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Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • Did Not Expect It to Happen!!!

    I've seen this episode quite a few times. And EVERYTIME I hear Hotch's wife get shot while the whole team is listening I break down. Probably the MOST emotional episode ever. And when Hotch has his last conversation with his wife I totally didn't expect the Reaper to really kill her. I thought the team would've intervened. What a tear jerker!!! Especially when Hotch tells his son to work the case and Thank God the little guy wasn't killed, but I cried for atleast 30 minutes.....
  • Still brings out the emotion 6 years later . . .

    This episode shows the best Criminal Minds has to offer from its writers and beyond any shadow of a doubt the actors! From the opening to the ending with Jack nothing failed both to be exciting and amazing.

    I just watched this episode (yet, again) using the instant video (purchased season 5) and it is still one of the best, no, one of the most outstanding episodes in the history of Criminal Minds.

    It brought all of the major events in the lives of Hotch and his two families to a climax and resolution. Yet, in the future, we know the Reaper and his wife will return (for at least one encore) for another great story and summation.

    For those who watched the series through the years, this has to be one of the most satisfying and at the same time most tearful and upsetting episodes of all times. And isn't the sign of a great / outstanding story the emotions it brings to and out of the audience, whether it be reading or watching on the stage, large shared screen, or the small (and now no longer necessarily small) silver screen in one's home.
  • LOVE THE REAPER! his episodes are always interesting and YAY hayleys dead shes so annoying

    okay so I LOVE any episode the reaper is in he is so awesome and the actor that plays him is INCREDIBLE! honestly season 5 has to be my favourite season! none of the others seem to live up it :(

    i love season 5 because all my fav characters are in it (besides Gideon, miss him but love Rossi as well)

    i was really happy when they killed hayley off the show she did my head in she was sooooo annoying! people say Beth is annoying but I like her she's awesome when it comes to Hotch and his job she doesnt whine about it all the time like hayley did.

    also i love Beth because that actress was in Scrubs and I liked her in Scrubs :) she's a great actress people just need to watch the other shows and films she's in :)
  • babyface95

    I can see what you are saying. However, a US Marshall does not live with the family nor do they have daily contact. The contact they have is stuff that the family or marshall needs to know from each other pertaining to the situation. They are given new names, ss numbers entire new everything as if they died or fell off the earth. Then moved to any number of small or large but usually smaller cities where they are known by their new names and never discuss their old selves This protection makes it doubtful someone knows them and will call them out by their real name. Even the Marshall isn't allowed to reveal to anyone family included who they work for but the government or any of the cases ever to protect them. They are free as anyone else to walk down the street without a swat team watching as it is assumed they are not compromised. Nothing set a sense that they were compromised until way past until it was too late for anyone to help he was hours ahead of them.

    The Marshall does have a gun but he didn't necessarily have it on his side 24/7 especially when at home (if watch when he comes in he throws the jacket and holster on a stand ) as it showed him to be. No doubt it was there nearby but he was blitz attacked so no way to get to it. Marshall and Hotch talking were through the phone of the agent so he had no way to contact but in this context he could. Jack "working the case" you never had little kids their ideas and imitations can be anything such as hiding in a box next to daddy working. Was Aaron to tell him he hunts horrible serial killers all day and kills bad people ? I do agree if I were Haley I may at first be taken over by emotion on hearing he died but when my senses returned I would think the agent would never for any reason use my real name and any replacement one would come to me not me to them and hide deeply sending a message to someone secret as can. All over except the setting of a investigative meeting to see if Hotch was to blame the show was one of their best. I do realize in the real world an officer of any type would have to answer to beating someone to death not just walk off free of actions.

    The last thing you mentioned though is why Haley didn't know what the reaper looked like. They are rarely shown what they look like to avoid panic and if they are that close you usually dead anyway. Hotch also never brought work home so she never seen a photo of him or anyone else they worked on cases .

