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BBC (ended 1997)





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  • Great Show

    One of my all-time favorite series. Innovative premise done in an understated manner, good writing and top-notch acting. BBC's bumbling incompetence denied it a second series.
  • This show is about two members of the police force who use time travel to solve crimes.

    I absolutely love this show. I heard about it in the Journeyman forum. I find it refreshing in the fact that they deal with some of the time travel problems that other shows neglect. The character are believable and work well together. I liked how they explained things and how the clues in the beginning of the episode were link to the end. It is as if they actually keep in my the previous stories when writing new ones. Episodes one to seven are great. Eight is still good but a little different. There should of been a second season.
  • Very underated show.

    I watched it at the time when it was new (aged 14) and then totally forgot about it until last year when a friend reminded me of it and I checked online saw the DVD of it and bought it there and soon as it arrived re-watched them all. (Remembering the end solution as I was watching them on 7 out of the 8). What so good about it is for starters it was a great idea anyway crime mystery and time travel but despite the corniness of the actual 'home-made' time machine. So some genius built himself a working time machine and not explaining the how what why and impossibly of doing that. That was the silly element but OVERLOOKING that ;) it's the best fiction ever to feature time travel (imo) because it's the only one I've seen that make almost makes everything fit, time cannot be changed so all you can do it relive the same set of events again but what happens happens and it all fitted together perfectly by the end and left no plot holes. It was constructed right and everything fitted together (Well in episodes 1-7 it then screwed that up in Episode 8).

    The acting was actually good too I don't understand people who said it was wooden because it wasn't all the characters all seemed believable as if they could be real people the only silly element that gave it such mocking was just the impossibility of someone building a time machine. It wouldn't have held up forever but they could have easily given it a 2nd series. I'll never understand why the writer just abandoned it like he did after the BBC mess up, I mean screw the BBC he should of gone round and seen if ITV or Sky One or someone else would of done it instead.

    Bottom line; it's an underrated gem that deserves more praise than it has.
  • Not a masterpiece, but a very enjoyable series too watch plus it had Chloe Annett.

    OK I know this show had more holes than a keepnet, but I loved it. I bought it recently on DVD, expecting to be a bit disappointed, but really enjoyed it. It has a quaint charm and energy all of its own. When it was originally broadcast sci-fi was an outdated genre, but is now firmly back on the map thanks to Dr Who and the like. Surely the BBC could risk giving this show another chance? Even the writer and creator Anthony Horowitz, has called it the one that got away. It was limited by its own time travel concept, but since Holly is a science officer, all she needs to do is invent a way of returning and they could get involved in crimes throughout history.
    This show had a good concept but the acting was just dire. Special effects, pah! My cat might have been able to do better! Seriously though, the show was pretty bad but had some funny lines. The idea was there but wasn't thought out properly and it could have done with a bit more research (and better actors). All in all a bad show with bad acting. Go watch it!
  • Great show just not given a chance

    Crime Traveller was a great show however it was only given a brief run that it had so much potential that could have been explored over future series and episodes. A look back to how everything started with holly and her father may be a great direction for the show to show how it all started for holly and the reasons why she is trying to perfect the machine. The show could explore maor areas of time travel and the consequences of such that it can have on both the past and the present. It was a great show and i think that it should be brought back for more people to enjoy.