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Crashes That Changed Flying

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Crashes That Changed Flying is the Discovery Channel series that takes viewers through some of the most notable air accidents throughout history. We see inside some of the worst air accidents, learning how they happened, and what measure have been taken to prevent similar crashes from happening in the future. From ripped fuselages to exploding fuel tanks, runway overruns and more, a simple flight can quickly go bad. These disasters have taught us about aviation, and brought on technological breakthroughs that make today's flights much safer. From the crash of the Delta flight 191, which led to the development of onboard warning systems, to the a Paris Concorde crash which led to the invention of burst proof tires, it took some horrible crashes to make air travel what it is today. Witness the tragedies that inspired scientists and engineers who created the solutions that we have today in Discovery Channel's Crashes That Changed Flying.

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  • Not very accurate, more sensational

    As a professional airplane and helicopter pilot, I find this show very simplistic and often inaccurate. The narrator mispronounces basic aviation terms like "altimeter" and EGPWS which is pronounced "Egypt-Whiz". Instead of "fuselage", he says "airplane shell". Don't they have an aviation consultant to help them? The dialog from the dramatizations is also quite poor. Pilots don't say "go up" or "get height", we say "climb". We don't say "lower the height", we say "descend". When pilots have an emergency in flight, they don't call "ground control", they call "Center" or "Approach Control". Ground control is who you call when you wanna push back from the gate and taxi to the runway. The TWA flight 800 information was very distorted. It's well known and widely reported that hundreds of witnesses saw two missile streaks flying up from the water striking the 747 and causing it to explode. This wasn't mentioned at all. Instead, the show simply repeated the same talking points from the Clinton Adminstration claiming that vapor from the empty center fuel tank caused the explosion. Nonsense. Other episodes, while sensational, are also quite simplistic and leave out key details. I will still watch it, but I'll probably yell at the screen a few more times.moreless

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