Save Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior!

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    Here is a link to the 'Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Petition'...


    And also here is a list of CBS contacts, including (CBS Entertainment President) Ms.Nina Tassler...

    The list includes addresses and regularly updated phone numbers and email addresses. Please be polite when expressing yourself, you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Remember to praise the show and thank them forairing this first amazing season.Lettersand phone callsare usually taken more notice of so if you can please write or call. But if you can't a quick email would go a long, long way if everyone sent one.

    Let's keep this great show on TV!

    Edit: Here is the contact information for Paul Lee(President of ABC Studios) and also some general for what to write and what not to write in a letter/email (or say in a call).

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    Good story but with poor acting. Not worth a save.
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