Crash & Bernstein

Season 2 Episode 6

Action Zero

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2013 on Disney XD
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Crash's inflated ego gets the better of him when he challenges action movie star Jake Mahoney to a fight.

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    Cole Jensen

    Cole Jensen

    Wyatt Tyler Bernstein

    Tim Lagasse

    Tim Lagasse


    Landry Bender

    Landry Bender

    Cleo Anastasia Bernstein

    Oana Gregory

    Oana Gregory

    Amanda Elizabeth Bernstein

    Aaron R. Landon

    Aaron R. Landon


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      • Wyatt: Uh-oh, is somebody a sore loser?
        Crash: No, you're a sore loser! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go over there to scream, break things, and blame other people for my shortcomings. Good day.

      • News Reporter Crash: In all my 37 seconds of broadcasting, I have never seen such a spectacular performance! Bernstein was dominated, annihilated, constipated. Tell us, Bernstein, how does it feel to be a loser?
        Wyatt: Well, Crash, actually --
        News Reporter Crash: Wait! I'm being told no one cares what a loser thinks.

      • Jake: I'm being informed I don't have the authority to invite the whole school. Just the two of you because... you're standing right there.
        Wyatt: (to Pesto) Yes! We stood in the right place!

      • Jake: Stick around. After rehearsal, I'll let you take a picture of me.
        Wyatt: You mean with you?
        Jake: No.

      • Crash: (to Jake) I challenge you to a smackdown! No gloves, no helmets, just my orthopedic insoles! I have flat feet!

      • Wyatt: Crash, you're losing to no one.
        Crash: (gasps) That's almost as bad as losing to you! Bernstein, you got to protect me! Jake's going to tear me apart!
        Wyatt: (sighs) I'll go talk to Jake, but you really dug yourself a hole. So, in case you can't save your butt, you might want to dig yourself a hole.

      • Wyatt: I'm asking you as a lifelong fan, please don't hurt Crash.
        Jake: I can't back down now. I'm a hero! And Crash made me a laughingstock. That's the worst kind of stock.

      • Wyatt: Okay, guys, remember, this is just a practice run. Tomorrow it won't be the dummy. It will be Amanda. Pesto, stop kissing the dummy.

      • Pesto: How'd you get Amanda to agree to this?
        Wyatt: Oh, I paid Cleo. She can talk Amanda into anything.
        Pesto: Note to self.

      • Jake: That settles that.
        Crash: It settles nothing! Now get over here, Cake Ma-fudgey!
        Jake: Stop calling me variations of my name!

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