Crash & Bernstein

Season 2 Episode 4

Trash & Bernstein

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2013 on Disney XD
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Wyatt, Crash, and Pesto face off against Cleo's team in the school's cup-stacking competition run by Coach Urkhart. Meanwhile, Crash becomes obsessed with collecting garbage in the boys' hang-out where the toxic fumes make him think that the trash teap is alive and talking. Also, Pesto takes care of Amanda after she sprains her ankle, which interferes with his training for the competition.


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    Cole Jensen

    Cole Jensen

    Wyatt Tyler Bernstein

    Tim Lagasse

    Tim Lagasse


    Landry Bender

    Landry Bender

    Cleo Anastasia Bernstein

    Oana Gregory

    Oana Gregory

    Amanda Elizabeth Bernstein

    Aaron R. Landon

    Aaron R. Landon


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      • Crash: Sign-up tables? Banners about cup stacking? A dancing cup mascot?! You know what this means? Cups have invaded the planet! (screams) And five days earlier than I predicted.

      • Amanda: Cleo, get off the couch! The doctor said I need to keep my foot elevated.
        Cleo: It's a sprained ankle! You're not getting special treatment from anyone.
        Pesto: (enters the room in doctor scrubs) Amanda! I came as soon as I heard. I'm here to give you special treatment.

      • Wyatt: (about all of the trash) Crash, why do you even want this stuff?
        Crash: I'm gonna collect it! You know, like Cleo collects snow globes, or you collect the mysterious bits I find in my underwear. (Wyatt looks confused) Check under your pillow.

      • Pesto: (after receiving a text) Uh-oh! Amanda can't reach the TV remote! That poor, poor incredibly attractive girl.
        Wyatt: Wait! What about practice?
        Pesto: I'll practice tonight, assuming Amanda doesn't need me to do ocean noises while she sleeps.

      • Cleo: (about her new teammates) They're exchange students from Stack-a-slovakia.
        Wyatt: Nice try. That's not a real country.
        Crash: (whispers) Um, Bernstein? I'm pretty sure it is, and I got an "H" in Geography!

      • Cleo: (to her teammates) Girls, we're at table #2.
        Crash: Ha! Table #2! Because that's what ya smell like! A table! (to Wyatt and Pesto) It sounded better in my head.

      • Pesto: And Amanda and I had special plans last night.
        Wyatt: She made you do her homework?
        Pesto: Trigonometry. I understood nothing!

      • Wyatt: Crash, you're supposed to be at the stacking tournament!
        Crash: Oh, sorry! I had a conflict. Heap and I are about to record his food show. His cooking is to die for! Really. There have been deaths!

      • Amanda: (after Wyatt grabs her cellphone) I'd put that down if I were you!
        Wyatt: No! If you were me, you'd be a whole lot smarter and not nearly as pretty. ...Wait.

      • Cleo: What's that smell?
        Crash: That's the smell of a dramatic entrance! ...And sewage. Mostly sewage.

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