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  • It is funny and very clever to see animal characters acting so blatantly and realistically like humans while being interviewed; and on an animated show, it works very well.

    This show is complex and unique.
    The 'members of the public' clearly aren't working from a script and act exactly like they are being interviewed (which they are).

    To me, it is just so hilarious to see tiny little Dung-Beetles and Clams being asked questions about situations that would usually never occur to them, while they act and talk like normal human beings.

    The problem lots of people have with this show is that it can be boring, as the characters talk very slowly, and its basically just like watching a British family have a conversation.
    But those people just do not understand how clever it is.
    They're just expecting an animated show that is 100% similar to everything else on TV, and as soon as they see that it isn't, they immediately tune out.
  • The Christmas Episode was definately not worth watching

    Creature comforts is definately one of my favourite shows, I have the complete series two and am planning on buying the first series. Normally the show is so amazing and I made sure I was home on sundays to watch it. but I recently saw the christmas episode, and in my opinion it isn't up to speed with the rest of the shows, I think the way that they were all talking about the twelve days of christmas song all the way through wasn't good at all, I admit, I found certain parts funny, but overall I thought it was quite bad.
  • This show is halarious but i can never watch it because it's never on any more : (

    this show is never on so i have not seen it in a while. i live in the usa so i have to watch it on bbc america but when i look to see when it's on it's never there it maked me very very sad PUT IT BACK ON
  • Loveable characters!

    In the tradiion of Wallace and Gromit its plasticine characters that come to life in creature comforts.

    This show is done in a documentary like kind of format where there is a particular subject and its is asked to all sorts of animals that are all shapes and sizes.

    None of the voices are put on, they talk like everyday average people, but the fact that they are animals makes it much more interesting.

    Ac ouple of my favourites are the two dogs on the couch, the french horse the dog with what sounds like an indian accent and the hamster.

    I saw the "12 days of Christmas" special the other day and it was my favourite episode.

    A lot of time is put into this show and it really is worth it!
  • this is a cool program

    this is so funny cos the really fat animals seem like people all over the world for example theres this whale on there that looks like this kid who used to come to tonyrefail comprehensive and his name is julian harris. apart from this obese kid that looks like the whale this is a decent show.
  • Plasticine classic from the genius of animation.

    Wallace and Gromit finally coming to big screen this year, it is good to watch other works from Aardman Studios. As always, what we get is subtle, allusive, abstract humour at top level. The show is a plasticine "documentary". Various animals are interviewed on different topics, giving answers that may seem normal, but when heard from plasticine animals, they suddenly become hilarious. The animation is absolutely fantastic, with a lot happening in the background and great main characters, whose faces tell much about their personalities. It is not often that I finish watching a 10-minute show with tears in my eyes. This happens every time I watch Creature Comforts.
  • Creature Comforts

    This is another good show on ITV1. It is entertaining and the animation is real amazing. It is like Wallace and Gromit but just a 10 minute program worth watching every Sunday Night. I am glad its not got taken of the air because this show is a classic and should stay on the air forever.
  • The best show ever...........NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is really crap
    It goes on for a short while
    but it seems like flipping ages
    because it is so boring
    I turned over the channel and it was on
    I nearly died of bordom
    This show sucks! i g i v e it 0
    heh i have seen better shows than this heh
  • This show is so unique that it allows members of the public to view the opinions.

    Produced from the great minds from Aardman Animations, this show is about creatures (voiced by people off the street) giving their opinions on topics like the circus, gardens and their views on Cats and Dogs.

    This is one of the best shows, as the animation is top dog, and its made with care, it isnt rushed so you can tell what the animal is.

    Plus they also add some background action that goes on while the main characters are voicing their opinions, its not that distracting that you miss what the people are saying.

    Great show, hope it is on our screens for a very long time...
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