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  • A great series, despite a wobble half way through.

    I initially came to Cracker in 2006 when ITV1 broadcast the last (at present) episode Nine Eleven. I hadn't seen the first three series and one off special White Ghost and watched it more out of curiosity rather than anything.

    5 years on and with frequent repeats on ITV3 and a nagging interest to watch some old drama from the ITV stable, i set to record the first three series and slowly watched it.

    The series has survived the test of time - i for one forgot how it's nearly 20 years since the first series. The first series is probably the best overall - it's new it's fresh and doesn't have to worry about much that has gone before. The highlight for me was 'To Say I Love You' with the stuttering Sean and his girlfriend Tina going on a killing spree resulting in the death of one of the team.

    Series 2 is where the series started to fall apart a bit for me. The first story however, 'To Be a Somebody', is the highlight of series as a whole. Featuring an excellent guest performance from Robert Carlyle, the episode features some great location work and a great send off for DCI Bilborough (future Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston) - you really don't want to work on this CID team! The subsequent rape of Penhaligon by Beck seemed to farfetched for me - yes Beck is having a breakdown (maybe he should have shaved his moustache off again?!) - but by this point in the series two officers have been killed and another raped by a colleague. Following Beck's suicide in the early part of the third series (yes another officer down) the show starts to get back to where it was at the beginning and watching the final regular episode, 'True Romance' made me want more episodes again.

    Many find the follow up episode 'White Ghost' as a let down. I actually found it refreshing, having a simple case with none of the other secondary storylines getting in the way and the change of location to Hong Kong was also welcome. Watching it 16 years after it's initial broadcast it also gives a nice look at how the British living there must have felt before China took control of the country. The final episode Nine Eleven for me is not a let down, while not adding anything more to the series than a chance to see how the returning actors have aged since the series (and boy have they!), it is a solid case for Fitz and highlights issues that are still relevant in today's world.

    For me, Robbie Coltrane is Cracker and this is his defining role and the series is one of ITV's top ten detective (even though he isn't one) shows. Despite a wobble in the middle (and for some at the end) it is definately worth a look - even if to see some of our favourite actors looking much younger...
  • "Fitz" is a beer drinking, chain smoking, gambling addict that also happens to be a great psychologist, who helps the police solve gruesome murders. This Show is surely the best crime drama in the UK, if not the world. A Tuely amazing piece

    Cracker is a fantastic show that follows psychologist "Fitz" and his attempts to help the police solve gruesome murder cases. However, Fitz has a few problems of his own as he likes to gamble, likes to drink, chain smokes and also has a way with the women - much to his wifes dismay.

    All of these things build a character that is really deep, full of many complex layers and very exciting to watch - Robbie Coltrane plays the part with absolute perfection.

    The show has been incredibly well written with many great plots that have twists and turns that you just couldn't see coming. The show is well directed, well acted and well thought out.

    Cracker is personally my favorite Program from the UK - I believe that it is also one of the very best crime dramas in the world. It really is fantastic.
  • Easily one of the best British crime dramas ever made, Cracker starred Robbie Coltrane as Eddie "Fitz" Fitzgerald, a drinking, gambling forensic psychologist whom helped the Manchester Police solve extremely difficult seemingly unsolvable cases.

    I absolutely adore this show. I bought all the DVDs and watch them all the time. Fitz's relationship with DS Jane "Panhandle" Penhaligon, is one of the best relationships I have seen on TV. Even if it didn't turn out as it should have, IMO. The first 2 series are the best, the 3rd isn't as great as Jimmy McGovern chose to stop writing the show after "Brotherly Love", but a true die-hard [i]Cracker[/i] fan will enjoy them. All except "White Ghost", which seriously is a piece of crap IMO. I loved Coltrane, but it wasn't the same without Pandhandle there.
  • Brilliant! The best of the best ...

    "Cracker" may be just another in a long line of British crime dramas that were very popular in the early 90's, but "Cracker" stands out as one of the sharpest, wittiest, and most intelligently written of them all. I would say it is even better than "Prime Suspect", which is another personal favourite.

    Robbie Coltrane plays his most memorable part as Fitz, a criminal psychologist who has an uncanny ability of getting into the minds of his subjects, and getting under the skin of anyone who knows him. His is an overweight, alcoholic compulsive who gambles, chain smokes, and cheats on his wife. This is balanced out by his brilliance and articulate nature. The series follows him as he helps a group of police inspectors solve various murders, while he copes with the problems in his own life. To call the series riveting is an understatement, it is bloody brilliant.