Crime Story

NBC (ended 1988)


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  • This was the ultimate cop show!

    Sadly, we'll never know what happened after the plane dived into the ocean. I liked this show because it captured a certain FEELING more than anything else. I thought Dennis Farina was perfect for this role well before I learned he wasn't acting (he was an actual Chicago cop for 19 years!) It showed Old-timey Vegas before it got too glitzy and polished. Vegas was built as a playground for partying MEN; Vegas was NOT - repeat NOT - founded so that the wife and kids can come along. Anthony Denison (Luca) was dead-on as young street punk up-and-coming as a mobster. More than anything else, it effected me in a way I can only vaguely describe. It's a well-done period piece that depicts the U.S.A. at the peak of it's self-assured glory. The characters, whether good or evil, knew who they were and why they were there.