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Crayon Shin-chan

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From a long running gag manga, Crayon Shin-chan is a slice-of-life anime which follows the adventures of 5 year old Shinnosuke Nohara, his parents (dad Hiroshi and mom Misae), his dog Shiro, and (in later episodes) his baby sister Himarwari. Much of the humor of the show is based around Shin-chan's obliviously rude behavior and meager grasp of language. Funimation's dub of the series is a completely different version, aimed at a more adult audience, while the original Japanese version is meant for all audiences (adults and kids) to watch.

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  • Behind that cute face is a naughty mind!

    Shin Chan is the funniest Anime ever shown on American TV! It's about the misadventures (to put it mildly) of a 5-year old Japanese boy named Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara & his family, Hiro (the emasculated salaryman/father), Mitzi (the mother who bears the onus of Shin's misdeeds) & Himawari (the cute baby sister of Shin). Not only he drives his family up the wall with his antics, but his preschool classmates as well. They are Georgie (a budding NeoCon & target of Shin's monkeyshines), Penny (A little girl with issues), Maso (a kid who's suspected of being effeminate) & Boo (the "intellectual").

    Every episode is a guaranteed laugh riot & i should know since i became a big fan since i first caught an episode on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network last Summer.

    And if you got the show on DVD, consider yourself truly blessed!moreless
  • Very funny anime I enjoyed the double entendre heavy, foul mouth, and Americanized version of the show. Hearing such things come from children primarily Shin Chan was hilarious.

    Very funny anime I enjoyed the double entendre heavy, foul mouth, and Americanized version of the show. Hearing such things come from children primarily Shin Chan was hilarious. Each episode gave us pop cultural references that South Park attempted but went way too far with. The show would mix times of genuine child like sweetness into the show. Issues of loving your family no matter their flaws and families sticking together. These bits of sweetness fit the bite of the adult themes perfectly. If you can get the show on dvd it was hilarious. I don't understand why the reruns aren't played on cartoon network anymore. The death of the creator has nothing to do with anything and cartoon network has really dropped the ball not re-airing the show.moreless
  • A show that can make me laugh!

    Hey, it isn't the best show in animation, but I like it. It has that humor that I love. Shin is so awesome when he does stupid and his parents are awesome. Captain bastard can kill superman and batman easily! The writers on this show didn't want to waste their time on animation, but while they forgot about it, they made the show extra funnier. Yeah, the humor started to quiet down after the 1st season, but I know this show will grow to a good show. Now it just needs good ratings and this show will go far. Well, maybe.

  • little shin little shin

    how could anyone not love this show.

    i mean come on SHIN CHAN! AMAZING!!!

    such an interesting little 5 year old boy

    so adult yet so humorous ... i love it!!

    i mean most people dont really see 5 year olds

    playing house and making references to having sex

    or .. my personal favorite walking around showing people their wee's

    lol ELEPHANT DANCE!! ahh this show is just a good old fashioned knee slapper

    and i absolutely adore it


    from shins moms obsession for having huge breasts.

    or the creepy guy next door in the earlier seasons who masturbated a lot

    or even to that little girl that would beat the crap out of her bunny cause she had anger issues

    if you dont like this show

    then you obviously have no sense of decent humor

    cause its hilarious :)moreless
  • Just like homemovies except...

    Except its japeneese and goes on earlier on adultswim.Which sucks doesnt it?Lol i think it does.I wish homemovies was on earlier..but welll i love shinchan too so lets talk about the little funny ---- cursing uhhhh.thats hard.

    Ok shin chan to me i think hes funny the fact he blew up his house was the best part im not too up to date on the whole ,seasons ,episodes list but well im just going to describe what i do know.though the mom is very sluttish and always want to have sex she's very odd.maybe its just the episodes lately... I DONT know..moreless

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