Cracker (US)

ABC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Faustian Fitz
      Faustian Fitz
      Episode 16
      A one-time child actor turned movie mogul hires Fitz to investigate the murder of a teenage girl whose body was found on the grounds of his lavish estate. Meanwhile, Fitz's estranged father arrives for a visit.
    • First Love (2)
      First Love (2)
      Episode 15
      With Tyler kidnapped and wounded and with time running out, Fitz continues his interrogation of Renauldi. The secret he uncovers changes the nature of the case, but will he figure it all out in time to save Tyler?
    • First Love (1)
      First Love (1)
      Episode 14
      After his partner is supposedly killed by an unseen assailant, Renauldi, takes cover. The police, including the newly arrived Lt. Macy, defend Renauldi, but Fitz is convinced that he had something to do with his partner's death. Complicating matters is Tyler's interest in Renauldi, and the bizarre behavior of Palmer's widow. More information surfaces that links Renauldi to a series of murders of young women, putting Tyler in danger. As Fitz tries to get inside Renauldi's head, Tyler is kidnapped by Mrs Palmer.moreless
    • Best Boys
      Best Boys
      Episode 13
      When Fitz and the police investigate the brutal murder of a landlady, it leads to Fitz trying to defuse a standoff between a youth and his former stepmother. Meanwhile, Lt. Fry announces his promotion to chief detective; Fitz's home life gets worse when Judith becomes jealous about all the time he's spending around Tyler and the other detectives.moreless
    • The Club
      The Club
      Episode 12
      Investigating the death of a young woman at a rave, Fitz discovers a group of teens who have formed a sex club.
    • If (2)
      If (2)
      Episode 11
      Fitz and the police are startled to discover that the next target for the serial killer is someone they all have a relationship with, putting them under far more pressure, as things become increasingly dangerous. However, there is some uplifting news, as Judith's admission of betrayal somehow brings both herself and Fitz together again.moreless
    • If (1)
      If (1)
      Episode 10
      Fitz assists the police in tracking down a serial killer who's killings have all the earmarkings of being revenge killings on the behalf of his severely injured wife. Meanwhile, Judith admits a betrayal of marriage to Fitz.
    • An American Dream
      A famous porn star has been murdered, and the evidence seems to indicate that her estranged father is involved. Meanwhile, Fitz has a heart attack, which brings Judith back for a temporary reconciliation.
    • Talk to Me
      Talk to Me
      Episode 8
      When a controversial radio personality is being stalked by one of her listeners, Fitz's investigation yields shocking and deadly results. Meanwhile, Fitz discovers that Judith has plans to spend a romantic evening with their marriage counselor and retaliates by taking Tyler to the same restaurant.
    • Sons and Lovers
      Sons and Lovers
      Episode 7
      When a young boy is accused of murdering his mother, Fitz retraces the victim's final hours, determined to find another explanation for the vicious crime. Meanwhile, Fitz's family bonding efforts at Sunday dinner blow up in his face.
    • 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
      Fitz joins forces with the Los Angeles police department as they track a severely distrubed young couple, who have fallen in love while on a murderous rampage. Meanwhile, Judith rejects Fitz' latest plea to move back home after discovering that he continues to suffer from his gambling addiction.
    • Hell Hath No Fury
      A newborn baby has gone missing from the hospital. A man has been seen leaving the hospital, but regardless of the witnesses and video evidence, Fitz is convinced the kidnapper is a woman. Truth, however, ends up being more suprising than any wild suspicions. Meanwhile, Fitz and his son are in bitter disagreement over the son's ex-girlfriend and her re-appearance into their lives. Fitz also attempts to communicate with his wife, which ends up being a mistake.moreless
    • Lemmings Will Fly
      When a teacher is suspected of killing a young male student, Fitz' mesmerizing interrogation leads to a startling conclusion. Meanwhile, Fitz considers a proposition from Tyler after discovering that Judith is dating their marriage counselor.
    • Madwoman
      Episode 3
      When an amnesia victim, covered in blood, is found near the scene of a brutal murder, the police are convinced they have their killer and bring Fitz in to get a confession. Fitz, however, is less convinced of the suspect's guilt, and takes it upon himself to help the man recover his memory while he searches for the real killer. Meanwhile, at Judith's insistence, Fitz attends a Gambler's Anonymous meeting, which culminates in Fitz leading the members in a betting frenzy.moreless
    • True Romance (2)
      True Romance (2)
      Episode 2
      Fitz' son, Michael becomes the next target for attack by the serial killer who claims to be in love with Fitz and he must race against the clock to find the killer before his son joins her other victims.
    • True Romance (1)
      True Romance (1)
      Episode 1
      Fitz assists the police department in tracking down a serial killer who claims to be in love with him. With the clock ticking and minimal evidence to move the investigation along, Fitz must find a way to locate the killer before she strikes again. As if that weren't enough, Fitz is also having problems at home: Judith, his wife, is on the verge of throwing in the towel on their marriage; and Michael, his teen-aged son, finds it extremely difficult to relate to his equally troubled father.moreless