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Crime Story

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Set in 1960s Chicago and Las Vegas in which the police force wage an uncompromising war on the Mob. Chicago police lieutenant Mike Torello wages an epic battle against organized crime in Michael Mann's arresting combination of cops and robbers, prime time soap, and film noir. Like Eliot Ness and the Untouchables, Torello and his Major Crimes Unit (MCU) have a formidable opponent in Ray Luca, a young, ambitious thug who'll do whatever it takes to claw his way to the top. ==================== Runtime: 60 min (42 episodes) Country: USA Language: English Color: Color Sound Mix: Mono Certification: Iceland:12 (some episodes) / Canada:14A (Manitoba) (DVD rating) / Iceland:16 (some episodes) / Canada:14 (Nova Scotia) (DVD rating) / Canada:G (Quebec) (DVD rating) ======================= Filming Locations 1. Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico 2. Chicago, Illinois, USA (1986-87) 3. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (1987-88) ======================= Release dates USA -- 18 September 1986 France -- 1 October 1988 West Germany -- January 1989 UK -- 4 May 1989 Sweden -- 8 September 1991 ======================= SERIES Trivia: * The series ends, quite maddeningly, with a cliffhanger. * When the story was first brought to producer Michael Mann, he said he thought the best way to tell the story was as a weekly series. He said he considered doing it as a feature film or a made for television movie as well. * The theme music used for the series was an updated version of the hit song "Runaway" recorded by the original singer Del Shannon. ======================= Production Companies * Michael Mann Productions * New World Television Distributors * Anchor Bay Entertainment (USA) (DVD) * National Broadcasting Company (NBC) (original airing) ========================= SERIES Goofs: * Anachronisms: During the series run, you can clearly see many post 1963 cars in the background. * Anachronisms: All the 1959 Fords the team drive have 1964 Ford poverty hubcaps. ======================= Crazy Credits 1. Al Kooper ... Guy who picks music for the show ======================= Awards Emmy Awards 1988 -- Nominated -- Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series -- Bunny Parker (hairstylist) -- [For episode "Moulin Rouge"] 1987 -- Nominated -- Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series -- Bunny Parker (hairstylist) -- [For episode "Top of the World"] 1987 -- Nominated -- Outstanding Cinematography for a Series -- James A. Contner -- [For episode "Top of The World"] ======================= CREW: Directed by Colin Bucksey James A. Contner Eugene Corr Robert Dalva Francis Delia Mario DiLeo (as Mario Di Leo) Bill Duke Jan Eliasberg Leon Ichaso David Jackson Paul Krasny Aaron Lipstadt Peter Medak Alan Myerson John Nicolella James Quinn Mark Rosner David Soul Jeff Stein Abel Ferrara (pilot) Gary Sinise (episode "Fortune in Men's Eyes") (episode "Torello on Trial") (as Gary A. Sinise) Writing credits (in alphabetical order) Chuck Adamson creator Chuck Adamson various episodes Nancy Audley writer James Becket writer Eric Blakeney writer David J. Burke pilot and various episodes Clifton Campbell writer Howard Chesley writer Carlton Cuse writer (three episodes) Richard Christian Danus writer Loraine Despres writer Robert Eisele writer Gail Morgan Hickman writer Peter Lance writer (multiple episodes 1987-1988) Lee Maddux writer Michael Mann writer Ann Powell writer Frederick Rappaport writer Gustave Reininger creator Gustave Reininger story (pilot) Gustave Reininger teleplay (pilot) Gustave Reininger various episodes Mark Rosner writer Rose Schacht writer Ken Solarz writer Tom Towler writer Peyton Webb writer Allan Weisbecker writer Yabo Yablonsky writer Produced by Chuck Adamson .... coordinating producer (1987-1988) Stuart Cohen .... producer Gail Morgan Hickman .... producer Michael Jaffe .... producer Brooke Kennedy .... associate producer Marvin Kupfer .... supervising producer Johnny Lattanzio .... associate producer Michael Mann .... executive producer Peter R. McIntosh .... producer Mark Rosner .... co-producer Christine A. Sacani .... associate producer Ervin Zavada .... producer Original Music by Charlie Calello (as Charles Calello) Al Kooper Non-Original Music by Todd Rundgren Del Shannon (theme song "Runaway") Cinematography by James A. Contner Ronald Víctor García Film Editing by Terence Anderson Tom Benko Rose Kuo Tim Tobin Casting by Bonnie Timmermann Production Design by Stephen Dane Jeffrey Howard John Iacovelli Hilda Stark Art Direction by Cate Bangs Hilda Stark Costume Design by Lynette Bernay Patricia Field Marilyn Matthews Debra McGuire (as Deborah McGuire) Makeup Department Tony DiMaria .... hair designer: Paul Anka Tena Parker-Liddiard .... key hair stylist John Rizzo .... makeup department head Kathe Swanson .... hair stylist Jerry Turnage .... makeup artist Production Management Henry Bronchtein .... unit production manager Brooke Kennedy .... unit production manager Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Aaron Barsky .... first assistant director James Giovannetti Jr. .... second assistant director (as Jim Giovannetti) Fred Miller .... first assistant director Sebastián Silva .... assistant director: Mexico Michael Waxman .... second assistant director Art Department Johnny Lattanzio .... construction coordinator Timothy W. Tiedje .... set dresser Sound Department Ed Callahan .... sound editor Scott D. Smith .... sound mixer Rik Elliott .... virtual 5.1 mixes for DVD (uncredited) Edward M. Steidele .... foley artist (uncredited) Special Effects by Ken Speed .... special effects coordinator Stunts Gregory J. Barnett .... stunts Andy Gill .... stunts: car chase Other crew Chuck Adamson .... executive story editor (1986-1987) Paolo Cascio .... additional second assistant camera Bill Davis .... armorer Sean Doyle .... camera operator Alan Greedy .... script supervisor Gail Morgan Hickman .... executive story consultant Michael Hofstein .... director of photography: second unit Randy Jonsson .... assistant camera (as Randy Johnson) Tommy Klines .... assistant camera Peter Lance .... story editor (multiple episodes 1987-1988) John Santucci .... technical advisor Del Shannon .... singer: title theme (1986-1988) Rony Shino .... location assistant Ken Solarz .... story editor Tom Towler .... story editor Randee Lynne Jensen .... special projects coordinator (uncredited) ==========================

