Criminal Minds

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2009 on CBS

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  • Amazing

    I created an account just to comment on this episode. WOW. I've been following this season from the beginning and the only other time I've tear-ed up was in Season 4, ep24. When Reid was leaving a message to his mother because he thought he could have died from the virus.

    Hotchner and Hayley's conversation near the end (moments before Hayley was killed) was so powerful. I cried like a baby when their conversation came to an end. When Hayley is shot, you could feel the pain Hotchner was feeling. Nothing more epic than a show that can really pull you in and connect with the characters.

    This is a 10/10. One of my favourites, don't know if I could re watch it since I know I'd cry everytime.