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24 hours ago, four brave souls were locked up in our Hollywood and Highland Cramatoriums.
Deprived of sleep, the two teams were each given a huge pile of ridiculous information to study.
Trapped in a Hollywood storefront all night, they had to resist the urge to sleep and cram as many facts as possible into their exhausted brains.

Cram! No sleep. No privacy. No mercy.
Now it's time to find out what they've learned: there's ten grand on the line!
It's time to:
Cram! --- (Host Graham Elwood's intro.)

Cram - an amazing new concept combined with a great execution. As stated, the contestants are given information to study and are kept up 24 hours to study it. Afterwards, the show begins. There are a total of three rounds and throughout it all, the crammers will find it very difficult to get a break because they're always doing two things at once.

Sound like fun? Well here we go.

Round 1: The Rant

Last night, the crammers were given a bunch of magazine articles to study. They better have read them because in this round, each team is going to pick an article and rant on it for 40 seconds. The team that won the 3:00 A.M. Coin Toss goes first. They get 10 points for each secretly-selected keyword from the article that they mention. But the catch is, they must talk continuously. Any time they stutter, stop, say "Um, uh", or if the judges feel like they've gone off-topic, they get buzzed and they lose 5 points. One team member will rant for the first 20 second, the other for the second 20. They also must keep their hamster wheels moving at all times.

Round 2: The Double Trouble Round

The reason this round is called "the Double Trouble Round" will be explained later. There are two tests represented on a table. The team in the lead after The Rant (or the winning team of the 3 A.M. Coin Toss in the case of a tie) goes first. Each test is based on Cram material that they studied the previous night. They find themselves sorting out 7 different items relating to a book they studied. One crammer will run out and sort out an item and then tag his/her partner, who'll then go grab another item. But studies show that sleep-deprived people have a really hard time doing 2 things at once, so they'll also find themselves alternating answering questions from a book called Cram's Big Dumb Book of Stupid Lists. Each question is worth 10 points. Each correctly sorted item is worth 20 points. They have 45 seconds in the season 1 episodes and only 40 in the season 2 episodes.

Round 3: The Elimination Round

In this round, the crammers finally get a break from those hamster wheels! The team in the lead after Round 2 (or the team that won the 3 A.M. Coin Toss in the case of a tie) gets to relax in Icey's comfortable Cram Chairs. The other team is given one last chance to catch up. The previous night, they studied a joke book. The crammer who's answering the jokes gets in a sidecar or a dinghy or a rickshaw while the other crammer gets on a bicycle or a rowing machine or a treadmill. All the exercising crammer has to do is keep the light on. As long as the light is green, the crammer in the sidecar or dinghy or rickshaw can answer questions. To keep the green light on, if a bicycle is used, the other crammer must pedal at least 10 MPH. If the rowing machine is used, the crammer must generate 100 watts of power. If the treadmill is used, the crammer must run at least 3 MPH. Each correct answer is worth 30 points. For each incorrect answer, the other crammer must either pedal 3 more MPH or generate 50 more watts or run another mile per hour depending on which exercise facility is being used. The team in the lead wins $1,000 and a chance at $10,000. The losing team goes home with $500.

Round 4: The Bonus Round

After their victory, the winning team gets to crawl into bed for a commercial break while "warm and snuggly bedtime facts" are being read to them by a sleep therapist named Ms. Pickwick. They'd better stay awake and concentrate because after the commercials, there will be a $10,000 quiz. After the commercial break, The crammers must run over to a balance beam, a stump, or a pair of teeter-totters and must keep themselves off the ground while Graham Elwood quizzes them on Ms. Pickwick's facts. They must get up to level 5 to win. For every correct answer, they go up one level. For every wrong answer, they go down one level. If they get to 5, they win $10,000. If they don't make it there in 1 minute, they get $100 additional dollars for every level. The catch is, every time they touch the ground, Graham will stop reading and start the question again from the beginning.moreless