    Last you mentioned Mandy being written out need to do some research he hated the showed and the violence it projected and never showed up for a table reading the beginning of the next season, then wrote to his co-workers and told them it bothered his conscience too much for dead people, murder, rape and so forth and wanted off the show. It was nothing to do with producers, directors, other actors or stage stuff. It was a personal choice. I loved Gideon he was good but I have to wonder why his agent didn't ask what all his character would entail so he knew It was not a job for him before took.
  • Tearful and Terrific.

    I've only been able to watch this episode twice, because it's just so sad, but it is definitely one of my favourite episodes.

    The characters in criminal minds are what sets it apart from other crime shows, and this episode really lets those characters shine. I think this was the best performance we see from Thomas Gibson in the series. It's raw, and heart breaking, but spectacular.
  • Amazing

    I created an account just to comment on this episode. WOW. I've been following this season from the beginning and the only other time I've tear-ed up was in Season 4, ep24. When Reid was leaving a message to his mother because he thought he could have died from the virus.

    Hotchner and Hayley's conversation near the end (moments before Hayley was killed) was so powerful. I cried like a baby when their conversation came to an end. When Hayley is shot, you could feel the pain Hotchner was feeling. Nothing more epic than a show that can really pull you in and connect with the characters.

    This is a 10/10. One of my favourites, don't know if I could re watch it since I know I'd cry everytime.
  • There is only one word to describe this episode:- EPIC!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. The Reaper returns in this episode for one final showdown between him and the BAU team. Soon we learn that he has managed to trick Haley into thinking that he is a US Marshall and manages to get her to agree to meet him. He also tells her that Aaron is dead. But when she speaks to Aaron, she realises that he lied to her and that he is in fact The Reaper. Terror soon takes over; when we learn that he plans on killing her. Aaron speaks to his son Jack and manages to get him to go into another room, and hide. As they speak on the phone for the last time, we hear the gunshots and we know that Haley is dead. As Aaron gets to the house, he finds Haley's body and soon he and The Reaper, fight in a battle to the death.
    Aaron kills him with his own bare hands, and has to be pulled off of him by Morgan when the rest of the team turn up. He then goes to find Jack and finds Jack hiding. As the episode draws to a close we see Aaron holding his dead wife in his arms. This has to be one of the best episodes of this show ever. It was so powerful and very emotional. Even if you don't like the show would still recommend this episode to anyone and everyone.
  • High expectations

    @babyface95 I can't answer all your points - some of these mistakes are essential to the plot of the show and if all the protective custody measures were taken there would be no risk.

    I think you're mistaken on a couple of points: the phone call between Hotch and the Reaper is initiated by Hotch calling the Marshall phone - at that point Hotch does not have the Reaper's number. I'm pretty sure the Marshall is reaching for a weapon of some kind when the Reaper shoots him - remember, the first shot is a complete surprise to Sam.

    There is a flashback near the end of the show that helps to explain Jack "working the case" and the reason Hotch tells Jack to do it when he is on the phone is as a coded way of telling him to hide in a place only the two of them know.

    As others have said, I find this one of the most gripping and emotional episodes of the show and a great culmination of the long battle with the Reaper.
  • There were high expectations for this episodes with it being the 100th episode but it failed to deliver.

    The writers of criminal minds failed to deliver a gripping episode, but left the viewers asking why certain things happened that lead up to the final event of Hayle being killed. The script was full of flaws that did not make sense to the storyline. The first was if Hayle and Jack were in protective custody why was the marshall not constantly with them, it would have made more sense that the reaper attacks the marshall whilst Hotch's family are in the house with him. When the marshall is attacked he never once takes out his gun, you would have thought he had a weapon to protective himself and Hotch family. Another questionable scene is why does Hayle not know what the reaper looks like? Should she have not been shown a picture at some point when she was taken into custody so she would have known who was after her and Jack. Also why is she just walking around the streets without any protection, and when she answers the phone alarm bells would have gone off when he uses her real name, should Sam have not told her want to do if anything was to happened to him. Then there the scene with Hotch and the reaper on the phone, if Hotch had the reaper number all the time, why was that line not being traced instead of the marshall phone. And these are just a few of the mistakes the writers made, but the strangest thing was when Hotch tell Jack to go work the case, what does that child think his dad does lie in a box all day. Overall the build up was very disappointing and you don't really understand why they killed Hotch's wife off unless they are planning to write Thomas out like they did with Mandy.
  • 100

