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  • WTF???

    OMG, this is one of the weirdest shows ever! The concept is cool & in theory it works but then again, so does communism! I thought this would be a cute show but it's more like a 30 minute e-harmony commercial but kind of perverted & with animals. It was creative but the delivery was very poor. I was really disappointed in this show.

    The best part(s) of the show was the little lizard telling jokes. When he told the joke about the patient w/a sore throat & it got no laugh & all you could hear were crickets & then he ate the cricket, now that was funny!
  • Another prime example of why the major networks should stick to airing reruns during the summer off-season.

    Some people think that no matter how a show turns out, if it is a remake of a past or existing franchise that was decent, then it must turn out decent. Scratch that theory. This show, which uses stop-motion animals as its stars and randomly recorded street dialogue as its audio, might actually be funny if the episodes had a theme of some sort, instead of just being a poorly put-together show of completely random segments. It seems like the show’s just trying to fill its timeslot, not actually making a point to … well, make a point. Oh and also, conceptually, it doesn’t really work out that well, because the end product really isn’t all that funny.
  • animated fun

    Great show! I really hope it catches on. I came across creature comforts about 10 years ago when I found a DVD they did(I think in 1992). It's definitly a feel good comedy show. If gives you the choice to look at it in two different ways. One you can see what the character is saying in relation to what the animal looks like or think that hey this is a real person saying this as a person not an animal. Check it out and keep an open mind. In a world where crap like american idol is number 1 this show is quite refreshing.
  • Creature Comforts gives us interviews with ordinary American people and puts their voices on stop-motion animated animals.

    This show comes from the makers of "Wallace & Grommit" and Chicken Run.

    The stop-motion animation is as stunning as ever, with expressions and emotions that are closer to reality than most CGI.

    The thing I admire most about this show is how they make you feel that it's actualy the animals that are giving the interview.
    Because of this, one really has to wonder who gave the original interviews.

    Next to all of this I just HAVE to contratulate the makers on their art, because the animals look great!(I would love to have one of those bees)

    In closing, I've noticed that a lot of people have bashed on this show. This show is just in it's first stages of airing, so just give it a little time!
  • It's far too cerebral for the average American viewer. Which is unfortunate, because it's as brilliant in the U.S. incarnation as it was in the original U.K. version.

    I am an American viewer that understands the humor and the premise of the show. I'm also someone that understands that it's not supposed to be an animal slapstick romp, like most people instantly assume because of Aardman's films like Chicken Run; Wallace & Gromit; and Flushed Away.

    And as an American viewer that understands all of this, I can say that the show is a perfect replication of the original.

    It's unfortunate that the average audience member in the U.S. isn't willing to settle for anything that isn't instant laugh-out-loud punchlines and prat falls. This isn't just some show you can sit down with and expect to have a joke handed to you. You're expected to actually use your intelligence in participation with what is being portrayed on the screen.

    The show is a clever and intimate documentary-based look into the minds of everyday people, only in the form of stop-motion clay animation. The animals that are selected to represent the interviewees are aptly chosen based on their comments, personality, and demeanor. Discussions include, but are not limited to topics such as childhood fantasies, love lives, and ultimately sex lives.

    The animation is as wonderful and whimsical as anything else for which Aardman is known. But don't let your expectations mislead you. This show isn't for children, in the same sense that classics like Looney Tunes; The Simpsons; and Aardman's own Wallace & Gromit, were never meant for young audiences.

    It's somewhat of an alien concept for the American public to maintain a level of intelligence when watching a primetime comedy, but to dismiss this show simply because the funny isn't being piped directly into one's head is to miss out on a seriously entertaining and often profound experience.
  • Interviews across America yield a flavorful mix of regular-irregular people speaking their minds as claymation animals.

    It's an interesting idea: talk to Americans, the regular-irregular folk, and repackage it in claymation.

    There is a great deal of room for misunderstanding and underappreciation in programs like these, but hopefully for Creature Comforts—a series of real-life interviews, animated, with the interviewees humorously portrayed as animals— that will not be the case.

    The always-delightful claymation style from the studio that brought Wallace & Gromitt and Chicken Run to the theaters adds a warmth and approachability, but the true beauty of this program lies elsewhere. In portraying humans as animals, the show allows some distance. With distance, we tend to view each other more kindly and with affection.

    The heart of Creature Comforts is not mocking, but rather loving. It is the best of all things: average people speaking their minds: sweet, ridiculous, good-humored, pompous, down-to-earth, slightly tragic, at their height in meaningful silences and brutal honesty.
  • I loved the UK version of this show and am glad it made to our shores here in the US.

