Crash Test

Spike TV (ended 2004)


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Crash Test

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In Crash Test, two contestants go head-to-head to attempt to crash an event which could be anything from a birthday party to an athletic showcase. Before going in, the contestants are each provided with a list of stunts which can be performed for points. Stunts are divided into point values of 10, 50 and 100 points. Some stunts can be performed for points multiple times, while others, by their nature, can only be performed once. A stunt that is attempted but failed earns no points. Finally, the contestants must remember that if at any time they are caught, they lose 100 points and will be ineligible to do any further stunts. The objective for each event is to outscore the other player. If you do, you continue to return to attempt to crash future events, but if you fail, you are out of the game completely. If two contestants tie, then both get to return to compete again. Additionally, there is one stunt each time called the "Wild Card" - a stunt so ballsy that if a contestant successfully completes it, they automatically get to return, regardless of whether or not they received the high score. The catch is that the contestants have no way of knowing what that stunt will be. The goal: to become the one Ultimate Crasher.


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