    Now, first I hear alot of complaining that this didn't live up to the hype, but I never saw the promo's for this. I just saw this on DVD with no build up, and I thought this was great.

    I really hate the Reaper. I hate his guts.

    This episode had great acting from all the actors, especially the woman who plays Haley, they all had me in tears. And Hotch searching his house was amazing. It was beautifully filmed, and the silence made it more intense! All in all I think that this was one of the greatest episodes in Criminal Minds history. In fact I'm watching it for the 3rd time right now!
  • If there has ever been an episode of a show which deserves a "10", this is it. I can't fault the scripts, the casting or the acting. If only every show could still be this riveting when reaching the 100 episode mark.

    Aaron Hotchner has never been under the illusion that George Foyet (superbly played by C. Thomas Howell) was ever going to just stop and leave himself and his family alone but he just may have thought that the attack on him and having Hayley and Jack in protective custody might have been enough to keep everyone safe while the team continued to hunt the ellusive Boston Reaper.

    He was wrong.

    The opening sequence of this episode (after the 'previously on Criminal Minds part) was excellent, the slow motion, the music and the brilliant way in which we saw the various members of the team and yet saw nothing at the same time. Brilliantly done. As we pick up the story via interviews with Strauss (Jayne Atkinson) we can see that she (as usual) is looking for an angle she can use to take extreme disciplinary action against Hotch and that the team are steadfastly standing by him in every way. No surprise there. I particularly liked the way that J.J. and Rossi handled their interviews, she certainly didn't get her way with them!

    I can't praise the performance of C. Thomas Howell highly enough. Every time he has taken on the role of George Foyet he has been amazing, but for this episode, he pulled out all the stops. Then again, he was able to do the same thing as a very young actor in thing such as 'The Outsiders' and 'Ordinary People' so it's obvious he hasn't forgotten his craft. The same can be said for Thomas Gibson, his portrayal of a man trying to be everything at once in this episode was worthy of an Emmy nomination.

    The cutting from the past to the present throughout the episode was done with great skill by the writers and the camera people. It was never confusing and never boring which can often happen with this type of filming. Kudos also to Meredith Monroe. I've never been a big fan of the character of Hayley Hotchner but she did a marvellous job here, particularly in Hayley's final conversation with Hotch.

    One of the most riveting moments for me was when Foyet pulled the trigger and we saw everybody's reaction to the reality of what had taken place. To not have done this would have ruined the episode completely. Garcia's shock was palpable and mirrored how the audience felt, even though we all knew what was going to happen. As for young Jack, I defy anyone not to have been brokenhearted when they saw that angelic little face looking up at his dad from the spot where he was 'working the case'.

    If you haven't seen this episode of 'Criminal Minds', put it right at the top of your 'must watch list' or you will be missing out on a superb piece of television.
  • This was by far one of the best episodes of the series. If not the best. It was so epic, so breathtaking, even tear jerking at times, especially when that sad music was playing in the background.

    While this episode had its flaws, it was one that was by far one of the most intense ever made.

    The fight scene between Hotch and Foyet was really was just, "Wow."

    I think just about everyone was rooting for Hotch to just beat the crap outta this guy. Make him pay for all the pain he put him through. I know I did.

    However, I was disappointed he was killed by him just beating his head into the floor. I actually was hoping the Reaper would've escaped to fight another day, though gravely wounded from Hotch trying to kill him.

