Crank Yankers

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jul 03, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of this series?
  • There's nothing I can say, the show speaks for itself.

    Crank Yankers was one of the best cartoon, under South Park, in my opinion, to ever appear on Comedy Central. I don't know why they cancelled the show. I don't even think they announced the cancellation of the show. Viacom overall has made some tough, but wrong decisions, and I'm glad they indirectly are bringing back new episode to Comedy Central's sister station, MTV2. I would always love to watch this show for a bedtime laugh before I turned in, and Comedy Central will pay for the lost in the long run. Crank Yankers is well ahead of its time from its stupidity to the puppets themselves, the show is perfect and original, and the form of viewing picture is good also considering the show.
  • Oh you've gotta be kidding me,PUPPETS?!

    Gah,this show stinks so bad,a skunk would run away faster than a roadrunner.The comedy is dry,it's horribly animated,why did they even bother making this crap?I don't belive that this thing should get high rarings because it's terrible.Heck,I don't think it even deserves to be on the air.I've seen good comedies like Fawlty Towers,Mr.Bean,Bottom,etc.Now those are wild and hilarious.This,I should say no.I mean,bad comedy,horrible animation,and hideous puppets anyone?The puppets are so ugly,it's not even funny.The facial expressions make me feel like barfing.I guess there are the comedies that are funny,and the dry ones like this one.All in all,I give it a 2.5/10
  • Probobly the worst show i've seen CC come out with i a long time.

    Jimmy Kimmel should probobly let his wife Sarah Silverman do the comedy from now on. This show is for people with very simple and boring taste. The last time i heard a prank call was probobly when i was 12, and i was most likely not that impressed by the concept. This show gets mistaken for comedy becouse, well, not everybody, including myself, aren't all shakesspears. we like retarded comedy and really that's cool. But i can't seem to get myself to laugh for anything this pretty retenitve show does. Maybe Jimmy should bring back the man show, then he'll be back on my good side.
  • this was a avarge show cc came up with but it was still funny i thought

    the show cranke yankers is about prank calls that are so out rages its not even funny. the jokes and everything in the show are funny. and the things they say during the pranks calles make me laugh. but i think it was just avarge show they came up with i dont think it was one of there best shows but it still had enough funny ness to last a few years. there was more then a few swears in the show they used that type of comedy were there swearing like practily 24 7. but hey it still gets8
  • wow!

    wow! this show has off the wall comedy. ever caracter made every part a stich in a even greater episode. Crank Yankers was one of the best shows on tv, when i found out it was cancelled i was shocked. I would bet any money that special ed (mine and everyone elses favorite character) probally caused a huge contrvesy and they needed to cancel the show. This show helps retarded people learn how to make the best prank phone calls (not that im retarded or any thing). This show has some amazingly funny jokes and needs to be brought back.
  • (Picks up the phone) Hello who's this. Ahhhh!! It's Crank Yankers.

    Come on come on cause were having a ball, were just making some calls to strangers. Come on come all you can say what you want, and they're never know if you're derranged or what. But it dosn't really matter (No it dosn't really matter). Cause were always doubled over with laughter at the expense of others maybe even your mother won't you join the Crank Yankers tonight. (Crank Yankers) and I can't stop singing anymore.
  • What a funny show. I can't get enough of it.

    Crank Yankers.
    Oh how it is so funny. It keeps u laughing all the time. The special guest and appearances. Every character is so funny and so so. I have no words to describe it. It is just hailarious. It is just a funny show. U can't get enough of Crank Yankers.
  • The Crank Yankers is another laugh till you drop show! I absolutly cannot get enough of them.

    How can you not find a "crank" in you? The Crank Yankers is the best thing since the invention of the Deep Fryer! Oh My Gosh- how can America not embrace Special Ed? He lives with his grandmother and loves fried chicken! I absolutely love this little guy! Those who hate him just lack a sense of Humor. Watch out for this little fellow... he will have you hooked in NO TIME! Elll Yayyyyyy
  • one of the funniest shows i have ever seen ... why'd they cancel it?!?!?!?!

    when crank yankers first came out i thout it was going to be dumb. i later came to realize what a funny show it was capable of being... so why did they cancel it? there must have been a reason but what ever it was it's not a good enough excuse. Comedy Central lost it BIG-TIME!!! oh well... at least it was good while it lasted.
  • Why did it had to go!

    This show was pretty hilarious, and it had set up some really good calls. This show would have gone along way from all the stuff it had appeared on like THE mtv music video awards, and EMINEM's new video ass like that. I not so sure why they cancelled it possibly to make room for more shows that being the obvious reason, or they might have figured out that useing puppets was to hard, just like Matt stone & Trey parker had figured out. But may it rest in peace.
  • IDk

    Although this show isn't exactly what i'd call 'kid friendly', it has potential to do better. I mean, if I were to classify it... i would have to say, it's a work of its own. There is nothing else like it. It's got its own style. I'm not saying thats good OR bad its just different. I cant think of another show that has both cartoons, yet is reality. Hm... interesting. Well, it's not the worst show, but many of the lines are contridicting and contain strong language. To watch it, you'd have to understand alot of mature things, even though this show isnt that mature. So, my review is this.... not a horrible show, could have done better... but not bad. BUT just DONT let your kids watch it. lol
  • A great idea that somewhere went horribly, horribly wrong.

    After the first season this show just stopped being funny to me. Mostly because they turned to the cheap sight gags that the puppets allowed them to do, instead of creating some really funny crank phone calls (example: the puppet that ends up throwing up everywhere in the middle of the call repeatedly). There were some really funny people behind this show and when it started out, it was funny. However, they just kept trying to push the limits rather than sustain quality. There were a few moments in later seasons that I found mildly amusing, but for the most part if you aren't watching, you aren't missing much.
  • this show is funny

    i dont get why people say this show sucks. it doesnt. it is very funny and one of comedy central's greater shows. the characters are all, well some at the least, good. special ed, saying "i peed in your pool. yaaaaaaaay!" that's hilarious. the guy who always throws up is disguasting and funny at the same time. and of course wanda sykes as gladys. that one is funny to. crank yankers is definitely one of the best.
    a show about puppets making prank phone calls may sound stupid but its not. crank yankers is one of my personal favorites. and i hope is wrong about it being cancelled.