Crayon Shin-chan

Sunday 12:00 AM on TV Asahi Premiered Apr 13, 1992 In Season





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  • Behind that cute face is a naughty mind!

    Shin Chan is the funniest Anime ever shown on American TV! It's about the misadventures (to put it mildly) of a 5-year old Japanese boy named Shinnosuke "Shin" Nohara & his family, Hiro (the emasculated salaryman/father), Mitzi (the mother who bears the onus of Shin's misdeeds) & Himawari (the cute baby sister of Shin). Not only he drives his family up the wall with his antics, but his preschool classmates as well. They are Georgie (a budding NeoCon & target of Shin's monkeyshines), Penny (A little girl with issues), Maso (a kid who's suspected of being effeminate) & Boo (the "intellectual").

    Every episode is a guaranteed laugh riot & i should know since i became a big fan since i first caught an episode on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network last Summer.

    And if you got the show on DVD, consider yourself truly blessed!
  • Very funny anime I enjoyed the double entendre heavy, foul mouth, and Americanized version of the show. Hearing such things come from children primarily Shin Chan was hilarious.

    Very funny anime I enjoyed the double entendre heavy, foul mouth, and Americanized version of the show. Hearing such things come from children primarily Shin Chan was hilarious. Each episode gave us pop cultural references that South Park attempted but went way too far with. The show would mix times of genuine child like sweetness into the show. Issues of loving your family no matter their flaws and families sticking together. These bits of sweetness fit the bite of the adult themes perfectly. If you can get the show on dvd it was hilarious. I don't understand why the reruns aren't played on cartoon network anymore. The death of the creator has nothing to do with anything and cartoon network has really dropped the ball not re-airing the show.
  • A show that can make me laugh!

    Hey, it isn't the best show in animation, but I like it. It has that humor that I love. Shin is so awesome when he does stupid and his parents are awesome. Captain bastard can kill superman and batman easily! The writers on this show didn't want to waste their time on animation, but while they forgot about it, they made the show extra funnier. Yeah, the humor started to quiet down after the 1st season, but I know this show will grow to a good show. Now it just needs good ratings and this show will go far. Well, maybe.
  • little shin little shin

    how could anyone not love this show.
    i mean come on SHIN CHAN! AMAZING!!!
    such an interesting little 5 year old boy

    so adult yet so humorous ... i love it!!

    i mean most people dont really see 5 year olds
    playing house and making references to having sex

    or .. my personal favorite walking around showing people their wee's

    lol ELEPHANT DANCE!! ahh this show is just a good old fashioned knee slapper
    and i absolutely adore it

    from shins moms obsession for having huge breasts.
    or the creepy guy next door in the earlier seasons who masturbated a lot

    or even to that little girl that would beat the crap out of her bunny cause she had anger issues

    if you dont like this show
    then you obviously have no sense of decent humor
    cause its hilarious :)
  • Just like homemovies except...

    Except its japeneese and goes on earlier on adultswim.Which sucks doesnt it?Lol i think it does.I wish homemovies was on earlier..but welll i love shinchan too so lets talk about the little funny ---- cursing uhhhh.thats hard.
    Ok shin chan to me i think hes funny the fact he blew up his house was the best part im not too up to date on the whole ,seasons ,episodes list but well im just going to describe what i do know.though the mom is very sluttish and always want to have sex she's very odd.maybe its just the episodes lately... I DONT know..
  • Haha, I like this show!

    Hey, it isn't the best show in animation, but I like it. It has that humor that I love. Shin is so awesome when he does stupid and his parents are awesome. Captain bastard can kill superman and batman easily! The writers on this show didn't want to waste their time on animation, but while they forgot about it, they made the show extra funnier. Yeah, the humor started to quiet down after the 1st season, but I know this show will grow to a good show. Now it just needs good ratings and this show will go far. Well, maybe.

  • Not the best show in the world, but interesting enough.

    I happened to come across this show when I was flipping through channels late at night. Being bored, I decided to watch it, and I found the show to be mildly entertaining. Shin's antics almost always seem to cause trouble. It's interesting to see how those around him (especially Mitzi) fix the problems he causes. Although Shin can be rather annoying most of the time, the other characters are quite humorous. Each one has a distinct personality, and all the characters are very realistic. There's a good handful of jokes in every episode. I recommend this show if you want to watch something to kill time or if you want a good laugh.
  • Bizarre and hilarious animated show.

