Criminal Minds

Season 3 Episode 12

3rd Life

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jan 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • Alright

    I don't really have much to say on this episode. I found it enjoyable enough. But I strongly disliked Lyndsey or however it's spelt. She was just so easy to hate I found and every single time she was on screen her arrogance and bullshit just annoyed me. I get you know your dad is a big cool mafia dude who is probably coming for you, but instead of buying time while your dad tries to find you, you are a little turd. And my god, her SCREAMING "kill him, kill him" the second he walked in the door. He coercing her dad into murder. A kid... WANTING murder.

    Just she pissed me the hell off. A pathetic little girl who is one day going to turn into her father and he just helped that even more by murdering someone for her, in front of her, because she begged for it. And the little whispers "kill him" while Reed is trying to talk him down (which I thought he was doing quite well).

    And naturally, he's too important to arrest. So annoying.

    Ah well, still not bad. I agree with people below, what was the motive? Apparently it wasn't mafia related, and if it was then how again because it was just related to school. Was the motive just douchebags that met girls online? But then bit over the top with "I know who you are" etc etc.
  • Go Daddy!!

    love how the father goes after the two remaining unsubs and kills them both! I'm glad he listened to Lindsey and ignored Reid , the bastards deserved to die! Its amazing how people think they're so tough but are actually completely pansies

    Weak plot don't understand why the girls were kidnapped
  • The BAU race against time to find the second of two teenage girls.

    I thought this was probably the weakest of season 3 so far but it wasn't that bad The episode starts with a teenage girl found dead but the BAU know that there is another girl still out there and they have to find her before she is killed I was surprised about the ending where Reid tried to talk Jack out of killing the unsub but Jack listened to his daughter instead However Jack was still able to walk free with his daughter.
  • Great one!

    Two girls disappear and one is soon found dead, with two agonizing family about which one is it. The show plays this very well! The both joy and distress of one's missing daughter for one of father, and the pain to lost one's daughter for the other one.

    One of the father and his family has a "little" secret which cost the BAU team alot of problem in profiling. And when they find out the truth, it cost even more problems for BAU, as it misleads the team to seek something that wasn't there. Good thing was that being the daughter of a formal mob's profession killer, she learns some of the ways to protecting herself.

    In the end it was just 3 horny boy, with one of the them being very loony.

    I especially like the ending. It raises a few moral questions.

    - How far would a father go to protect his daughter?

    - And when does this protection crosses the line? Personally I can't say was Reid's right or wrong.

    - How many fathers(or mothers) won't ask a killer to kill the murder of their daughter, to avenge their lost daughters...

    This one really makes one think about crime and punishment in the world today. For some crime or some criminals, there seem to be no adequate punishment sometimes. In some cases, the crimes are so horrify(like this one), many of us would be happy to see the criminal get the old "eye of eye" justice! Even as the same time we know that what this father did, was wrong thing to do, still there is the joy to see him blow that coward head off!

    Reid's face at the end is priceless!! Even as I believe the writer didn't write it to be funny, but it was funny!

  • I have to say that I like the ending.

    It was fun to watch and see how the story progressing over time. I have no problem with the ending when Jack killed the punk, they all killed a girl who couldn't defend herself and it was a slow and painful death for her. The way he got away with it and moved to Georgia sounded a bit unfair to me, he should have paid the consequences somehow. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that there was no reason of motives for these kids to abduct the girls and kill one of them. I guess the plot is rather weak
  • Still not sure why the girls were kidnapped

    Two teenage girls go missing during a movie. One is soon found dead. The team suspects that the killings may be related to one of the fathers who is in the witness protection program. I enjoyed the whole episode but am still not clear on why the girls were kidnapped.
  • It's good but...

    The only thing that puts me off it is the ending. I personally think that the father should have not killed the unsub becuase he'd be no better. And yes while I understand where he's coming from, I think it was unnecessary. In the words of Oskar Schindler, "Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't. " I know that most won't even listen to me, but that's my 2 cents.
  • Two friends go missing after seeing a movie. One is soon found disfigured and dead but the other is still misssing.

    I was pretty bored by this one. A predictable plot with a predictable ending. I know the writers of any long-running tv show can't get it right all the time but I like to have a surprise or two in each episode and for me at least, this one didn't contain any as I knew what was coming next as every turn.

    Basically, two girls disappear and one, Katie, is quickly found dead, her body disfigured. The other, Lindsay, is nowhere to be seen.

    The BAU seem to have a little difficulty with the profile until they learn that Lindsay and her father, Jack are both in witness protection and have to keep moving all over the country in order to remain safe. The US Marshall assigned to protect them was a highly unpleasant character who drove me nuts and all the way through the episode, the impression was given that the missing girl was far less important than her father, who was the reason they were in witness protection in the first place.

    When we see Lindsay, who is still being held by the unsubs, it's obviously that the poor kid has had to learn to protect herself. A very good performance by Gina Mantegna as Lindsay, but I can't honestly say that I enjoyed much else about it.
  • Waw!! In Reid's words...Cool!

