Cowboy Bebop

Season 1 Episode 26

The Real Folk Blues, Part II

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Nov 25, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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The Real Folk Blues, Part II
Spike manages to convince Julia to leave with him and put their past behind them once and for all. However, Vicious has other plans and he doesn’t intend on letting them just walk away. Spike and Julia now find themselves facing the greatest danger they’ve ever faced and the stakes are their future, their happiness and their lives.moreless

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  • Everything comes to an end. Julia and Spike meet again. Vicious succeeded in his coup, and overthrew the head of the syndicate. One can only imagine how action packed this episode is.moreless

    This is the best ending to a series, EVER! This episode, in my opinion, was flawless. If I could give a score higher than 10, I would without a moment's hesitation. I get butterflies in my stomach while thinking about it!! I've never experience an anime as such. The ending only proved why Cowboy Bebop was the best anime ever created. The music, the imagery, the storyline, the setting, all perfect! I know it's a cliche but I honestly believe that words can't describe how awesome this anime was. I mean having him meet Julia again, creating a false sense of hope, then having her die! It was expected and unexpected at the same time! I can't really describe the feeling! Now with Spike, losing his last reason to live, he goes and face Vicious. The dialog between them is always great! The gun and sword battle between them is awesome! I mean they fight to the end with their emblems, Spike with a gun and Vicious with a sword. The best part, and I mean the best part, was when Spike came down the stairs, while all the members of the syndicate were watching, and says, "Bang!" That was the best ending scene because it's so "Spike!" The good thing about Cowboy Bebop was that it wasn't "Hollywood" with it's ending and the whole series was unapologetic. The creators also spent time planning out Cowboy Bebop, instead of not knowing what to do with each episode, since they're marketing it's popularity. What I also liked was how it's one of the series where being like the protagonist or antagonist didn't really matter because Spike and Vicious were such great characters; Spike and Vicious were such bad a**es. I'm thankful to Cowboy Bebop.moreless
  • Action-packed, heart-wrenching, and philosophical; a fond farewell to the characters we grew to love.

    This is the prime example of a series finale that gives us everything we could ask for. There is no sense of lukewarm, and there certainly isn't a sense that the series could continue. The episode moves so quickly, we viewers barely have time to breathe. Moments after it starts, tender words are exchanged by Spike and Julia, and as they dash through the rooftops to escape the syndicate once and for all, Julia is shot and killed. The dialog that culminates throughout the episode is some of the shows finest, as well as revealing long-hidden character traits. As Spike suits up for what would be his last crazed gunfight, our hearts go with him. In the intense action that follows as Spike ascends the syndicate and faces off with Vicious, Vicious is killed. And after Vicious falls, there is no music, there's only a haunting echo of Spike's footsteps. This is the same silence we as viewers feel, we almost hold our breath. And when Spike says his final word, "Bang," before falling on the stairs, we cannot help but to feel lost and stunned at what we just watched. And as the reflective but inappropriately happy ending song Blue plays, we not only reflect on the stunning finality of this episode, but of the many many many great moments that the series has given us.moreless
  • amazing and left me in tears, literally, i cried my heart out, it was amazing...simply amazing

    cowboy bebop is one of the greatest animes ever created in my opinion, never dragging on, always had your interest, and never got dull or boring, and it also didnt seem to end too short like some animes, and the last episode was just amazing, and it was the perfect ending if you ask me, it ended with the main character dying and bascilly knowing that his death was near, even the episode when ed and ein left was squeezing my heart, bascially saying that i was with this show for a reason, and that reason is that it's amazing.moreless
  • TRFB Part 2 is the best episode, but not for the reasons one might think.

    TRFB part 2 is the series finale of cowboy bebop. it is in its own right an excellent episode of my favorite show, but what makes this episode the best of the series is how ironic it is. it is the resolution of the series, but it leaves so many open ends. like real life, things do not end happily for everyone. what makes this beautiful is that the ones who survive are the ones who have it worse off. spike had nothing to live for after julia died, and for that reason he was able to die in peace. "just a dream." it is jet and faye who are left to carry on, with no real direction. they have not found peace. in this sense we learn that spike truly had no ties to either of them and how cruel life can be. the story of the tiger striped cat is a parallel to spike. he knew that his death was near.

    some say spike never died, but his star faded. that last scene is mind blowing. "bang."moreless
  • The Best Finale Ever.

    This was the best ending to a series I have ever seen.It was so much better than some of the other finales that I have watched because there were no loose ends to tie up everything ended right.

