Crime Story

Season 2 Episode 22

Going Home (3)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 10, 1988 on NBC

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  • The Chase Comes To A Close

    Crime Story in its two year run concentrated, primarily, on the rise of a street hood to a boss of a crime syndicate. There were atmospheric scenic detours involving other storylines and characters, but the meat of the story was the conflict of Detective Torelo and criminal Ray Luca. As this is the finale of the series it only fits that the writers stage a dramatic final showdown between these two central characters. "Going Home" doesn't disappoint as it has some of all of the elements that made "Crime Story" a great series. Luca is protected, he thinks, in a third-world Latin America country where he is both free to manufacture and ship heroin and avoid extradition. While this is true to a certain extent, the doggedness of Mike Torelo gets a green light from the attorney general and is systematically thwarting every move Luca makes which puts immense pressure for product causing Luca's organization to lose business as well as belief in his abilities. We find out a surprise too as a mole inside of Luca's organization is exposed.

    Luca decides Torelo must die and things get more than a little messy. The grandest attempts to eliminate Torelo and his crime unit, while keeping an immense stockpile of "junk", end up failing and Luca senses his only option is to leave so he can regroup. This sets up a dramatic final showdown that really is an end to a story as well as the series.

    In this final episode "Crime Story" does what it did best, it combines great gritty realism and trades a bit of the believable to simply entertain. It's a good trade-off and provides the usual great ambience while doing so. I guess, as always, there are some that see the end as some sort of a let-down? This viewer doesn't see it that way as it is a satisfying end that ties everything up in a most final way. That said, I wish the series could have continued to move forward for at least a season or two more. After Crime Story there just wasn't an entertaining similar series for many years until "The Sopranos" came along, a series which certainly owes a debt of gratitude to this one. Good stuff, recommended.
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