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  • "Fitz" is a beer drinking, chain smoking, gambling addict that also happens to be a great psychologist, who helps the police solve gruesome murders. This Show is surely the best crime drama in the UK, if not the world. A Tuely amazing piece

    Cracker is a fantastic show that follows psychologist "Fitz" and his attempts to help the police solve gruesome murder cases. However, Fitz has a few problems of his own as he likes to gamble, likes to drink, chain smokes and also has a way with the women - much to his wifes dismay.

    All of these things build a character that is really deep, full of many complex layers and very exciting to watch - Robbie Coltrane plays the part with absolute perfection.

    The show has been incredibly well written with many great plots that have twists and turns that you just couldn't see coming. The show is well directed, well acted and well thought out.

    Cracker is personally my favorite Program from the UK - I believe that it is also one of the very best crime dramas in the world. It really is fantastic.