    I mean, I think that would have been a better episode overall, but that's just my opinion.

    All in all though, this episode was just amazing. 9.5/10
  • A really strong 8.5 and one of the better episodes of this season. By far the strongest episode of the Foyet arc. I know you're going to give me a thumbs down for not rating it 10 along with the rest of the crowd but I like to keep my feet on the ground.

    Good story telling, well acted by all guest stars. Beautifully shaped and directed story. I'd have given it a higher mark, but honestly, I'm simply relieved to see the end of the arc. It has not been a pleasure to watch and the closure is simply a relief.

    For me the most interesting part of the episode was the rise of Strauss as a character who I would love to see more often on the show. She is a formidable lady -- dogged, humane and complex -- and now my favourite of the CM ladies. I hope we see more of her and this properly talented actor. Her interviews with the team were a perfect way to keep the episode moving and gave nice little character sketches along the way.

    Can't help feeling regret that D. B. Sweeney was not more used in this long story line because he was terrific in his final scenes. Watching him and Thomas C. Howell work together was another highlight.
  • Sad, rivetting, emotional, sensational, terrific, magnificent and entertaining all packed into one episode!

    This is the ultimate of episodes, and it was an extremely sad and depressing one, but was still highly enjoyable.

    I was eager to see what would happen to this case, that had been opened up so long ago, and I thought that the episode was perfect in every aspect.

    I think that the storyline was remarkable and I loved every minute of it, and I think the episode was also quite suspenseful, which made it epic, in my opinion.

    I was very touched by the episode and I was extremely upset at the outcome, but I was thrilled with how Hotchner ended up belting the guy. He deserved every blow.

    I would recommend this episode extremely highly, but I would advise that you watch the other episodes pertaining to this case beforehand. It is one of the best episodes ever, and in my opinion, it is not to be missed. Great job by Criminal Minds.
  • The most shocking, riveting, gut-wrenching episode to date. Refreshingly unpredicatble. Keep a defibulator nearby. (This is a review, not a summary. May contain spoilers.)

    I found this episode to be the most engrossing episode of Criminal Minds that I've seen. Especially concidering the plot didn't revolve around Dr. Spencer Reid. Don't get me wrong, I'm just a big a fan of Spencer as the next person, but it's nice to see a different agent get all of those fans that watch the show JUST for Spencer to remeber that they genuinley liked the show to begin with.

    It was well written and acted amazingly, with only one element that struck me as lacking. That would be the fact that the whole episode was told through an interviewing process by the agents.

    I understand that it may have been easier to justify missing blocks of time this way, but everytime it cut from the main story to the interviewing it was like they slammed on the brakes as I agonizingly waited for the main story to pick back up.

    Other than that, the rest of the episode was spent with my hand clapped over my mouth, fighting back tears in complete disbelief of the story that unraveled before my eyes.

    Best elements (without giving too much away):

    -Plot that persoanlly involves one of the agents.
    -Reminder that no one is safe, no matter who they are or how they relate to main characters. -Crossed many emotional lines.
    -Could not stop repeating the phrase "No way. That's/this isn't happening." in my head.
    -Genuinely good episode, even if you are crushing on one of the agents.

    Worst elements (Booooooo):

    -Stop and go storyline.
    -Yeah, that's pretty much it.

    Bottom line:
    It was a roller coaster of amazingness. I suggest you take the ride! Episodes like this are why I love this show.
  • Perfect in every way...

    I did not get to see this episode when it first aired. I was very disgusted over that. I found out that they were showing it last night and I made sure to watch it, it truly perfect!

    The Reaper comes back to get his revenge on Hotch and the best way to do it is to go after his wife and little boy. It is a race against time to see WHO can get there first, Hotch, the team, or the Reaper. What makes it more tense it the phone calls back and forth between the teams, Hotch and the Reaper, and the most heartbreaking of them all, his wife. I had NO PROBLEM with him killing the Reaper for what he did to his family...any person, any man would had done the same. The writers out-did themselves here and I am glad I finally got to watch it! ! !
  • Powerful and emotional episode!

