Crime Traveller

BBC (ended 1997)





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  • Not a masterpiece, but a very enjoyable series too watch plus it had Chloe Annett.

    OK I know this show had more holes than a keepnet, but I loved it. I bought it recently on DVD, expecting to be a bit disappointed, but really enjoyed it. It has a quaint charm and energy all of its own. When it was originally broadcast sci-fi was an outdated genre, but is now firmly back on the map thanks to Dr Who and the like. Surely the BBC could risk giving this show another chance? Even the writer and creator Anthony Horowitz, has called it the one that got away. It was limited by its own time travel concept, but since Holly is a science officer, all she needs to do is invent a way of returning and they could get involved in crimes throughout history.
    This show had a good concept but the acting was just dire. Special effects, pah! My cat might have been able to do better! Seriously though, the show was pretty bad but had some funny lines. The idea was there but wasn't thought out properly and it could have done with a bit more research (and better actors). All in all a bad show with bad acting. Go watch it!