Crazy Like A Fox

Season 2 Episode 17

Just Another Fox in the Crowd

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

Harrison finds a photo from the 1961 baseball all-star game, with Harry in the background. Whom he gives to as a birthday present but Harry claims that he wasn't at the game. And in typical Harry Fox fashion tries to find out how this could be. After seeing the photographer who took the picture, a man pulls a gun on Harry and Harrison demanding the photo but they manage to get away. They later find the photographer dead. He learns that at the time the photo was being taken, the daughter of the man standing next to Hank Aaron was kidnapped. Harry somehow thinks that it and the photo are somehow linked. Harry goes to see the inspector who investigated the case. Harry thinks that the photo was used as a means to provide the kidnapper with an alibi. Now the only other person in the photo was the partner of the man whose daughter was kidnapped. And even after finding him after committing suicide, Harry's not satisfied. He then asks Harrison to look into their business relationship. Harry then discovers that the girl's father was over extended back then and needed money to finish his project. And knowing that his wealthy in-laws having disowned their daughter for marrying him will not give him the money, planned the kidnapping with his partner. Along with the inspector Harry was able to get him incriminate himself.
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