Crazy Like A Fox

CBS (ended 1986)





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  • CBS should have never moved it out of Sunday nights.

    "Crazy Like A Fox" was a terrific show, well-written and acted, which garnered very good ratings in the Sunday evening slot following "Murder, She Wrote." It would have enjoyed a much longer run had CBS not moved it to a different night. Jack Warden and John Rubinstein realistically reversed the traditional conservative father/loose and impulsive son roles, which gave this show a bit of a twist on a somewhat familiar theme. Alas, this isn't the only time one of the major networks engineered a good show's demise by monkeying with its time slot. I still don't know of a DVD release... anyone?
  • Rough-hewn private eye and buttoned-down yuppie son.

    Jack Warden was great in this series. It's like it was the part he was born to play. Sometimes instead of dialogue he would make a grunt which conveyed so much more than words. He would know that the other person was lying or deluded, and the grunt would say it all. I also liked the way he would, let's say, steal a car to chase the bad guys, saying "What could possibly go wrong?" Something always went wrong.
    Jack Warden's son in the series was good looking, and of course a lot younger, but if I had a chance to pick one of the two fictional characters as a romantic interest, it would be Jack Warden. He had that old-fashioned kind of masculinity, and a more intersting persona.
    I loved the show and it would be great to see it again.