Cowboy Bebop

Season 1 Episode 2

Stray Dog Strut

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 02, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Spike and Jet are after a man named Abdul Hakim who is on the run after stealing a very valuable briefcase from a laboratory, though what makes it difficult is because Hakim usually gets plastic surgery to avoid being spotted. While Spike goes out to look for Hakim, a two-bit thief manages to steal Hakim’s briefcase and manages to slip away before Hakim grabs him. The thief eventually opens the briefcase and discovers that it’s just a common Welsh Corgi that isn’t worth more than a fistful of Woolongs, so why is Hakim after the dog so badly?moreless

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  • Spike is out to get Hakim, a criminal who has an everchanging face thanks to surgery. But Hakim seems to be after a little dog. As expected, there is more to the dog than meets the eye.moreless

    Prefered this episode to the first one. There was some development as a dog was introduced to the crew, despite Spike's dislike of pets, and also a convenient television show with information on bounty emerged. There were some great action scenes in the episode, including the one on the bridge after which a terrifying wet Hakim emerges from the river. The final chase was exciting yet funny with the wedding car chase being a cliched high point. Hakim made an excellent villain with his everchanging looks, gruff voice and absurd mannerisms, for instance demanding the man to have the drink with the dead bug. The mystery surrounding the dog kept the viewer on the edge of there seat throughout the episode. Also, Spike is seen not to be a stereotypical hero figure as he states that he doesn't like children or pets.moreless
  • One of Spike's pet peeves, critters!

    The introduction is very good, since it begins right away with a hint of intrigue and a brief clash. Spike takes on a bounty case to find an 8 000 000 woolang man, unfortunately he doesn't make it easy. Abdul Hakim is a giant of a man who enjoys shoving people around, oddly enough he appears to be some sort of generic pet thief. Although Spike is only interested in Abdul, there seems to be more interest in the dog he stole! Yet the dog seems to be a regular Welsh Corgi, with little value, still there is a mystery wrapped around the origin and intelligence of the creature. This episode has what every good Hollywood film carries: plastic surgery, fights, chases, robbery and wedding crashing!moreless
  • Spike is after aother bounty head, Abdul Hakim,deguised under massive plastic surgery. He stole a data dog that a animal lab had created illegaly. So now spike is on the chase to catch this theif. But he might be in for more than he expected.moreless

    This episode might be one of the funniest, it's full of adventure and wild chase scenes. It also introduces one of the most adorable pets ever created. Ein the data dog. If you want to know why I love this show so much, or how commited I am to it. I even named my dog Ein, but don't be fooled, he's quite dumb, but cute.
  • Spike chases a bounty and ends up with an unexpected shipmate!

    My personal favorite due to the introduction of the cutest data dog ever, Ein. Yet, the episode on the whole is that careening mix of dealy serios and the inane that can happen in real life sometimes.

    Spike, out to get a bounty, who just has plastic surgery and now looks similar to Kareem Abdul-Jabar circa Game of Death, stumbles across the fact that it's a genetically altered dog that the lab is after. A doctor Jet and Spike know urges the guys to find the dog and exact some revenge for him, as well!

    The dog, carried in a case for a good portion of the episode, somehow decides to stay with Spike, much to his chagrin.

    The music that accompanies the chases are great and the final chase is insanely fun to watch as wedding vehicles are stolen, there's the crazy, high-speed bumping the other guy's vehicle, then an unexpected but understandable police pop-up, so to speak!

    I also believe this is the first "Big Shot" and shucks, howdy if I didn't enjoy it! It's just goofy enough to look forward to seeing in an episode.

    A fun and enjoyable, strongly recommended episode!moreless
Joe Romersa

Joe Romersa

Abdul Hakim

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Lia Sargent


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Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Dorothy Elias-Fahn

Space Gate Voice

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Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Pet Shop Proprietor

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