    I loved the UK version of this show and am glad it made to our shores here in the US. The claymation is steller and the only thing that kept me from rating it a perfect 10, was that the American version has some sexual overtones and mild language. But I guess since it's in the US, it is more of a reflection on our society. Personally I don't care how racy it gets, but this stuff will keep it from being a family friendly show. And I would like it to stick around awhile, but that requires lots of viewers. "Keeping my fingers crossed"
  • Good concept, but definitely could be better...

    Of course the British version was probably better; it's always better. While this show does have some creative merits in the animals they choose, the claymation isn't too terribly interesting in that none of the 'creatures' move. To be honest, the show is not really all that funny, but it is still fun to watch (for some odd reason that I cannot seem to understand). The only annoying thing is the people that are interviewed initially. Maybe it is just me being my normal misanthropic self, but the people here just grate my eardrums with what they say, as if they have no good opinions. And then there is the fact that about 99% of those interviewed appear to be in part of the lowest common denominator. Perhaps that is just how they are portrayed.

    I like the concept for the show, but I think it would be better if there were more topics per episode with shorter discussion times, because sometimes the topics just get old. I think there is definitely more that could be done to enhance the show overall. If nothing is done to make the show more appealing, I will probably give up out of boredom.
  • Robot Chicken on heavy doses of sedatives.

    After CBS agreed to revive JERICHO I decided to check the new CBS programs out. While not totally awful, its just that I forget what happened 1 minute earlier with this. Nothing memorable at all.

    For those that dont stay up late Sunday nights, Robot Chicken is one of the few good Cartoon Network Adult Swim shows left thats worth watching. Its like this show except 10 times funnier.

    This show is sort of like eavesdropping on peoples conversations on a subway, train or bus. Its weird. What exactly is the point of this show anyway? Robot Chicken lampoons cultural icons and makes fun of just about everything while this show is just plain dull. I would rather watch this show than the awful Pirate Master on CBS, but thats not saying much.
  • The fascinating and amazing work of claymation artists used to animate boredom. This is viewer discomfort at it's best.

    If you are fascinated by mundane conversation . . . we're not talking _My Dinner With Andre_ here . . . just interviews with people off the street about anything, well this is the show for you!

    The premise is that somehow everyday conversation . . . like that conversation your grandparents had updating all their friends on the status of each and every ailment they currently were suffering from . . . that this kind of conversation taken out of context and claymated using animal characters that seem to attempt some form of irony or mockery . . . well, that this is funny?

    It's like watching a train wreck going 5 MPH! Hearing a woman talk about how her doctors told her she would never walk again due to her weight, but seeing it come out of a pig's mouth who is NOT walking but propped up over the bottom plank of a barnyard fence . . . that's supposed to be interesting?

    This show could have been, should have been, but didn't. In most cases the characters hardly move. It's kind of like watching a minor animated, talking diarama. It just doesn't have the antics of _Wallace and Grommit_, _Chicken Run_, or _Flushed Away_.

    At best it's a study in claymation techniques for future clay animators.
  • Wow

    This show is awsome!!! I cant belive they actually made a show like this!! It's so strange! I can't belive they actually go around and interveiw people just to hear what they say, and animate their voices into little play-dough animals! I'm kinda desparate for at least one tv show to watch this summer, and I guess unless I find anything better, creature comforts will be that show. I liked the little parakeet things, those ones were cute. And I liked the demnted looking bird, with the sideways eyes, and the hillbilly pig thing, it's just so funny that people would actually come out with something like that.
  • A show about animals in funny human like situations.

    This show is so funny. humans being interviewed then those voices being put into claymation animals, so awesome. I had never heard of this show until just before it aired. It was worth giving up the first half hour of my favorite show to watch it. The best part of it was they didn't just concentrate on domestic animals, but also animals in the zoo and the wild. Only 30 more words to go, let's see if I can do this. I can't think of any thing else to say I have never been one to write anything real well. There 100. So to sum up this show is awesome. Watch it.
  • a show that sets the interviews of normal Americans to the animation of animals.

    I tuned into this out of lack of anything else to watch. While it wasn't necessarily horrible, or even bad, it wasn't great either. It was just ok- it had that "meh" quality. I had fun watching it, and i cracked up a few times. It is innovative, creative, and original- but I don't think it makes for good television, other than a short, one summer season. The show was random, but that was what made it interesting, and comedic. I probably will continue watching, but only because their isn't much else to watch this time of year, other than crappy reality tv.