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  • Please Bring This Back!!!!!

    I'm so upset that the last episode was to be continued and nothing continued!!!! WTF..... I was really looking forward to the next episode. Did Beth get killed??? Did Cooper kill the man??? What happened?? Talk about a cliffhanger.... This is ridiculous!!!
  • Bring it back.

    Why cancel it ? It was a great show .. Please bring it back or atleast finish the 14th episode or the season. Yall should try to bring it back for a while and see the hits yall get. Promote it more. I was so excited for the 14th episode until i found out that it was canceled.
  • Politics involved

    Any actor that denounces a politic party, (repeatedly)

    I cannot watch.

    I make it my business to denounce this show to all I know.

    Because of Janeane Garlopolo.

    When see is removed, I will start to promote this show.
  • Disgusted

    Any body that inserts poliotics by having Janeane Garofalo in the show, I turn off. She didn't bring anything to the show.
  • should not have rearranged the episodes!

    after watching the commentary for the pilot it became clear that the episodes were rearranged after they were shot. in the original pilot the characters were introduced more, and actually explained how Beth got to be part of the team. It was a mistake to rearrange the episodes, and definitely contributed to the death of the show. After not watching the show at all when it was on TV, and now having watched the season (except the last episode, I hate cliffhangers) many times since it came out on DVD. I learnt to appreciate each character and what they bring to the team. the dynamics of the team are different between this show and the original, and although I would love to see it back on air I love the time I had with it.
  • what cancelled!

    Why has this superior series been cancelled? Totally are deep(except the Irish speaking Welshman), really gripping story lines. please bring back.
  • Forest Whitaker

    As a rule i quite like Forest Whitakers acting roles, but in cm/sb he sounds like a schoolgirl,with his breathless speech,it is laughable. example: "who (Pant Pant) is going (pant) to blink first (pant Pant) him (Pant) or you" (Pant Pant)its made it UN-watchable for me
  • Criminally Dull: Suspect Writing...

    Criminal Minds started to lose its appeal with me some time ago. The massive leaps from knowing very little about the 'unsub' to a quick chat around a whiteboard where the team all chip in a little bit and they're suddenly chasing a profile perfect white male, 23-23.5, drives a nissan cherry, has a stammer, has a limp in his right leg and delivers pizzas and they're always spot on.

    Well, if you're not bored of that already then you'll love this. It's more of the same but with a Forest Whitaker meaningful stare into the distance every 5 mins to indicate that he is like totally deep and has like a really real connection with the killer. Deep stuff.

    It's a pity as Mr Whitaker is a good actor (stares off into the distance meaningfully).
  • Really??

    I thought the show was awesome! What was stupid was ending it the way it did. Can't stand shows that leave you hanging then don't come back. At least finish up what was already happening. I liked Criminal Minds but liked this one even better. Forrest Whitaker definitely added a fresh face to it all. The plots were great. I'm a big Law and Order fan and not a CSI fan because I find CSI to be full or poor acting. Just my opinion. But, I thought this spin off of Criminal minds brought the good twists, plots, and acting that kept me watching it over and over
  • One of my favorite Criminal Minds episodes

    I am a avid Criminal Minds follower. Forest Whitaker is a gifted actor so whatever role he is in is worth watching. I had hoped they would reunite both teams.
  • I liked the show just fine and didn't compare it to or expect it to be like the original.

    I liked the show just fine and didn't compare it to or expect it to be like the original. This show was a different take on the Criminal Minds universe. I welcomed the character Forest Whittaker brought us and the diversity of his team. We had a Brit, a man convicted and then vindicated for murder, and Jeanne Garafalo who goes without saying. I think this group of odd balls worked off of each other perfectly and gave a nice counter balance to the finely tuned team of the original. I really feel people were looking for a reason to hate this show and sadly those voices won out. I highly recommend any fan of the original with an open mind or procedural's in general give this show a shot when it's released on dvd.
  • No MORE?!

    As a UK viewer i'd be extremely dissapointed if this is all we get. It's easy to watch and entertaining with some good characters that need exploring more.

    If this is it i'll certainly be watching them multiple times s a good stand by. C'mon csi new york is the same as the other two that i've also watched from the beginning, at least this was new and different format.

    some great ideas came through in an entertaining way and the actors worked well together as did their characters.

    Please don't let this be the last we get, newer ideas are few and far between recently so, again, PLEASE, MORE!
  • I had high hopes for this show, but it never made me fall in love with it. A spin-off has to be as good as, or better than the original show. That is what made it so difficult to like this show. It was nowhere near as good as Criminal Minds.

