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  • It's far too cerebral for the average American viewer. Which is unfortunate, because it's as brilliant in the U.S. incarnation as it was in the original U.K. version.

    I am an American viewer that understands the humor and the premise of the show. I'm also someone that understands that it's not supposed to be an animal slapstick romp, like most people instantly assume because of Aardman's films like Chicken Run; Wallace & Gromit; and Flushed Away.

    And as an American viewer that understands all of this, I can say that the show is a perfect replication of the original.

    It's unfortunate that the average audience member in the U.S. isn't willing to settle for anything that isn't instant laugh-out-loud punchlines and prat falls. This isn't just some show you can sit down with and expect to have a joke handed to you. You're expected to actually use your intelligence in participation with what is being portrayed on the screen.

    The show is a clever and intimate documentary-based look into the minds of everyday people, only in the form of stop-motion clay animation. The animals that are selected to represent the interviewees are aptly chosen based on their comments, personality, and demeanor. Discussions include, but are not limited to topics such as childhood fantasies, love lives, and ultimately sex lives.

    The animation is as wonderful and whimsical as anything else for which Aardman is known. But don't let your expectations mislead you. This show isn't for children, in the same sense that classics like Looney Tunes; The Simpsons; and Aardman's own Wallace & Gromit, were never meant for young audiences.

    It's somewhat of an alien concept for the American public to maintain a level of intelligence when watching a primetime comedy, but to dismiss this show simply because the funny isn't being piped directly into one's head is to miss out on a seriously entertaining and often profound experience.
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