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This is an educational show that passes on HBO.HBO is a channel that pass a lot of movies with out an comercial! Just some people have HBO at home.But they don't think of that way, they want to have an audience,That's why they have this lovely show called Crashbox. An animated series for kids featuring brain teasers.And it's also a way to help kids learn new things while they're having fun watching tv.

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Season 2 : Episode 17

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

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Maggie Baird

Maggie Baird


Jerry Stiller

Jerry Stiller

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Greg Eagles

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Peter Lurie

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  • No poop in this scoop

    One of the best children's shows I've seen in a very, very long time. Too bad there aren't more shows like this, that's fun, makes one think and not just for kids. It very much reminds me of Sesame street with its small segmented shows with in a show, which resemble little commercials. It does have its weird and gross moments but the show doesn't take it too far as to over saturated it there fore spoiling the effect.

    Also its too bad this show can't be shown on non premium TV for more of a viewing audience. Its just too bad that only people who can afford such premiums as pay TV, the parents and their children are the only ones that can enjoy such shows.moreless
  • Crashbox

    The best way for kids to learn while doing what they like....... Watching tv.

    It also has many brain teasers so they can test their minds on how much they know.
  • I had to make things even more clear than the previous fellow

    This show is quite possible the best kids show you can possible show your kids. It's educational, weird, and exceptionally entertaining. It doesn't talk down to the kids, it treats them like little people. It has some of the most intelligent questions and material that I have ever seen in a kids show. I can't say enough great things about this show. The weirdness of the show is perfect if you can't stand the clean, boring, and strictly conventional other shows, this show is for you and your kids.moreless
  • Ignoring the retard that got to this show before me

    I couldn't go on without giving this show a review. While the other grade school kids were playing with Barbies and dodgeballs, I was watching anime and Tim Burton movies. Growing up I was always attracted to weird things. Then one day, after getting HBO, I stumbled upon Crashbox.

    The music is haunting, the presentation and surreal, eerie and mysterious environment is alluring and at the end of the day it's straight up educational. The show is about a strange, bizarre laboratory where robots made of junk live in secrecy and put together educational interactive videos, with a oddly mischievous twist. It teaches kids but has an overbearing eerie feel that makes it stand out and gives it its weirdness. I was hooked instantly, while everyone else I knew was scared of it. Crashbox is a kid's show with such originality and weirdness that I can still watch it till this day and be amused. It's filled with a bizarre eeriness that and it's actually somewhat educational. It's like fusing Sesame Street with Tales From the Crypt. It's like teaching a math class in the Amityville house. I can't really do the rating system, mainly because the show operates so differently than regular TV shows. In short, it's original and surprisingly dark. If it dropped the education, you'd guess it was Tim Burton messing around with crap he found at a dump and decided to make a show of it. Stop Motion Gold. Now I kinda wanna see that happen.....but anyway, for what it was, Crashbox is perfection that will go down as a television landmark of my youth and childhoodmoreless
  • What a stupid idea what HBO Family did to impress the kids.

    This show really doesn't really do to good of having math and other subjects of school that they have.

    Of course that this is the worst show ever!I hate all those things on this show.

    What the heck is up with that chef that mixes up some words to form a word?He is so crazy when yelling after he says what the word is.

    Why is the dude that has a crazy call the game he has poop or scoop?Why is it called that?!It sounds like you choose poop or a scoop.

    This show pretty much stinks than all of those chidren shows.moreless
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