    Forest Whitaker is an amazing actor, but his character, Samuel "Sam" Cooper, didn't seem "real" to me. Yes, Whitaker did manage to look broken, but he seemed too broken. Someone as messed up as the character he played could and would never have been put in charge of an FBI Team. The FBI would have had to be crazy to do something like that.
    Keeping Kirsten Vangness as Penelope Garcia was probably the only good thing about this show, but I missed her witty banter with the team like she has in the original series. Don't get me wrong I am glad her character didn't treat "The Red Cell" team the same way she treated her team. It would have made her character seem "fake". Michael Kelly had one of the best (if not the best) characters on the show. His character, Jonathon "Prophet" Sims, reminded me of Detective Charlie Crews on NBC's Life (even though Kelly's character had been guilty and Damian Lewis' character hadn't been). Kelly gave the impression that he was believable "street wise".
    I liked Matt Ryan's character, Mick Rawson, going into the show, because of his witty banter with Paget Brewster's character, Emily Prentiss. I have met a few snipers in my day. Matter of fact my brother is a sniper. Georgia has a group of well trained snipers that are called up, for protective detail when dignitaries come to the great state of Georgia. They are full of themselves. That made Ryan's character even more believable.
    Beau Garrett's character, Gina LaSalle, was not very note worthy. Matter of fact I have no idea what her "specialty" was supposed to be. She just seemed like an average police officer, I never could understand what she was supposed to be good at doing. Now, we are at Janeane Garofalo character, Beth Grffith. I really didn't like her character. In all but one episode Garofalo managed to do something that rubbed me the wrong way. The only episode I liked her character in was the Episode 01: Two of a Kind. She just wasn't likable.
    I think if the show had came on standing on its own two feet (not as a spin-off), I might have been more receptive to it. Overall, I tuned out before they even announced the show was completed. Better luck next time – CBS.
  • Bad casting, overacting, Boring

    obviously I thought this would be as awesome as the original criminal minds but this was such a disapointment! Not only does the characters suck but the plot is also pretty doll. Forrest Whittaker needs to calm down a bit and the rest of the crew needs a personality. Can't figure out how Beth Griffith and Jonathan Simms got casted...
    I hope they cancel it or make big casting changes asap because this is pure garbage!!!
    Or acually, there is something good,Garcia. She is the little miss sunshine that has ten times the personality as all the characters on suspect behavior together.
  • Nothing to tune in for, unfortanately. This show should be ashamed to be called Criminal Minds because it so isn't.

    This show should be renamed and the Criminal Minds part should be yanked out of the title, because it most definantly can't compare, at all, to the Original Criminal Minds. The whole show is a failure. Who is supposed to be in charge??? Decide and stick to it. I wasn't sure if it was Forrest, or the black haired actress, or the blond. This team, as a team, doesn't work. It reminded me of the Chaos Theory; a bunch of people coming together and they "accidental" solve the murder.
    Forrest didn't show any emotion and a lot of the time it kind of sounded like he was whispering.

    In my book, this show is a dud and should be buried so it can never see the light of day again.
  • Cooper is interesting. The one with the anger problem is really out there. The european accent is really irrtating. Will definately find something else to watch in the future.

    Cooper is very interesting. He could carry the show. Excellent acting. Would like to see him in a real show, with no so many issues. The gentleman, and I use that term loosely, with the anger problems is really out there. He needs counseling quickly. Unbelievably stupid.

    The european accent is really irrtating. Could we not find someone American for this role?

    The story line was lost on the bad acting, anger issues, and someone that was hard to understand, due to accent.

    Overall, really bad and an insult. Will definitely find something else to watch in the future.
  • FAIL

    So much for character development! They all have the same skills and knowledge. They all play the same role. They just look different and go by different names. They have even managed to take away the glow and charm of Kirsten Vangsness's character, Penelope. I can hardly believe that was even possible.

    I will, however, keep watching this season. The actors they've cast have so much more potential than what I've seen so far. So either the actors have not been given enough time to grow into and develop the characters internally, or the writing is simply THAT bad. I shall remain hopeful for as long as I can.

    Overall, a very sad follow-up to Criminal Minds.
  • This is one of the rare GOOD shows people. I think all you poor raters are disturbed b the fact that there's bit enough SEX in it for ya. Grow up. This is not a sex show, it's a MYSTERY crime show. A "Who dunnit".

    I hope this show has at LEAST 10 seasons. You others who gave bad ratings needs to get a life and change the channel so you can leave these excellent actors and writers alone to perform their magic!

    The plots are original. They don't make it easy to figure it out on our own; which is a good thing. This show makes it almost like a Sherlock Holmes mystery in that you are given clues that stand independent of other clues and don't easily fit together until you find out who dunnit.

    The acting was great. The characters are strong and integral to the plots. Each participant in the mystery has that integral part in their characters' role in the resolution.
  • Precarious.

