Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday Nov 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • There is only one word to describe this episode:- EPIC!

    In this episode of Criminal Minds, the following happens. The Reaper returns in this episode for one final showdown between him and the BAU team. Soon we learn that he has managed to trick Haley into thinking that he is a US Marshall and manages to get her to agree to meet him. He also tells her that Aaron is dead. But when she speaks to Aaron, she realises that he lied to her and that he is in fact The Reaper. Terror soon takes over; when we learn that he plans on killing her. Aaron speaks to his son Jack and manages to get him to go into another room, and hide. As they speak on the phone for the last time, we hear the gunshots and we know that Haley is dead. As Aaron gets to the house, he finds Haley's body and soon he and The Reaper, fight in a battle to the death.
    Aaron kills him with his own bare hands, and has to be pulled off of him by Morgan when the rest of the team turn up. He then goes to find Jack and finds Jack hiding. As the episode draws to a close we see Aaron holding his dead wife in his arms. This has to be one of the best episodes of this show ever. It was so powerful and very emotional. Even if you don't like the show would still recommend this episode to anyone and everyone.
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