Crayon Shin-chan

Sunday 12:00 AM on TV Asahi Premiered Apr 13, 1992 In Season




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Pee Strike
      Pee Strike
      Episode 1
      "Shins Allowance"- After demanding and being refused an allowance Shin goes on strike and vows not to pee until his mother pays him what he feels he's worth. "A Very Wrong Engagement"- Maso defends Ai's honor after she is rebuffed by Shin but confusion makes everyone think Maso is making a play for Shin's heart and comedy ensues. "Loopy In the Sky With Demons"- Shin fights with hallucinations during a sick day from school and will face off against evil spirits with the help of his favorite action hero.moreless
    • To Be A Man
      To Be A Man
      Episode 2
      "The Brotherhood of the Groveling Allowance"- Hiro decides to team up with Shin in the quest to get money out of Mitzy. "Action Bastard Says, Put Your Mouth on a Sausage!"- Shin must eat a large amount of horrible Action Bastard food show products to get a super-hero belt. "Hima Nohara In Landry Quandary"- Hima goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the families clothing. Ench-Man Episode One, Ench-Man Begins"- Principal inch introduces his alter ego super-hero Ench-Manmoreless
    • Safe As A Dry Hump
      "Ench-Man Episode 2, Ench-Man Returns!"- Principal Ench worries that his super-hero alter ego is on the verge of discovery. "Ai Needs a Hiro!"- Ai unable to win Shins heart on her own plans to woo his father as an in with the boy. "Ench-Man Episode 3, Ench-Man Forever"- Ench hunts for a sexy thief in his Ench-Man hero persona. "Hima Nohara in The Creeping Terror"- Mitzy can barely keep up as Hima wreaks havoc around the house. Ench-Man Episode 4 Death to the Franchise"- Taking a nod from their boss. The teachers of Principal Ench's high school take up the super-hero trade.moreless
    • Get Your Hands Off My Happy Cake!
      "The Unbearable Sadness of Being the Happiness Bunny"- Life is pain and suffering as described by Penny's favorite stuffed toy. "A Fistful of Bunny"-Penny and her mom decide to quit taking their frustrations out on Penny's bunny but when Shin comes over this proves to be easier said than done. "Curious Georgie Goes to the Zoo"- Georgie decides to help out Shin who he deems as poor and part of the underclass. "Action Bastard Bust a Move"- Action Bastard opens his show up to the fans in an attempt to get fresh adventures and this drive Shin and the rest of the playground crew into a frenzy of creativity.moreless
    • Gigantic One Eyed Monster
      "Needle Mania"- Mitzy can barely keep her cool during a trip to the doctor and between her crush on they young M.D. and her fear of needles Shin can barely contain himself. "Sister Pact"- Ai chooses Penny to be her sister since as a wealthy girl all she's missing is a sibling. "A Bootyful Day in the Neighborhood"- Shin is put on the look out for dirty old men and Grand Pa may get caught up in the mix!moreless
    • Gum Is A Good Food To Eat
      "Lactose Overdose!"- When Shin is asked to bring in ten empty milk cartons. The Nohara's after discovering they can't drink or cook it all decide to bath in it with outrageous results. "Meet the Parasites"- Yoshirin and Micchi put the family though heck as they penny pinch each aspect of their lives. "Race For Your Life Georgie Brown"-To stop Shin's tardiness the gang decides to ignore the late arrival as punishment but when Shin and Georgie are late it becomes a competition to see who can get back in the group first.moreless
    • A Mutha Bleeping Bunny!
      "Monkey See, Monkey Poo"- After a hard day at work Hiro dreams of a better life as a monkey. "The Dart of War"- After Shin is given a blow dart gun. The darts are used by Hiro and Mitzy in a dart throwing competition with no holds barred fighting between them. "Happiness Bunny's Revenge"- Penny's favorite stuffed bunny comes to life and terrorizes her and her mom for a life time of unfair abuse.moreless