    Bad news first.
    1. Garofalo. Instant turn-off. Like Janis Gold in 24 Day 7, she's not likable. See Two of a Kind? She accepts the black woman's case at spot. Not that it's bad; but she has a supervisor that is Coop and given that they are in ongoing investigation, is it wise to add more load to the case? Granted, it helps solving the case. But at least she can ask Coop beforehand.
    Wth is she doing in this show anyway? Are the writers looking for the token chick? There is Garrett already. No need for short, 46 y/o, reckless character.
    2. Kelly. Balding, but rookie. Has violent tendencies. Like the thuggish version of Jason Gideon. Unbelievable. His character should never be accepted in FBI for such vigilantism. 3. Ryan. British. That's it.
    Good news.
    1. Coop. Terrific leader. Able, enlightening, and focused.
    2. Garrett. Smart chick. Token, cliche, but works.
    3. GARCIA! Nuff said.
  • Bad that is all I have. This show is sooo boring. Dont ruin the Criminal Minds brand with this garbage.

    The characters in this show have no charisma. They would be better off painting a face on a rock than with these people. The worst is the older lady. She is just pathetic and grates on you. I hope they cancel this mess and try again. The original show is excellent. Dont ruin the Criminal Minds brand with this garbage. If they took the guy with the accent, and fired all the rest it might have a chance. Forrest Whitaker has done much better work than this. Please, please fire the person who plays Beth, my God she is annoying.
  • Story lines are fine, but buy some lighting and start kicking the team in shape...

    As a CM fan I gave this show a chance, first episode story wasn't all that convincing, but they got better by the episode and are upto the "mother" show's standard. I'm however not impressed by the unprofessional look of this (what is it anyway) "Red Cell", they look shabby, more like undercover cops then federal agents with authority. The shots are overall a bit gloomy so far, maybe due to the chosen sets, but some additional light and color would not be bad. What also needs more color are the characters portrayed, beside the guy with the accent (the sniper) who's performing fine, the cast almost appears uninterested if not bored, with the Beth character as most boring role I seen in ages. Whitaker on the other hand is not boring, NO; he is becoming more and more annoying by the episode. The man has a long list of good performances, why, tell me please, does he look like a total untalented beginner actor in this show. His overdone character is ruining it completely, I seen community actors do a way better job. If this goes on I may not even make it till the the season (or series) finale, yeah I mean THAT annoying. Let Forest clean up his act, he should be able to do a proper job, brush up the other characters; give them some personality, now they act more as luggage for the ride. Make it a Federal Agents Team, with a real director behind a desk in a suit and not some undercover Columbo style dweeb in a warehouse.
    Concluding: Not a bad show, with decent story lines, but sure needs a tune-up, specially on the cast/acting.
  • Driven by my love for original Criminal Minds I decided to give this spin-off a shot. I've seen two episdes now and this is definately not what I was expecting

    My biggest dissapintement is Forest Whitaker, who - in this case - genuinely can't act. He delivers every line with the same manner, kinda like David Caruso does in CSI Miami, but what I find mostly disturbing is his lack of facial expresions. His face doesn't show any emotions at all. While he is annoying, the rest of his team is extremaly forgetable. They don't really feel like a team to me. They just wander around on screen.

    Now, I know they wanted to make this show different than the original CM, but they threw away the most distinctive things, that should not be left out: the actual profiling. Understanding the un-sub, creaing a profile - this is gone here. There is no coninuity in their actions, scenes kinda jump form one place to another and it feels random.

    Although I will give this show one last chance, I'm not crossing my fingers.
  • Disappointing, dark, characters are not likable.

    So disappointed to find that Janeane Garofalo is on this show. I won't be watching, sad to say, because I do love the original Criminal Minds. I will not support anything in which she is involved. Aside from that very unpleasant aspect of the show, I found it to be very dark and I don't mean content or context, I mean actual filming and sets, not like the original at all. These characters seems much more casual, less professional, and certainly less warm and likable to the viewer. Just my opinion of course. I suppose I should be glad, since I refuse to watch it as long as she in on the show anyway.
  • overacting

    Criminal Minds is my favorite show and I was so ready to love this one, too. But I'm sooo disappointed. Forest Witaker and Janeane Garafalo way overact their parts and it's just hard to watch. It also appears that Janeane is afforded the opportunity to us this outlet to legitimize her far left political theories. The only saving grace is having the Garcia character doing bits. I think the writers basically have developed some decent plots but definitely need two new lead actors. I don't know why I have to write 100 words when I don't have any more to say.
  • Kind of slow for the beginning of this show. But from the previews of what's to come I think CM: Suspect Behavior is going to pick up very quickly and much like NCIS: LA I think this show is going to become a thing of its own

    Kind of slow for the beginning of this show. But from the previews of what's to come I think Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior is going to pick up very quickly and much like NCIS: LA I think this show is going to become a thing of its own. Polite episodes are never easy to do and I think once they start getting into the characters and creating some chemistry between them things are going to get a lot better. Can't wait to see what new and exciting things that they come up with for this one. I say it's a thumbs up. Anything Criminal Minds, FBI Profiler, has got to be good.
  • Hey, Let's give the show a chance...

