Crime 360 - Season 1

Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Mar 06, 2008 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Shots in the Dark
    Episode 11
    A stabbing occurs in a convenience store. Detectives are called out to the scene. Once they arrive, they see the victim in a pool of blood. The clerk tells detectives that the suspect has already left the store. However, police catch a break when the find out there is a surveillance system in place. Police take this and analyze the footage to find and identify the suspect.moreless
  • 6/12/08
    A possible homicide has happened, and police are called to the scene to investigate. Evidence points to the victim running from the scene attempting to get help from those at houses nearby. Te victim died, and police find some methamphetamine inside a dollar bill. A bullet was found inside the victim's body, but shell casings were not found at the scene of the crime. Once investigators test the methamphetamine on the victim, they found it to be a unique formula. These details could lead investigators to the source of the drugs, as well as suspects for this crime.moreless
  • Shots in the Dark
    Shots in the Dark
    Episode 10
  • Bad Blood
    Episode 9
    Police are called to a crime scene of a possible homicide. Evidence leads to the fact that this case may in fact be a homicide. Someone watching the story unfold on television thinks it might be a member of their family who committed the crime. Detectives finally piece the information together.moreless
  • Deadly Alibis
    Episode 8
    Police find a woman who has been shot dead. Police think they may be dealing with a robbery, but ends up being more detailed with twists along the way.
  • 5/15/08
    Cleveland, OH homicide detectives are called to the scene where a missing person has been found dead in a sewage drain in Brookside Park. The body was found deep in the drain, and initial observations of the detectives determine the body has been there for at least a week. The location where the body was found was near a set of train tracks. Detectives investigate around those tracks and some evidence is collected along the tracks that might have possible blood on them. The autopsy may help investigators lead to a cause of death; however, the case goes cold for a while until a break in the case comes along when a witness gives some clues to detectives.moreless
  • Killing Field
    Episode 6
    The Fourth of July is brought about with gunshots in celebration of the Fourth of July; however, Richmond detectives the following morning now have a homicide on their hands. There are many pieces of evidence at the scene which may lead to a suspect. When a possible suspect is identified, they say they had nothing to do with it, even though the evidence may appear otherwise. As the investigation continues, the number of suspects increase, and Richmond homicide detectives have to sift through the evidence they have to get to the truth.moreless
  • Trial by Fire
    Episode 5
    Detectives in Richmond are called to the scene of a fire where a body has been found. Detectives have to find out if it was an accident, a suicide, or even murder. As the investigators review the evidence, foul play appears to be involved based on sustained injuries by the victim. Other evidence comes to light to support the idea of this being a homicide; however, police have to look through the evidence to come to a conclusion as to whether they should be looking at relatives of the victim, or a stranger.moreless
  • Final Call
    Episode 4
    After detectives find a body with bullets all through it, the victim's cell phone holds important information.
  • Deadly Secrets
    Episode 3
    Cleveland detectives find a male body suffered by multiple gun shot wounds. The body was hidden at the victim's grandmother's home.
  • Fatal Feud
    Episode 2
    During an argument at a housing project, a man is murdered and detectives have to figure out whether it was self defense.
  • 3/6/08
    Detectives in Richmond, VA are called to the scene of a homicide where a body has been found in the trunk of a car. It is quickly realized that the murder did not occur where the body has been found. They have to begin the case without any witnesses to the murder, and the scene of the actual crime is unknown. A witness later calls the police and states that they had heard gunshots near their apartment complex, and could be a major break in this case. The witness indicated that they had seen two men entering the building. Detectives would have to piece the puzzle together to solve this crime.moreless