Crash Test Dummies

Friday 8:30 PM on Sky1 Premiered Jan 01, 2007 Between Seasons


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Crash Test Dummies

Show Summary

Witness life as a crash test dummy in this over-the-top comedy series on Sky One.


A series of tests or experiments using real humans. The show is split into segments each one consisting of an experiment or contest. The show is displayed as a comedy. There are moments in the show where banter between the participants over takes the serious nature of the experiments. The format is much like MTV series ' Jackass,' but with real science behind the 'stunts.'


As a result there is a mixed bag here. Some experiments are amazing such as how thick ice has to be before a bullet can't pass through it, too an egg and spoon race. The show is never crude, lude or insulting and is easy going family viewing.

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