Crank Yankers

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jul 03, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • There's nothing I can say, the show speaks for itself.

    Crank Yankers was one of the best cartoon, under South Park, in my opinion, to ever appear on Comedy Central. I don't know why they cancelled the show. I don't even think they announced the cancellation of the show. Viacom overall has made some tough, but wrong decisions, and I'm glad they indirectly are bringing back new episode to Comedy Central's sister station, MTV2. I would always love to watch this show for a bedtime laugh before I turned in, and Comedy Central will pay for the lost in the long run. Crank Yankers is well ahead of its time from its stupidity to the puppets themselves, the show is perfect and original, and the form of viewing picture is good also considering the show.