whose lives have been suspended ever since. Intead of living, they merely exist throughout life as if it were only a dream difficult to wake wake up from. And in order to be awaken, they must fight each other to death in one final confrontation.

    Like in most of the other animes, the characters from Cowboy Bebop know how to fight their way out of trouble pretty well. But in a move unlikely to this genre, the protagonists of Cowboy Bebop can also express their feelings. And most of the charm of this show belongs in the deep feelings expressed by the characters. Emptyness. Solitude. Sorrow. Loathe. Indifference. Comeuppance. All of these are easily recognizable in Spike's, Faye's, Jet's, Ed's and Vicious's faces. You can feel what they feel, and you can understand their feelings, relate to their feelings.

    And to add to the magnificent art of this show, we are delighted to hear pieces of jazz and blues pacing all the action. The original score of Cowboy Bebop is something as spectacular as you are not going to find in any other anime.

    See you space cowboy!
  • !!$Best show on earth$!!

    This is my favorite animated tv show, i used 2 stay up all night everyday to watch it on adult swim when i was 12-14, till took it off :(. but thier bringin the best of the best back to adult swim cuz its the shez startin this saturday. I mean what can be coolier show based on bounty hunters in the future,has nothing to do with starwars, it has a modern day aditude, the main charater is a ex-member of the sindicate, his boss is Robo Cop, and a girl from the past. All things that make a great show. im gonna be watchin the honkeytonk space cowboy this weekend. cuz its the shez
  • Awesome anime

    The first time i watched this anime i thought wow this is an awesome show!!!

    Spike and Jet are a great team when it comes 2 gettin their man and collecting the reward but its not just about the reward. Its more about the adventures they hav and the friends that they meet and the fun that they hav with their spaceships and do one of their wild goose chases lol!!!

    Spike is the kind of guy that always gets the bad guy no matter wat!!

    If u like an Anime with Action, Adventure, Wild Goose Chases and space then i would recommend Cowboy Bebop!!
  • This show is one if not the greatest anime ever released.

    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
    A new review for "Cowboy Bebop" will be coming soon.
  • A futuristic action oriented anime. Spike and Jet amongst others are bounty hunters. Each "session" revolves around a new bounty.

    It took me a bit of time to get into this anime. I had read about it many times and thought i would like it. It turned out to be very different from what i expected but fantastic none-the-less. Great character designs, with Spike looking very hot indeed. I loved the setting and the spaceship belonging to the bounty hunters. The villains were unique and interesting too. The best thing about the show has to be the fight sequences. I just loved the car chase in the second episode. I wouldn't say its for everyone but I greatly enjoyed it. It is different in its style from the many other animes in its genre.

    This show is one of my favorite shows ever. The story is absolutly brilliant, and the characters are amazing. Cowboy Bebop tells the story of three bounty hunters- in space-, one really hyper computer hacker, and one dog. Spike is one of the three bounty hunters, he came out of the mofia hoping that his girl would come with him, but things happen and she didn't follow him, after that she just sorta disappeared, leaving Spike wandering the galaxy looking for her. Jet is the second bounty hunter, he is a retired cop, who still has some demons to face. Faye is the third bounty hunter, after a accident she was in a coma until she woke up and found out that many years has passed. Computer hacker Ed is just looking for some fun when she stumbles upon the Bebop crew, is very hyper and strange. Overall this is anime is one of the best shows I have ever watched, and I highly reccomend it to anybody who is looking for some good anime.
  • With an original story line and MAJOR comic relief, Cowboy Bebop is truly a great anime. Although, the series would've been great if it were longer, though there are no complaints about the ending (Don't worry, no spoilers here)

    Ed was my personal favorite. A cooky, highly intelligent young girl who has a personality all her own. Spike is almost a mystery man. You think you know him to be this funny joker, and then when he's serious, it only heightens the kind of person he is. I adore Faye because she's not another damzel in distress like most animes have. She's tough, and she knows how to get around.

    The ending was simply brilliant. Not necesarily in a clever way, but in a sense that it left viewers satisifed and filled with emotion. The music is okay, I absolutely hated the ending theme song, though. It just seemed a little tacky. When I first saw the show, I thought everything was mediocrely drawn, but after getting a sense and feeling of the characters and setting, it seemed to be perfect. They aren't some new, high graphics that new animes are starting to come with, but it some how (in words I can't explain) added to the effect of the show. Two thumbs up for this one!
  • Overall its a great show which makes me happy when i see it,

    Overall its a great show which makes me happy when i see it,

    however i thiink that there could have been many more stories in the show before the final fight with viceous, it was weard to me how they used the idea of seperate episodes with an underlying story and only limited it to 26 episodes. usualy those kid of shows go on to a few hundred episodes (with exeptions)

    other than that it was a fantastic idea for a show and a enjoymet to wach a a a a a aaaa a a a a a a aaa a a
  • The best of the best.

    This anime, I must say is the best. It has a combination of all factors, humour, action, music, setting, characters, drama, plot, every aspect comes together to make this anime better and better. This is one I can just keep watching, and when i first watched it, it made me exited to see the next episode. The music is superb, it is not the typical japanese poprock, it uses a style of jazz from the 30's, 40's and 50's that just rpocks your socks off, because it can change so easily, and be so exciting, all the action scenes were timed to the music, making them very exciting. The main character is someoone ou get to know more about throughout the series, but he tends to fly up in situations, yet he's also quite laid back, his fighting style tends to show this, with it's losseness. Three other main characters come into the story, and all add a different feel to the anime, all of them contributing. The humour between the main characters, just amuses you endlessly, the characters themselves, have so many different parts to them, yet in a way they are stereo typical. The end is one with style, many anime's don't en in a very good way, but this one was definately an addition to the story and consistent. So, if you want something to watch, for any purpose, this is th one.
    P.S. the animation is not to be sneered at, it is better than most and was made nine years before now.
  • Bounty hunting jazzified!

    If you aren't careful, you'll miss the puns riddled throughout this lively space odyssey paired with a collection of music that is sure to captivate your auricles. The cast of characters the show focuses on are not unlike vinaigrette. Their personalities and background are unmistakably distinct from each other, but when things get shaken up, their styles blend together and compliment the other nicely, making a sensational taste. Enough with the metaphors and puns already! There's plenty of action to keep you interested until the end. The plot is wonderfully written. And there's even a nice subtle love interest to appeal to both genders. I urge you to watch this artsy collaboration for yourself. Enjoy the artwork but also listen closely to the messages within. Either way, you are bound to like what you are about to see.
  • Awesome music, awesome characters, awesome action, awesome story line, what more could you want?

    I love practically EVERYTHING about this show. Especially how they set up the story line, with the awesome Space ships, and cool animation. My personal favorite character would have to be Ed. She's just totally....out there. My kinda kid! Oh, and Ein. He just rules. But i feel bad for Earth! It being all destroyed and what not. The poor people! Well at least theres something left of Earth at all, if not it would have been boring. And the action is really cool, Spike being able to do his insane karate/judo/whatever all the time is fun to watch.
    This show is a must see.
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