    This was one powerful and emotional episode as this was also the 100th episode. C Thomas Howell, a teen heartthrob of the 1980s, showed he can play a really good bad guy, and deserves an Emmy nod. As two people are killed. One especially that is close to Hotch. The BAU must race against time to save Hotch's family from the Reaper, played by Howell. Before the Reaper can come and hurt Hotch's ex-wife and son, Jack. The episode ends sadly and tragically and we are left to grieve with Hotch. All of the BAU members given an account to internal affairs and BAU section chief Strasser. On how they captured the Reaper before he could hurt anymore livs. The Reaper is gone but sadly, a US Marshall and Hoch's ex-wife were killed. You had to really feel for Hotch since he lost so much. Now raising his son, Jack alone.
  • 100

    The episode was good, but I was disappointed. I didn't like the fact that Hotch's wife was killed off the show. I was hoping that The Reaper had faked shooting his wife, but, of course that was not the case. I have to admit that C. Thomas Howell played this character eerily well. I like Morgan's character, but I don't think I want him to play the Team Leader, I prefer Hotch in that role. I really don't know how Hotch could come back from such a traumatic event and lead the team. He would have to take some time off to get his head straight. Criminal Minds still hasn't resolved the relationship that Morgan has with the woman whose brother was killed in a previous episode. That entanglement could cost him the role of Team Leader.

    I hope this episode does not spell the end of Hotch. I'm not sure that Criminal Minds could lose his character and remain on the air.
  • This was not only the best episode of Criminal Minds, but it was one of the best episodes I've seen on TV in a very long while. Emotional, moving, high tension and suspense, fantastic pacing, and just great drama. FANTASTIC! LOVED IT!

    This was not only the best episode of Criminal Minds, but it was one of the best episodes I've seen on TV in a very long while. Emotional, moving, high tension and suspense, fantastic pacing, and just great drama. The story line went even further than I thought it was going to, and I loved that the show did not treat viewers as the we were simpletons, but rather challenged us both emotionally and mentally until the end. I don't have enough words to describe how awesome this episode was. If you haven't seen it.... WATCH IT! FANTASTIC! LOVED IT!
  • Amazingly sad and touching episode

    Very sad that Hotchner's wife had to die, but this is amazingly the best episode in this series. I really love it lots. The suspense of how the drama took place from the time Hotchner realised his family was being taken by the serial killer. Knowing that his wife will not escape from the evil hands of the killer, my tears just roll down uncontrollably. The emotions I felt for Hotchner was so intense it was so real. I kept thinking if any ways he could reach the house just in time to rescue his wife but he did not. I was glad his son survived unhurt.
  • Amazing! First thing I said after watching this episode was Criminal Minds knows how to turn 100.

    Amazing! First thing I said after watching this episode was Criminal Minds knows how to turn 100. I have not seen an episode like this for any show in such a long time. It was great to have experienced just about every emotion that one can in a hour long tv show. Just excellent! I was saddened by the murder of Hailey but I see why they had to do it. If you're going to put an end to an arc then you have to go out with a bang. My favorite episode to date. Here's to another 100 episodes!
  • Yet another incredible episode of Criminal Minds full of twists and turns.

    Wow. That's the first word that comes to mind for this installment of Criminal Minds. First off, the Hotchner Vs. The Reaper is one of the best battle of wits and muscle to be on television in quite a while. Secondly, The man that plays Hotchner, Thomas Gibson, is one heck of an actor and he really showed it off in this episode. The emotions the character felt were acted out so well that it made the viewer feel the same pain, anger, frustration and sadness that Hotchner was experiencing. Third, the way that the episode was done, with the interviews and having the characters tell the stories helped to get you more involved and was extremely well done. Although it's sad that yet another amazing bad guy on Criminal Minds is dead, he got what he deserved and the final fight scene with The Reaper and Hotchner was extremely well done with amazing editing that really helped make you want to be the one punching The Reaper in the face. The 100th episode was yet another amazing installment to this great series and i cannot wait for the next 100 episodes!
  • A riveting and heart wrenching episode that will go down as one of the best episodes of the entire Criminal Minds series.