    Vicous finally succeeded in his attempt to take over the syndicate.Spike finally finds Julia again only to have her be kiiled.Faye actually shows shows Spike that she really cares about him.

    This episode had the best the music and action out the series and it had the epic showdown between Spike and Vicous with both men going all out in a fight to the death.

    I want actually reveal who won the fight I'll just say if you want to see how a anime should end watch The Real Folk Blues Part 2.moreless
Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory

Laughing Bull

Guest Star

Carol Stanzione

Carol Stanzione


Guest Star

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Shin [J]

Guest Star

Paul St. Peter

Paul St. Peter


Recurring Role

Yoko Kanno

Yoko Kanno

Chorus Singer: "Blue" [as Gabriella Robin]

Recurring Role

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Jet: So what kind of woman is she? What's Julia like?
      Faye: Ordinary. The kind of beautiful, dangerous ordinary that you just can't leave alone.

    • Jet: Where's Spike? Can you help me track him down?
      Laughing Bull: All living things, every being that walks and breathes, each has it's own star.
      Jet: Huh?
      Laughing Bull: When a life is born, a new star appears. That is the guardian star, the star that warms this planet is someone's guardian star as well. The red star you see overhead, and the blue star in the horizon. And when a life ends, the star falls and disappears.
      Jet: Don't say that.
      Laughing Bull: You, Running Rock...
      Jet: That's not my name! Don't call me that!
      Laughing Bull: His star is about to fall. I have dreamed it.
      Jet: Ah!...This is ridiculous. What am I doing here?
      Laughing Bull: Do not fear death. Death is always at our side. When we show fear, it jumps at us faster than lightning, but it is when we do not show fear, it casts its eye on us gently and casts us to infinity.

    • Faye: Where're you going? Why are you going? You told me once to forget the past, 'cause it doesn't matter... but you're the one still tied to the past, Spike!
      Spike: Look at my eyes, Faye. One of them is a fake 'cause I lost it in an accident. Since then, I've been seeing the past in one eye, and the present in the other. So I thought I can see only patches of reality, never the whole picture.
      Faye: Don't tell me things like that. You never told me anything about yourself. So don't tell me now!
      Spike: I felt like I was watching a dream I'd never wake up from. Before I knew it, the dream was all over. (begins to walk away)
      Faye: My memory...finally came back. But, nothing good came of it. There was no place for me to return to. This was the only place I could go. And now you're leaving just like that! Why do you have to go? Where are you going? What are you going to do? Just throw your life away like it was nothing?!
      Spike: I'm not going there to die...I'm going to find out if I'm really alive. I have to do it, Faye.
      (Faye then shoots her gun five times at the ceiling and begins to cry)

    • Spike: Ever heard this story. There was once a tiger-striped cat. This cat died a million deaths, revived and lived a million lives. And he was owned by various people who he didn't really care for. The cat wasn't afraid to die. Then one day, the cat became a stray cat, which meant he was free. He met a white female cat and the two of them spent their days together happily. Well, years passed and the white cat grew weak and died of old age. The tiger-striped cat cried a million times and then he died too. Except this time he didn't come back to life.
      Jet: Yeah, thats a good story.
      Spike: I hate that story.
      Jet: Huh?
      Spike: I never liked cats, you know that.
      Jet: Oh yeah, thats right.
      (they both start laughing and Spike starts to walk away)
      Jet: Hey, Spike.
      Spike: Yeah?
      Jet: I just wanna ask you one thing.
      Spike: Whats that?
      Jet: Is it for the girl?
      Spike: She's dead. There's nothing I can do for her now.

    • Spike: Bang.

    • Outro Quote: You're gonna carry that weight.

  • NOTES (5)

    • English Voice Talents
      Carol Stanzione, Mike D'Gard, Steve Areno, John Billingslea, David Lucas, Wendee Lee, Henry Douglas Grey, George C. Cole, Bo Williams, Jonathan C. Osborne

    • Original Japanese Airdate (WOWOW): April 23rd, 1999.

    • Spike saying "Bang" at the end before he falls over is a reference to the episode "Sympathy for the Devil".

      When the "boy" Wen is dying, he says that he is happy because he can finally die. He then asks Spike if he understands. Spike says, "Yeah, I if," then takes Wen's harmonica, throws it in the air, points at it and says "Bang".

    • Spike shows us that one of his eyes is fake, finally making sense the flashback from "Sympathy for the Devil".

    • At the end of the episode, you see Spike's guardian star shining brighter than the others then disappear. Just like Laughing Bull explains earlier in the "Jupiter Jazz" story arc.


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