Crash & Bernstein

Disney XD (ended 2014)



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Crash & Bernstein

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Wyatt Bernstein goes to Build-a-Bestie for his birthday and creates a puppet named Crash.

Cole Jensen

Cole Jensen

Wyatt Tyler Bernstein

Tim Lagasse

Tim Lagasse


Landry Bender

Landry Bender

Cleo Anastasia Bernstein

Oana Gregory

Oana Gregory

Amanda Elizabeth Bernstein

Aaron R. Landon

Aaron R. Landon


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  • A new low!

    I watched the pilot and i hated it. I mean, how the heck did they get away with a swear-jar?! (i know he wasn't swearing, but it kinda sounded like motherf-ker to me)

    Other than that, the pilot consists of a normal american ten-year old kid that just turned that age and their parents take them to a parody of a build-a-bear workshop (I don't want to say the

    That kid creates his "bestie" by making him purple, adding sterotypical ninja weapons and et cetera.

    I mean ninja weapons, REALLY?! I'm still thinking how this new low got a second season.

    When they get home, the doll abruptly comes to life and causes havoc around the house, even knocking down the wall! That's stupid and stereotypical.

    I don't even want to describe the ending.

    On the bright side, the set designs aren't "rich" unlike other Disney shows and the characters look normal for once, but the Arcade set looks cheap to me.

    Overall, this gets a 1.0.moreless
  • The worst Disney Channel/Disney XD sitcom next to Dog with a Blog, and even THAT'S an understatement.

    Don't even think about watching this if you're not middle school-aged, don't even watch it if you're in the target audience!!! Crash & Bernstein might be the worst Disney Channel/Disney XD original series ever made, and think about the implications of that statement. Put a purple-skinned Muppet-like character alongside a 12-year-old amateur actor and other untalented child (and adult) actors and presto, somebody thought that was a great idea for a kids' TV show. It's actually worse than it sounds. This is an unfunny, juvenile, obnoxious atrocity. Please don't watch it, childhood innocence is way too precious to lose.moreless
  • This is a bit extreme for me

    I think that the shows on Disney XD are starting to get too crazy for me to enjoy. This one is a basic defenition why. We have this kid named Wyatt (although his last name is used in the title) and this muppet named Crash. First off, there were some funny moments but too much of it relys on Crashes mischif, which makes him too predictable in a way. The other actors do a decent job acting but I still think theres a lot of room for improvment on all of them. The episdoes and jokes do get intresting for you to watch but it feels like I had to struggle at multiple moments to keep myself from changing the channel as it got dry in a few area`s. Again, not a bad show, but I still think that this can be improved.moreless
  • stuuupid!

    Wow, how ***ed!!!! I don't even have words to explain how fckn stupid this is! Terrible acting!
  • Doesn't Look That Bad

    I have yet to see a full episode but this doesn't look like a bad show. At least It's better than that "Dog With a Blog" show. It looks similar to that old Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter.

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