    I've seen so many people criticize this show for a lot of reasons but, primarily, it seems that people want it to compare it to Criminal Minds itself. There are, to me, very few spin-offs that actually are as good as their predecessors. It's like we think that it should be better than the original but then we complain that the scripts are similar to the original...well, as far as I know, being a spin-off is more or less a repetition of something that has proven its worth. So, yes, there will be numerous similarities...otherwise, it wouldn't be a spin-off would it? Think of it, how many people enjoyed Jaws 3 as much as Jaws the original. Movies and television rely on the fact that since we like the show, we will actually give the spin-off a chance but how can the show get off the ground if everyone just comments on how it falls short. I have watched far too many shows end up on the chopping block before they were ever really given a chance to work. Some of those shows were brought back due to the due diligence of the fan base of the show. But, for the most part, when a show is canceled, that's it, adios.

    CM: Suspect Behavior is a pretty good show. I like the cast and I love Forest Whitaker. He's hauntingly brilliant in this show and his fellow cast are decent actors that deserve to be given a fair chance to make the show work. Of course it's like the original, crime has been around for a long time and about all we have to draw upon are the new and more modern methods of 'fighting crime'. In essence, I will continue to watch CM:SB until whatever happens, happens. But for anyone who enjoyed a show only to watch it being berated, criticized and, subsequently, canceled because 'it's not as good as the original', 'the story lines are too much or not enough like the original', 'the cast is not as we feel they should be' or simply because 'we are just too stuck on the original to ever appreciate anything else' ... For those shows, give a spin-off a chance, give the actors a chance and, remember, very few copies are as good as the original but that doesn't mean it's not good.
  • This could be a really great show if only Forrest Whittaker would calm his character down just a little...

    As far as spinoff series goes, Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior could be really top notch...if only Forrest Whittaker could see to toning down his hyperactive overplayed approach to his character...kind of take it down a notch or two, don't you think? It's more or less a well written show with high production values, but from what I saw of the episode I just viewed (Devotion, March 23rd)the entire cast performed as though they all just tooted up some crystal meth or something. And Forrest made his character behave as though he was tweeking along in high gear. Criminal minds seemed to lack the polish and sophistication of it's parent show, and it seemed to me that the entire cast was trying way too hard to make it work.
  • A mix of interesting bits and heavily-overused cliches. Have to wait and see.

    Pilots have a heavy load to carry. They have to introduce a boatload of characters, tell us how they work together, and still deliver a representative plot. We have to expect that they will use some number of tropes as efficient shorthand to make good use of the limited time they have.

    So I have to take a wait-and-see attitude here, and try to ignore the intense stupidity of (for example) a rapid response unit's commander having to actually lecture a team member that he's not a vigilante - I would expect, and respect the series a hell of a lot more, that he immediately be dismissed and we never see him again. These are supposed to be elite professionals.

    I will also be disappointed if Janeane Garofalo always has to be the one who takes on the White Elite Patriarchy. I like her too much to see her be so stereotyped.

    Still, the idea of a serial murderer going uncaught because of mixing high-profile and low-profile crimes (due to racial and socioeconomic bias) is interesting - so there is promise here. Criminal Minds in recent years has been a mixed bag, I hope this will bring a mix of better writers into both instances of the franchise.
  • How disappointing. Predictable with corny lines. How can they think this will be better than the original CM?!

    This show was so disappointing. The plot was so predictable and the lines were so corny. There is nothing unique about this show. What a waste of talent. I don't think it's possible to improve on the original Criminal Minds. CM-SB is mundane, boring, and did not keep my interest. There is nothing that shines about this show or makes it stand out over other shows. If they're trying to duplicate the CSI shows, I can't see this working. I still only watch the original CSI - the others don't interest me. I'll probably watch this show a few more times to give it a chance to redeem itself, but I'm not hopeful. And I'm not at all happy that this show has bumped CM from it's regular time slot...
  • Way to take a great show and re-make it worse

    To me the characters are totally mis-matched

    F.W. is totally in the wrong role here and his recent acting from other shows/films leaves a lot to be desired.

    A show like this really needs unique (possibly never before seen) characters.

    The scripting for the first episode was IMHO quite terrible and rushed.

    Why have Penelope Garcia in this show too, it just doesn't work.

    She needs a strong cast around her, but to me it seemed she was the strongest cast ember in this show.

    Even the FBI Director looked out of place. His initial meeting wearing a $100 suit with a polo shirt underneath, come on.
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