    The art style is crude, the voice-overs are strident and the plots make no sense. That's what you're going to love about it.

    I haven't seen anybody get in this much trouble on screen since Daffy Duck was regularly beheaded by Elmer Fudd's shotgun blasts. The kids are nasty, the parents are crazy and everyone gets away with stunts and depravity that really could only take place in the cartoon world. It's a lot better than "Family Guy." It's more like "Space Ghost" and "Blackadder" on speed. I am very glad I caught this show in reruns, since it looks like they stopped doing new ones. What a shame. Everyone needs to see this show.

    This show is the funniest adult swim show I have seen since Robot Chicken. You gotta love Shin-Chan and his little hilarious life style. I love how small he is and how tall the adults are. This show had me rolling on the floor laughing. It is hilarious how they show his little penis And my favorite saying "To be a man you must have honor, honor and a penis That had me rolling. This show is great. The Japanese finally give me some good manga I love to watch. I am hooked on this show. i hope adult swim dubs all 16 movies into english, that would rock!
  • Shin Chan and his butt-cheeks engage in crude, sexual, and often socio-political dialogue with friends and family. All the women want to bump-uglies with Mr. Ench. Action Bastard is a crypto-fascist metaphore for homoerotic sex.

    Ok, here is a direct quote that I think best encapulates Shin Chan: here is the set up - Mr. Ench's secretary says to Mr. Ench "if you want me, I'll be naked in the broom closet". She comes back shortly and says "I accidently F'ed the janitor." I can hardly explain the show any better than that. There is a strange mix of low brow and high brow humor. Gender, race, and sex humor dominates. There is a blend of social, economic, and political comentary and satire. Here is the thing, whenever the main character Shin Chan isn't featured, I laugh my butt off to the point of physical pain. If Shin Chan wasn't actually in the show, I'd grade this show out at a 9.5. Unfortunately, Shin kills it for me. On the extreamly rare occation when Shin says something amusing, that moment of mirth is quickly oppressed by the next thing he says. Too bad I can edit out Shin and just watch everything else.
  • This is how you dub a show!

    Shin-Chan is a show about a 5-year old full of what some might consider "inappropiate humor". To some degree I guess, it is. But I could care less! This show is so funny and the script and voice acting is amazing! It is one of those shows that shows the genious behind the writers. While quite a few of the jokes had to be changed for American audiences, they are so well scripted and funny that it doesn't matter. A show like Shin-Chan is tricky to dub, but it is done perfectly. A show I would recommend to anyone except small kids. Unfortunately, this show has been cancelled and one of the best animated comedies has ended. Hopefeully with enough fan support it will come back some day.
  • Horribly inappropriate, crudely drawn, shockingly hilarious!

    "Shin-Chan" is about the adventures of Shin, a rambunctious booty-shaking five-year-old potty-mouth, his dysfunctional family and school friends. It is by no means wholesome. The show is broken up into three or so short segments, usually with a theme that ties them together (Ex: Ench-man or Happiness Bunny). The script for the show originally dealt with Japanese humor, puns, phrases, pop-culture and social issues. The English dub nearly replaced all of it. Although "Shin-Chan" originally aired in the early nineteen-nineties, the references are surprisingly current. The adult dialog will leave you either in hysterics or very uncomfortable. But with bare butt dancing and bathroom humor what's not to love?
  • Refreshing new show that takes the name of comedy as its middle name.

    Shin Chan is a little 5-year-old boy who lives the antics of everyday life. With the new dubbing that was provided for adult swim, they have provided a new cutting humor that makes laughs here and there. Very outstanding!. Although the animation makes a doubtful note about the show (the animation is in fact to reflect a drawing that an ordinary 5-year-old would make, with basic coloring and shapes), the accounts of new fresh jokes and allusions (something that wasnt done with the Jetix dubbing, which provided the original translation [which jokes might only be understood by the people in Japan] and the heavy editing it suffered) makes this show formidable. The people who would not love this show might be because of their young age or of their conservative beliefs, on which the constant jokes around the show mostly involve adult content.

    Truely a show that must be watched, but be aware to consider your kind of humor. Who said comedy had to make sense?
  • A really awsome show from Japan. I`ve gotta watch it more often!

