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  • Lost And Found
    Lost And Found
    Episode 26
  • Game Over
    Game Over
    Episode 25
  • Making Up Is Hard To Do
    Victoria realy admires herself and says she is the smartest,best and most beautiful girl in the world.One day Dorothy has a Garage Sale outside her room and Victoria gets her hands on a beautiful,talking mirror who is also the best friend she ever had...
  • Believe It Or Not
    Believe It Or Not
    Episode 23
  • Past And Imperfect
    Past And Imperfect
    Episode 22
  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
    Episode 21
  • Mr. Perfectly Annoying
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Revolt
    Episode 19
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Sweet As Chocolate
    Sweet As Chocolate
    Episode 18
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Just Like Me
    Just Like Me
    Episode 17
    Synopsis and Recap Coming Soon
  • All The World Is A Stage
    Ms.Dorothy Wants The Students To Put On a Class Play.Hesitating,the Kids Agree.The Class Went To The Librairy To Find a Good Story For Their Play.Victoria Found an Old Dust-Covered Book Named "Your Play" With A role For Each And Every One.They Instantly Start Practicing But There's A Big Problem;The Characters Take Over the Actor's Life.The Character Played By Victoria Needs To Write The Ending Of This Play and She's Their Only Hope for all of Creepschool.moreless
  • Puzzled
    Episode 15
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Split Second
    Split Second
    Episode 13
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Too Old For Teddy Bears
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Forbidden Fruit
    Forbidden Fruit
    Episode 11
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • The Disapperance Of Professor Samsa
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Laughing Stock
    Laughing Stock
    Episode 9
    Synopsis And Recap Coming Soon
  • Frame-Up
    Episode 8
    Victoria is furious over the miss of organization at school. Nothing is well-kept,the schedule hopeless to understand and nobody ever does any cleaning.Catching vision of the sloped portrait,Victoria straightens it,instantly met by the gratitude of the topic,to thank her for it finally be hanging straight.Victoria is rewarded with four wishes.
  • The Secret Of The Well
    Elliot's friend named Master is telling him stories of his childhood in the graveyard.Master was a terror and once,accidentally discovered how to get the Screaming Meemie to leave it's lair at the bottom of the well.Something,nobody has ever done before or after.Elliot would of wanted to know Master as a boy.Then Master gives him an undeveloped picture of his self,the only one who was taken.moreless
  • Cool Clay
    Cool Clay
    Episode 6
    While goofing off in science class,Josh creates an explosion that covers the class and his friends in a thick yellow goop.Josh was forced to clean up after class.He was quite amazed to see the goop form into a live copy of himself.Josh's double is doing anything he tells him to do and is even practically better at everything than everyone.moreless
  • Goal Keeper
    Goal Keeper
    Episode 5
    Elliot is depressed; everyone else seems to know exactly what they want out of life, but he has no idea. Master suggests he go to the Chamber of Goals and try out a few dreams to see if anything takes his fancy. Elliot does so and finds a room full of empty picture frames. Whenever he hangs one on the wall, a specific goal appears that Elliot then gets to experience once he leaves the room. He has a great time trying them all out, but then notices that everyone at Creepschool is slowly fading.moreless
  • Tricks That Treat
    Tricks That Treat
    Episode 4
    It's almost Halloween. Assuming that Principal Malcolm doesn't know what Halloween is, they offer to teach Creepschool what Halloween is all about by throwing a party for all the monsters. In their search for costumes, the kids come across an armoire full of great costumes they can use for the party. Just after the party starts, a terrible storm breaks out and the lights go out. The guests cry out and when the lights come back on, everyone has vanished except for the four kids.moreless
  • Wish of the Garbo
    Wish of the Garbo
    Episode 3
    Janice is in a bad mood people keep disturbing her. While reading an enchanted book of the Garbo that grants your innermost desires, Janice screams out, "leave me alone," and suddenly finds herself truly on her own she has all of Creepschool to herself. First she enjoys doing exactly as she pleases without anyone interfering. After a while, however, she begins to feel lonely. To her surprise she discovers that she isn't actually alone. She meets a very bad-tempered old lady, who's been alone for so long she doesn't remember her name.moreless
  • Just Joshing
    Just Joshing
    Episode 2
    On the way to class, Josh takes a shortcut with Elliot and they end up in a strange room they've never seen before. Despite a warning sign, Josh pulls out a plug in the floor letting loose an army of mischievous imps who immediately rush off and start causing major problems for Creepschool. What's more, only the person who released the imps can plug them back in. Josh blames the whole thing on a monster he makes up. Being Creepschool, however, the monster Josh imagined comes to life and kidnaps him and Elliot before they have a chance to tell Malcolm what really happened.moreless
  • Pilot-Welcome to Creepschool
    The four kids arrive at Creepschool for the first time. Victoria is kidnapped by a shadow and ends up all alone in a bizarre white, featureless dimension with only her own echo for company. It turns out that her echo has a mind of its own and confronts Victoria with her deepest insecurity, namely that no one, least of all her parents, really cares about her. The others go looking for her, and with the help of some of their new Creepschool friends and particularly Demon Dog they rescue Victoria. The whole experience brings the kids closer together and helps them decide to stay.moreless