Johann Carlo

Johann Carlo

Cori Luca

John Santucci

John Santucci

Pauli Taglia

Paul Butler

Paul Butler

Det. Walter Clemmons

Jon Polito

Jon Polito

Phil Bartoli (1986-1987)

Darlanne Fluegel

Darlanne Fluegel

Julie Torello [ 1 ]

Steve Ryan

Steve Ryan

Det. Nate Grossman

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  • Sgt. Torello of the Major Crimes Unit takes on organized crime in Chicago and later, Las Vegas.

    Very stylish Michael Mann show that really showed off Chicago in the early 1960's, choosing great locations, classic cars and fantastic music. It was a time when cops could be cops. Although the other members of the MCU were only thinly sketched, former Chicago cop Dennis Farina was great as Torello. The crooks were also given lots of character, from the powerful Manny Wiseboard to the idiot Pauli Taglia. Holman and Ray Luca were also favorites.

    In my opinion, the show lost a step when it moved to Las Vegas, but the end of season one where the loyal but stupid Pauli saves Ray only to make their hideout on a nuclear test range was inspired genius.moreless
  • Greatly missed...

    Crime Story was very probably the best show of its kind ever. Although it ran only two seasons, it boasted a superbly worked story and, without question, the best cast ever assembled for television. Not a big star in the mix, but the finest selection of character actors around. Probably the best conflict ever between two men on screen, Denis Farina as cop Mike Torello, and Anthony Denison as hot-headed mob figure Ray Luca. Luca's rise to power in Chicago and later in Las Vegas is the central plot, with Torello and his task force on target to bring him down. With Torello's every failure to bring Luca to justice, he becomes more frustrated and empassioned, and turns up the heat a notch each time, while Luca dances just beyond his reach, increasingly arrogant in his new-found invincibility.

    Along with the well-laid foundation of drama and conflict, there was quite a lot of dark humor, one of the things I liked best about the series. Much of this was provided by John Santucci as Paulie, and Ted Levine as Holman, as Luca's sleazy low-life helpers. One show in particular stands out, in which Luca dispatches Paulie and Holman to go to work at a competitor's casino, to do everything possible to make it lose money. Another great role was Luca's long-suffering wife, Cori, played with shrewish gusto by Johann Carlo.