    You can't but feel overwhelmed with emotion as you watch and live this episode with the BAU team. As I write this, I am trying to hold back the tears, but I just can't.


    The scene between Aaron and Haley on the phone where she pleaded with Aaron to show Jack his loving side was heartbreaking. The direction on this show was brilliant tonight, especially as Aaron returned home to search for The Reaper and his family. Aaron walks up the steps, and all we hear is his frantic breathing, knowing what he will find. If you aren't in favor of the death penalty, you might be swayed after tonight. You have to admit, it was q2uite satisfying watching Aaron pound the Reaper to death. Sorry, but it was. So glad that Jack is ok, as he worked the case in his special hiding place.

    This was a classic episode tonight, and worthy of the 100th in the series. Bravo.
  • This show definitely surpassed my expectations! Exactly why I watch this show.

    First, I think the acting on this episode was brilliant. Everyone was great; however, Thomas Gibson totally owned this episode. The way that he portrayed Hotch's emotional background was incredible. The fact that the story was told via flashback through the eyes of the team added to the brilliance of this episode. this episode was so emotional and suspenseful.

    I had foreshadowed Hailey's death, but I have to admit I didn't see it going down the way it did. I'm sure Foyet allowed Hotch (and the team) to hear her goodbyes and her subsequent death just to add to his torture. It was nice to see a different side of Strauss. At the beginning of the episode she was the same old Strauss with ice water in her veins, but by the end of the episode she was so warm and even offered to help Hotch. At the beginning she's on a witch hunt to get rid of Hotch, but after hearing what the team has to say as well as Hotch's story, she's offering to help him if needed in the end. I'm not sure this isn't just a ploy of hers since she thinks she'll probably be getting rid of Hotch soon, but she seemed sincere. I must say I liked the way Rossi and Prentiss handled their interviews though.

    I do not mean to be morbid, but I can't say I didn't enjoy Foyet's demise. It seemed appropriate, and I think this is what made this episode even more emotional. After he threatened Jack and Hotch finally get the jump on him, he never let up. The fact that it was Morgan who pulled him off was appropriate. The way Hotch embraced Hailey's body began to sob made me cry with Hotch.

    I'm a definite Hotch/Prentiss shipper, but I am happy that there were no defined Hotch/Prentiss moments in this episode. That would have been much too awkward. The last scene where the team is at the BAU with Jack and Hotch walks in was definitely a mood turner. This only strengthens the position that the team will always be there for Hotch (and Jack) no matter what.
  • Best episode ever (spoiler)

    Without a doubt, the best episode of the entire series! I have never reacted the way I did when Hotch's wife is shot while on the phone with him. I don't remember ever screaming when someone dies before! I've always liked Thomas Gibson, Dharma & Greg notwithstanding, but tonight we really got a chance to see him act and feel and I really felt for his character. Good grief! When he's beating the guy to death, my teeth were clenched with such rage I wished I was pounding the guy too! It was nice that they finally humanized Hotch. He's usually so robotic...
  • Wow!

    Thomas Gibson delivers "THE" performance of a lifetime!. I guessed that Hailey would be killed off the show since her roles have been less frequent lately. I think they did an amazing job with the creativity of a flashback episode. I think I had to pause it and walk away a few times because it was too intense. I love the way Reid asserted dominance for the first time ever when he snapped at Unit Chief Strauss.

