Crank Yankers - Season 1

Friday 10:00 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jul 03, 2002 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Tracy Morgan, Wanda Sykes
    Spoonie calls a country club for a tee time, Niles looks for a healthcare giver, and Elmer needs hearing aids. Yanker voices: Tracy Morgan, Tony Barbieri, Jimmy Kimmel, Wanda Sykes, and The Touchstone Terrorists.
  • Tracy Morgan, Dane Cook
    Spoonie orders flowers, Gene Winterbuck calls a library, Hadassah catches crabs, and Elmer's house gets peed on. Yanker voices: Tracy Morgan, Dane Cook, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, and Super Dave Osborne.
  • 8/4/02
    Spoonie orders flowers. Gene Winterbuck makes a call to a library. Haddassah catches crabs. And someone took a pee on Elmer's house.
  • 7/28/02
    Karl Malone wants Beanie Babies. Danny calls a caterer. Elmer lodges a complaint to the cable company about what he saw on TV. Birchum calls for a moving company. And Haddassah calls the Department of Waste.
  • 7/21/02
    Spoonie wants hot girls. Helen calls a grocery store. OCD Ken wants love. And Terrence calls Subway.
  • Dane Cook & Ween
    Episode 7
    Haddassah has a survey. Spoonie's got an idea for greeting cards. Sav macauley is on the Phone Zone. And Bobby accidentally kills his grandfather. Also featuring Ween.
  • 7/7/02
    "Incoming - Wrong Number Call: Woman Thinks She Called Parcel Service" "Call: "Niles Standish" Orders Invitations" "Critter Crazy Pets - Call: "Helen Higgins" Has a Pet Problem" "Alternative Counseling Center - Call: "Bobby Fletcher" Needs a Job" "Random Number - Call: Vote For Tony Deloge" Conserving Water "You Got to Know" Public Service Announcementmoreless
  • 6/30/02
    "Call: "Bobby Fletcher" Needs a Job" "Computer Tech Support - Call: "Lisa" Needs Some Help" "Electrosysis Center - Call: "Frank" Wants Hair Removal" "--- Country Club - Call: "Birchum" Calls Lost & Found" "Call: "Terrence" Makes a Reservation for Cosby" Exploding Puppets Preview "Phone Sex Line - Call: "Danny" Gets Off"moreless
  • 6/23/02
    "--- Country Club - Call: "Spoonie Luv" Wants Tee Time" 'Puppets Gone Wild' Commercial "Affordable Hearing Aid Store - Call: "Elmer" Needs a Hearing Aid" 'You Got to Know' PSA "Random Number - Call: "Wanda" Calls From Internet Sex Site to Thank Customer" "Call: "Niles Standish" Needs Assistance" "Incoming Wrong Number - Call: Woman Thinks She's Called Parcel Service"moreless
  • 6/16/02
    "Reba's Bed & Breakfast - Call: "Shavin" Makes a Reservation" "Random Call - Call: "Bob Carlman" Calls a "Dick"" "Famous Fried Chicken Chain - Call: "Elmer" Lodges a Complaint" "Nanny Wanted - Call: "Hadassah" Responds to Ad" "976-Phone Sex Line - Call: "Rob" Loans Deaf Friend a Hand" Mooshu/Monkey Face offmoreless
  • 7/10/02
    "Rick's Tally-Ho Strip Club - Call: "Cammie" Needs a Job" "Classic Crank Calls" "Random 7-11 Store - Call: "Boomer" & "The Nudge" Radio Contest" "--- Flower Shop - Call: "Spoonie Luv" Orders Roses" "Castle Adult Mega Store - Call: "Jimmy" Needs Help Downstairs [featuring Sarah Silverman]" "Call: "Joe" Has a Problem" "Call: "Special Ed" Needs Support"moreless
  • 7/3/02
    "Call: "Elmer" Needs an Apartment" "SST Towing - Call: "Cladys Murphy" Lodges a Complaint" "Call: "Batman's Nemesis" Calls 411-Information" "P.R. Construction - Call: "Birchum" Applies for a Job" "Call: "Mooshu" Calls Record Store" "Apartments - Call: "Elmer" Still Needs an Apartment" "A-1 Travel - Call: "Special Ed" Books a Trip" Tenacious D - Friendshipmoreless