Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday Nov 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • There were high expectations for this episodes with it being the 100th episode but it failed to deliver.

    The writers of criminal minds failed to deliver a gripping episode, but left the viewers asking why certain things happened that lead up to the final event of Hayle being killed. The script was full of flaws that did not make sense to the storyline. The first was if Hayle and Jack were in protective custody why was the marshall not constantly with them, it would have made more sense that the reaper attacks the marshall whilst Hotch's family are in the house with him. When the marshall is attacked he never once takes out his gun, you would have thought he had a weapon to protective himself and Hotch family. Another questionable scene is why does Hayle not know what the reaper looks like? Should she have not been shown a picture at some point when she was taken into custody so she would have known who was after her and Jack. Also why is she just walking around the streets without any protection, and when she answers the phone alarm bells would have gone off when he uses her real name, should Sam have not told her want to do if anything was to happened to him. Then there the scene with Hotch and the reaper on the phone, if Hotch had the reaper number all the time, why was that line not being traced instead of the marshall phone. And these are just a few of the mistakes the writers made, but the strangest thing was when Hotch tell Jack to go work the case, what does that child think his dad does lie in a box all day. Overall the build up was very disappointing and you don't really understand why they killed Hotch's wife off unless they are planning to write Thomas out like they did with Mandy.
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