    The first season was superior to the second, mostly because the first was so close to perfect. The second half of the first season, in which Torello follows Luca to Las Vegas, is no less than outstanding. Having seen "Casino",the Martin Scorcese movie from 1995, I was struck by how many similarities there were between that movie and "Crime Story" in Las Vegas.moreless
  • You won't be disappointed.

    This tv show had it all, great characters played by a fantastic cast, some of the coolest cops and villians you could ever ask for, great music, the cars, the atmosphere and dialogue, and a plot that went way beyond any single episode! It's the story of one cop named Michael Torello (Dennis Farina) who makes it his life's mission to bring down a "ruthless hood" named Ray Luca (Anthony Denison) who is quickly working his way to the top of the Chicago organized crime syndicate. Along the way, you're introduced to other key figures, like Andrew Dice Clay's character Max Goldman and a performance by Joseph Wiseman as Manny Weisbord that stands just as strong as anything The Godfather produced (in my absolutely biased opinion, of course). Don't forget Pauli Taglia, Ray's henchman, and rockin' Frank Holman (the same guy who plays Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs), who bears an intriguing resemblance to the Rev. Horton Heat! The series started in Chicago, migrated to Las Vegas about a third of the way through, and ends in Latin America of all places. I won't give anything away here, but I will warn you that if you see the pilot, you'll want to get your hands on the rest of the series. Unfortunately, that's not as easy. The tapes show up on ebay regularly but aren't cheap. Good news is that Anchor Bay is releasing all the episodes on dvd really soon, so it's probably just better to wait for that. Alot of the tapes were copied in SLP mode anyway, and don't have the best quality. This series has a severe cult following now, even though it only aired for two seasons in the '80s. I introduced my girlfriend at the time to this show, and while she was skeptical at first, by the end she insisted we had to get the rest of the series. You'll watch it over and over again and pick up on stuff you miss everytime, not to mention the stories are just classic and filled to overflowing with one-liners and scenes! Michael Mann is a genius for making this show happen. I hated Miami Vice, but this was just "the greatest thing, since bullets"---Yikes!!!!, I could write on and on about the merits of this series!! It's hard to believe how few people know about Crime Story! Don't be one of those people, check it out!moreless
  • This was the ultimate cop show!

    Sadly, we'll never know what happened after the plane dived into the ocean. I liked this show because it captured a certain FEELING more than anything else. I thought Dennis Farina was perfect for this role well before I learned he wasn't acting (he was an actual Chicago cop for 19 years!) It showed Old-timey Vegas before it got too glitzy and polished. Vegas was built as a playground for partying MEN; Vegas was NOT - repeat NOT - founded so that the wife and kids can come along. Anthony Denison (Luca) was dead-on as young street punk up-and-coming as a mobster. More than anything else, it effected me in a way I can only vaguely describe. It's a well-done period piece that depicts the U.S.A. at the peak of it's self-assured glory. The characters, whether good or evil, knew who they were and why they were there.moreless
  • Set in the early 1960\'s, Crime Story illustrates the exploits of the Major Crimes Unit of the Chicago Police department. Headed by Mike Torello, the MCU takes on gangsters much in the same fashion of Eliot Ness decades earlier.moreless

    I have always been a fan of police dramas. Especially those that have an element of humor, great plotlines, memorable characters, as well as that grab-you-and-refuse-to-let-you-go quality. I found Crime Story to be one of those shows. Mike Torello is the consumate police officer, and he surrounds himself with other competent men of like mind. Additionally, the Major Crimes Unit, which Torello heads, is going up against the very epitome of \\\"gangster\\\". I feel that when the definition of gangster was written, they may as well have been looking at the character of Ray Luca.

    As well as all of the above, I just liked the \\\"feel\\\" of the show; the period cars, the clothes, the humorous supporting characters, and the lack of Miranda warnings.(Miranda warnings didn\\\'t become mandatory until a few years later.) All in all, I found \\\"Crime Story\\\" to be a superior-quality police drama, in a time of \\\"cookie-cutter\\\" police dramas. In my humble opinion, excellent on all fronts.moreless
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