Crash & Bernstein

Season 2 Episode 4

Trash & Bernstein

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2013 on Disney XD



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    • Crash: Sign-up tables? Banners about cup stacking? A dancing cup mascot?! You know what this means? Cups have invaded the planet! (screams) And five days earlier than I predicted.

    • Amanda: Cleo, get off the couch! The doctor said I need to keep my foot elevated.
      Cleo: It's a sprained ankle! You're not getting special treatment from anyone.
      Pesto: (enters the room in doctor scrubs) Amanda! I came as soon as I heard. I'm here to give you special treatment.

    • Wyatt: (about all of the trash) Crash, why do you even want this stuff?
      Crash: I'm gonna collect it! You know, like Cleo collects snow globes, or you collect the mysterious bits I find in my underwear. (Wyatt looks confused) Check under your pillow.

    • Pesto: (after receiving a text) Uh-oh! Amanda can't reach the TV remote! That poor, poor incredibly attractive girl.
      Wyatt: Wait! What about practice?
      Pesto: I'll practice tonight, assuming Amanda doesn't need me to do ocean noises while she sleeps.

    • Cleo: (about her new teammates) They're exchange students from Stack-a-slovakia.
      Wyatt: Nice try. That's not a real country.
      Crash: (whispers) Um, Bernstein? I'm pretty sure it is, and I got an "H" in Geography!

    • Cleo: (to her teammates) Girls, we're at table #2.
      Crash: Ha! Table #2! Because that's what ya smell like! A table! (to Wyatt and Pesto) It sounded better in my head.

    • Pesto: And Amanda and I had special plans last night.
      Wyatt: She made you do her homework?
      Pesto: Trigonometry. I understood nothing!

    • Wyatt: Crash, you're supposed to be at the stacking tournament!
      Crash: Oh, sorry! I had a conflict. Heap and I are about to record his food show. His cooking is to die for! Really. There have been deaths!

    • Amanda: (after Wyatt grabs her cellphone) I'd put that down if I were you!
      Wyatt: No! If you were me, you'd be a whole lot smarter and not nearly as pretty. ...Wait.

    • Cleo: What's that smell?
      Crash: That's the smell of a dramatic entrance! ...And sewage. Mostly sewage.

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