    This is my review on the show called "Shin Chan". The show is really funny. The show is about a little kid named Shin. The show makes me laugh whenever i watch it. I`ve just got into watching it a few weeks ago. Its on at late at night like always which makes it annoying but thats okay. I like the style of the show drawings and the awsome and funny storylines. If you are a new fan like me, you would probably love the show or hate it. :P Whatever you do, Its a hialarious show and you might catch it late at night. Overall, I would give the show a 9.8 out of 10. This review has been brought to you by Duckfan8. :)
  • This is seriously one of the funniest shows I've ever blows my mind!

    Shin is an annoying little boy who says and does what he wants in many tricky little ways. The misadventures of Shin and his friends are not only crazy, they get away with it! Georgie is supposed to be the one with manners. Penny is the red head that beats on the "happiness bunny" when she is unhappy, just like her mother. There is another little boy who has a 24/7 runny nose and another little boy who says things that are....just...homosexual to be honest. Really weird. And then there is a girl named Ai, aka pyscho, who is completely OBSESSED with Shin and SUPER rich. She put a tracking device on him and knows where he is 24/7. Mitsy, his mom, has a new boob jar and Hiro, his dad, hates his job and boss. Hima, baby sister, has a crush on Georgie and does things like her brother even though she is still the favorite. Plus, Whitey, their dog, is so cute!!! Not to mention Shin's favorite show is Action Bastard, which is a funny show in itself. This show is so worth it.
  • shin chan needs to cover his ass literally

    i dont even know when this show started on adult swim because i dont was adult swim all the time but man this is one very odd show. the main char. in the cartoon is a little five year old boy who pulls his pants down even five minutes and dances. and just about every other sentance is sex related. i personally enjoy listening to the show while i'm on my computer but every time i turn around to watch the show their are Butt cheaks in the screen. i guess that must be funny to some people... not to me though...This little five year old and the rest of the cast do have some interesting adventuers though. If you have not seen the show i advise you watch it aleast once.
  • i can hardly get it don't hate me

    this show is pretty darn bad i hate shin chan he gives me a head ake and mostly this show talk to fast i dont get get this very much and the animation look like it was was from the 80's its so dum i cant take it i hate looking at shin and most of the episodes are very hard to follow it is one of the worst show's ever don't waste your time on this junk.
  • The daily life of Shin Chan and others.

    Well this isnt that bad. I first heard about it on and thought about watching it, because I really like anime. A few days later I see a commercial saying its coming on the air, so I tune in. Alright to start the charcters are kind of funny. Shin's insults toward his mother make the show a little funnier then funnier again when his mom gets mad. What I think is a little much is that Shin Chan takes his pants off in at least every episode witch, I would think gets old and isnt to funny. So overall this is a good show but could be better.
  • This is awesome comedy adult swim did a great job!

    i love this its like a new show because i never seen it. it might not be new to some people but anyway i really like the adult swim dubb its soo funny and getting better. i love shin-chan and the people around him, it has 2000+ episodes i wanna c them! its awesome
  • koolness

    man this is the funniest show ive ever seen ! Am may zzz inn ggg ! Aww Soooommeee , lot o laughs . i dont really care about how bad the animation is on the show, but it makes up for it complete ly be cause of every thing it does, i love how random they are and how they act to wards each other , it s a maze ing aw some showwwww o o o o !!! i love shin chan , the funny est show i ve ever seen . yeaahH!! h h h h h h!
  • Classic!

    Shin Chan is the most hilarous cartoon ever on Fox Kids/Jetix all though why the hell was it on Fox Kids? it has crude humour and some foul launguage all though the show should've been given a 15 rating(we have different ratings than people in the USA) it should of been on Sky One or Channel 4 or anything like that all though my mother did'nt like this show but i sure did can't wait to see the new Adult Swim version one of the best adult cartoons in history since South Park and Family Guy and why the heck did Jetix cancel this fantastic show and keep on crap like Sonic X and Power Rangers? all though i will never forget the days it was on TV i hope it comes on DVD soon.
  • So funny it left me on the floor laughing.

    Its a great show that has very poor publicity in the US. In its hometown Japan, its very well known to be a bad influence to children since they like to watch it and become shin. Describing the show is easy about a kid who annoy\\\'s everyone in the world. The thing I love the best about this show is the fact that it has great humor, its humor is above the best from all the funny anime shows I seen. Although the animation is\\\'nt as great it would\\\'nt matter as much because its a comedy. But if you never seen this show and you love comdey anime\\\'s pick this up or watch it on adult swim you\\\'ll be laughing about it for ages.
  • Poorly animated. but hilarious, No Comedy lost in translation (Dubbing) unlike SuperMilk Chan.