    I hope Thomas Gibson isn't leaving the show, but unfortunately, they set it up perfectly for him to do so. With that storyline, how can a character get back to normal?. Look at Jason Gideon, when his girlfriend was murdered, he went off the deep end and was only on one more episode. I hope the Hotch character won't see a similar fate.
  • The Reaper returns to terrorize Hotch and his family

    This episode of Criminal Minds was definitely one of the best I've ever seen; an incredibly powerful hour of television. The writing and acting were superb and absolutely riveting. The episode pulls you in and doesn't let go, making you feel emotionally invested in every moment. We were horrified, moved and riveted every step of the way. The loss at the end of the hour felt very real and personal, a mark of a very compelling and extremely well-written episode. We hope that CBS will continue in the same vein with this show -- kudos to all involved with this powerful episode.
  • ... words cannot describe how emotionally powerful this episode was...

    ... words cannot describe how emotionally powerful this episode was... i've been waiting for the final showdown with The Reaper since the season premiere and i could not be happier with the outcome. from the very beginning of this episode i was hooked! the interviews with the BAU members was really interesting as they recall the past events of Hotch vs The Reaper. when hotch was talking to hayley on the phone, my mum was in tears and i was about to have a heartattack (not literally). that scene was soo emotional and powerful because you feel for hotch and hayley and especially jack!! when Foyett shoots Hayley we all screamed in shock!! it was just soo heartbreaking to see hotch go through all of it! the final showdown with the reaper was outstanding and edge-of-your-seat!! when hotch enters the house, you can hear him frantically breathing because he knows what he is going to find! but where is jack? he is 'working the case.' the fight scene was bloody intense and foyett got exactly what he deserved!! thank god jack was safe as he hid in the box 'working the case.' this episode was so appropriate for the 100th episode of the entire series!!! a huge well done and congrats for makiing this episode the best episode ever and for reaching 100!!!
  • Hotch has his showdown with the Reaper with tragic results

    This was so sad. I felt so bad for everybody. I only thought there would be 2 deaths so after poor Sam died I had a feeling Foyett was going to also. Poor Sam. He was so brave.I didn't expect Haley to die too. The last conversation between Hotch and Haley was so heartbreaking. How can people say that Hotch is unemotional? He was fantastic. The tears coming down his face and the desperation in his voice was gut wrenching. Haley also was tragic and brave knowing that she was going to die ,but her son was safe. When those gunshots rang out,I jumped. Everyone's reactions were dead on.(Wish they would have shown Reid's reaction though.) It got even sadder when Hotch found Haley's body. When Foyett threatened Jack and Hotch started pounding on him,I cheered. I didn't think that Hotch would actually killed him. Foyett must have been really messed up if Morgan knew he was dead the instant he saw him. At least Jack was safe.

    I loved the interviews also. Strauss was being such a hard nose but I liked how Rossi,Emily,and esp. Reid put her down. I love how Reid talked about how his eidetic memory helped him remember everything and later that memory was put to use during the conversation between Hotch and Foyett. I'm glad that Strauss did develop a heart. She reminds me of CSI's Ecklie. A pure seemingly unfeeling bureaucrat but reveals a heart in time of tragedy(like how Ecklie wanted to pay Nick's ransom when he was buried alive).

    The last scene was the best when Hotch saw his team surrounding and protecting Jack. He knows he has a family there.

    I think the critics are total idiots for ignoring or demolishing one of the best shows on tv. Their loss.
  • The best episode ever! Poor Hotch and poor Jack though

    I loved the way this story was told. In flashbacks, it was really interesting and different.
    I also loved how Strauss went from being her usual, boring and stupid, -self, to actually feel sympathy for Hotch.

    I had expected Hayley to die, but I couldn't stop crying when she was shot. And I loved Hotch's reactions to everything in this episode!

    Gibson's acting was awesome!

    I also liked that there was no background sound as Hotch searched through his house for Foyett, it made it so real.

    Like everybody else I guess, I am glad that Foyett is finally dead, because he deserved to die.
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