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  • This cr*p airs on Disney Channel Italy!

    I can't believe that this show, in Italy, airs on Disney Channel! Why? Why? Why? Anyway, we don't care about Italy.

    "Creepschool" is another French Cartoon that should be cancelled from the face of the Earth! First of all, the episodes are childish, booooring and annoying, like every single character in the show (expect for that Lizard, who is the only good thing in the show). The dialogue are lame and non-sense. Overall the show is pure cr*p, non-sense, childish and boring (I alreay said that, I know). The only show worse than "Creepschool" is "Flat" (or "Flatmania") which deserves a 1 in my opinion.

    Conclusion: Don't watch this.
  • It had tremendous potential.

    Unfortunately the show lacked a few important quality\'s to make it a hit show. First the show\'s pacing was somewhat off from time to time. Also the humor and or dialog could of used a little more wit. But I supposed it was intended for a younger audience. None the less the show had some good ideas. The settings, in my opinion, were outstanding and really spookey yet cozy at the same time. Gilbert was by far the coolest character. Give it a chance, its a great show to fall asleep to ( thats good right?). Hope it comes out on DVD for you insomniacs.
  • No wonder it got taken off the air!!

    A retarded and lame show where a group of kids travel to a creepy school (thus the title; unoriginal, if I might add) that's apparently "haunted" and end up staying there. The episodes are pointless and will turn you off almost instantaneously. Don't waste your time on a show like this--you'll definitely regret it!