Crime Story

NBC (ended 1988)


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  • Set in the early 1960\'s, Crime Story illustrates the exploits of the Major Crimes Unit of the Chicago Police department. Headed by Mike Torello, the MCU takes on gangsters much in the same fashion of Eliot Ness decades earlier.

    I have always been a fan of police dramas. Especially those that have an element of humor, great plotlines, memorable characters, as well as that grab-you-and-refuse-to-let-you-go quality. I found Crime Story to be one of those shows. Mike Torello is the consumate police officer, and he surrounds himself with other competent men of like mind. Additionally, the Major Crimes Unit, which Torello heads, is going up against the very epitome of \\\"gangster\\\". I feel that when the definition of gangster was written, they may as well have been looking at the character of Ray Luca.
    As well as all of the above, I just liked the \\\"feel\\\" of the show; the period cars, the clothes, the humorous supporting characters, and the lack of Miranda warnings.(Miranda warnings didn\\\'t become mandatory until a few years later.) All in all, I found \\\"Crime Story\\\" to be a superior-quality police drama, in a time of \\\"cookie-cutter\\\" police dramas. In my humble opinion, excellent on all fronts.