    When the first time I watch this TV -series, I can't stop laughing. Even though it was already being censored, it's still extremely funny ( The comic/manga is more crazy and dirty). The Creator explained that the character of Shin is based on the child he would like to be. The animation may not look very colorful like most popular anime shows but the humor is what makes it great, Shinnosuke or Shin-chan is like the Japanese answer to Bart Simpson or Stan of South Park, he gets very much in trouble with his parents like the time he got lost and went to a police station bothering the cops and citizens reporting sexual harassment, I also like the one where he messes up the restaurant they were in.
  • I love Shin Chan! Its so funny, especially last weeks episode on last Thursday night. It was hilarious! Hey does anybody know that Shin's moms voice is Chi-Chi's from DBZ and his father Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho?

    Its a great show, I recommend it to people who enjoy Comedy Anime. I especially like the ending song, I always sing along! Its great, I just started watching it last thursday. My nephew Gregory thinks its weird but I think its Awesome, Absolutely Fabulous, and funny! *Ass dance*! Party party, Join us join us!

    p.s. my nephew thinks its weird because of what he saw on the commercial of Shin doing the ass dance. this is only for future reference.
  • Party, Party, Join Us, Join Us

    This show is really funny. Shin-Chan is about a 5- year old boy who is very funny. He is always taking off his pants and showing his ass. He has a funny ass dance. He is always trying to get an allowance, by going on protest's, and black mailing his mom. I dont know why they cancelled this great show. Well, you can watch this halarious show on Adult Swim at around 12:30 Eastern. And you should check this show out because once you see it you will fall in love witch it. This show is great, watch it, love it, and well...thats it.
  • I think this show is great.

    I like this show because its hilarious. I mean theres this little kid that goes around hitting on women. Anyone he finds good looking he just goes for it. Even his teachers. This show is soooo random thats why I like it because its different. Nearly everything that boy does is funny. His mother is always getting angry at him. One of my favourite episodes was when he found his mother's purse in the middle of the street and went to the police station and just started getting on the policeman's nerves. It was quite funny. You don'y get many shows with this funny kid hitting on women. It could make a lot of people laugh. Watching him making people angry makes you laugh.
  • Shin Chan, A funny show, I enjoy watching it, it\'s a shame there no new episodes.

    Shin Chan, A funny show, I enjoy watching it, it\'s a shame there no new episodes.
    Not my favourite show, but also not my least favourite show, whenever i am watching the tv, and i am looking for something to watch, and if shin chan is on, ill watch it, sometime it\'s actually funny, but sometime\'s it\'s also lame, A hot headed mom, well funny, a dad that\'s always working and almost never at home, then we have shin chan\'s newborn sister, daisy, she\'s kinda funny, but not as funny as shin chan. Then we got shin chan\'s friends, Bo\'s the stupid one, max is the scared one, cozmo is the smarthead, and then mimmi, i dont know what she is? lol...
  • This must be the best thing ever... after pants.

    This show must be the coolest anime ever, Its about this little boy who likes doing things out of this world, his headmaster is wanted by the FBI and his dads are I dont know... WEIRD!Shin Chan's friends are like him butuh... not like him.In other words this is a must see show.
  • One of the funniest cartoons to ever be on TV.

    Shin Chan is about a little 5 year old boy who lives with his parents Mitzi and Harry Nohara in Kazu City, and the daily adventures he has with his class mates.

    What sets this show apart from others, is his cheekiness, one liners and his constant atempt to chat up fully grown adult women. It really is one of the funniest cartoons to ever be on TV and it should be brought back.
    The way he drives Mitzi insane with his antics (especially his patented "Bare Butt Boogie"). I used to laugh so much at some of his one liners that only a child would get away with.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! possibly one of the funniest cartoons to make me laugh since johnny bravo. this is infact Japan's version of Dennis the Mennace.

    OK, for a start this is no ordenary little kids show this is a very funny show to watch. some of the things that shin chan comes out with just makes me burst out laughing although some of the jokes used kids wouldn't understand at all but they work really well I think older ordiances would laugh to. if you like manga, spongebob squarepants, tom and jerry or....funny cartoons then you should check this out.
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