Starz (ended 2009)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Los Angeles
      Episode 13
      Ben and Anthony learn about what really happened to Ben's daughter. Seth prepares a party for being able to finalize his homeless city idea. Inez's mentor wants her to stop seeing Jimmy. Wendy decides to be a part of Seth's project, but Bo has completely different plans which lead to a shock.moreless
    • All Alone Or...
      Episode 12
      Maggie and Kenny want Seth to undergo brain tumor operation. Inez gets the opportunity of her career when she goes on a meeting with a movie director. Anthony and Ben go to a wake for Cassie. Bo buys a gun, and his mother suspects something might be going on.
    • Calm Like a Bomb
      Episode 11
      Seth is overjoyed to learn that he got a permit for the homeless city idea. A movie director is interested in Inez. Anthony and Ben's investigation leads to a strange club. Bo wants comfort from his mother, but she is busy with her new lover.
    • Master of Puppets
      Episode 10
      Seth has to make confront a televangelist in order to make his homeless-city idea a possibility. Bo isn't happy when he learns that Lily has been confiding in her friend about their sex life. Ben and Anthony attempt to extract info regarding Cassie's murder from a heroin addict.
    • 11/20/09
      Ben and Anthony learn that a drug dealer might know something about Cassie's death. Seth, Bo and Kenny end up trapped in Seth's loft due to the power going out. Jimmy tries to convince Inez to move to Scottsdale with him.
    • 11/13/09
      Kenny and Tess spend quality time together. Wendy is jealous of Bo's relationship with a nurse. Ben and his ex-wife get closer. Seth receives an offer from a televangelist.
    • 11/6/09
      Seth finds himself in a tough spot when a journalist quizzes him on live television. Inez decides to go on the romantic trip with her suitor even though her boyfriend gives her a pleasant surprise. Bo and Wendy fight over what to do with their shop. Ben has difficulty dealing with his ex-wife and her husband.moreless
    • 10/30/09
      Seth receives a visit from a son he hasn't seen in years, while Ben reunites with his ex-wife. Bo tries to get his old job back. Inez becomes the object of desire for a rich man.
    • 10/16/09
      Seth moves into an eco-friendly loft where he announces a dramatic venture for the future betterment of Los Angeles. Kenny strikes up a friendship with Tess who runs a homeless center. Bo tries to impress Tyler and Eddie. Bo tries to extract info from a lawyer.
    • Can't Explain
      Episode 4
      Inez receives a gift from the club's client. Seth goes out into the streets wondering about the true meaning of his life. Bo has to lean on Tyler for support. Ben meets a lawyer that tries to have him stop his investigation.
    • Kenny is puzzled about partaking in a gift he receives. Inez and Jimmy find someone that might help them pay off the gambling debt. Wendy and Bo have trouble with keeping their shop. Anthony and Ben continue their murder investigation. Seth wonders if purchasing NFL franchise was a good idea.
    • 9/25/09
      Bo receives an interesting offer. Seth tries to find out the meaning of the visions that he had during his near-death experience, and his assistant tries to warn him of the danger in his company. Inez trains an exotic dancer. Ben asks Anthony to help him determine how his daughter died.moreless
    • 9/18/09
      Ben returns to L.A. from a year's stint in rehab, and has to deal with a stunning occurrence. Billionaire entrepreneur Seth Blanchard plans on bringing L.A. an NFL football team. Wendy Olinville tries to keep her shop open, while her son Bo attempts to bring some order into his life.
  • Season 1