    The BAU team travels to California to find the murderer(s) of a teenage girl that was kidnapped only 18 hours before. The body is practically unrecognisable and they have to identify the victim by a voice record. There was another girl abducted with the first one that is still missing. His father is in witness protection and at the beginning they thing it's all mob related but it turns out to be a revenge from an older boy. Great actings and great story. Reid's face at the end is priceless, he tried but he couldn't convince Jack. In a more superficial note...I love Morgan's tattoos, and his arms too...:D
    Great chapter, one of the best of this season!
  • Poor character and storyline development leads to a questionable story. It seems to me like this episode was written with an idea in mind but that idea never came to fruition. Reid was great however.

    I felt that this was one of the worst CM episodes yet. The plot and background story were simply not there. It seemed to me as if someone came up with the admittedly striking idea of a man killing someone and then getting away with it because he was in federal protection. The other half of the story was just not there however. Here are some questions:

    First: Why would a kidnapping that happened just a few hours ago get the BAU brought in? They often refer to how they sort and specifically pick cases while rejecting hundreds, so why would they choose this one with no pattern, etc?

    Second: What did the whole mob thing have to do with anything? There were several references to how if it was relating to him they would be Irish, etc but that plot wet nowhere. With the high school kids committing the crime, there was just a complete disconnect.

    Third: What was the motive for the crime? Once the whole mob thing was ruled out, there was NO purpose given. The older high school guy made one comment about "Them" and making it all work out, but it was never established what that was.

    Fourth: While the BAU did solve the case, it was also done and solved ahead of time by the parents so what was the point?

    One thing that was really good in this episode was Reid's character development and his performance. This episode is certainly a classic for Reid and will make a big difference in his character for the rest of the series. Besides that, though, the episode was just a disappointment.
  • Nice little twist

    This episode started out as your average teenage girls are kidnapped episode and one is murdered but you can't tell which one because the body is so messed up. But then the writers threw in a twist. It was revealed that one of the girls and her father where in the Witness Protection Program. Another part of the twist is that the father is a mob killer -- I loved this aspect because he was one ticking time bomb waiting to go off. And in a way -- you kind of wanted him to go off but then again you wanted the team to catch kidnappers and save the girl so that this guy didn't have to take justice in his own hands. Very intense episode. I really enjoyed this one. Great acting by each set of parents. A must see episode.
  • Very suspenseful, tense and dramatic.

    I thought this episode was very well done. The way it began was very suspenseful. It caught my attention right from the opening and held it all the way through. It also really made me really worry about the parents and at the same time wonder if one of them was somehow I thought it was fantastic how you did that. The agony that the parents went through not knowing which girl was the victim and trying to identify which of the two was still alive made me really anxious and want to know the truth. And my heart went out to those parents. I loved the youtube scene and how you then played Rhianna's Umbrella in the credits.
  • I was glued to the set to find out who did it and why?

    Really intriguing show. Many angles to follow, kept me riveted. The opening really captured my much going on, with all the details of the murder, made me want to find out what happened. The parents listening to the voice mail made me lose it, I was actually crying. I suspected the Dad of the girl who was still alive was acting weird and thought he might have had something to do with it. It was cool the way he turned out to be a former hitman and now in the Witness Protection Program. I have to say it was a real ballzy ending and I liked that.
  • Last Ten Minutes = Intense

    I thought it was a solid episode with a groundbreaking ending. I think the episode was in the 8.5 range for a while right until the ending of the episode where it took a nice little high right into the 9.0 range. The character that they had portraying the guy in witness protection (Marshall on Lost) was very good in the role he was assigned to play. I thought he played the role very well and was actually very satisfied with the ending with him killing the man that had done everything to the two girls but got off the hook because he was a much needed witness in a criminal trial which was to be held on the days following the events of the case. I thought the team did a great job in this episode, including Rossi who I have not been a fan of since joining the team about a half of a dozen episodes ago. A lot of the things they had him doing in the first episode (writing in the little black book, taking charge in cases) was kind of dropped. On one hand thats good because I didn't like him, but now his character has made this switch into a very Jason Gideon like way - only he does it a little more harsh then Jason ever would have. Overall though - the episode was very good.
  • It all will end tomorrow...

    That was really good and moving episode.. I am not even sure why but it just stand out from those episodes we have had lately.

    Two girls are adopted and one of them is soon killed.. but one is still alive and team tries their best to find her. But then it becomes more and more weird when they see the house - it is not the way it should be and then it comes out that they were in witness protection. Had it anything to do with it why girls were taken? And from that moment on it is just one crazy merry-go-round, specially when the killed girl's father who has learned also the truth, will ask the girl's father to do what he used to do - go and kill those who take them..

    Exciting, with unexpected turns episode..
  • a pretty weird episode

    ok...this episode kinda threw me off the loop. all is fine and dandy until the character of Jack steps up...granted, the guys who took the victims should not have been let to walk, but taken into custody, that is what the FBI is for. so basically he listens to his daughter to kill the other guy and then he walks free? i find that really frustrating. does that make him any better than the killers? i think not. and the whole deal with the witness protection. do they really explain what he did in the past? some episodes of the show are better than others...this will not be amongst my favorites!
  • One of my favorite episodes of this season!

    This was just a phenomenal episode which exceeded all expectations! I thought every aspectof it was perfectly done, and it created some tense scenes, as the searching became desperate.

    I enjoyed every momeny of the episode, and I honestly believe it was written absolutely immaculately! I was really impressed with the way they ended off this episode. One of my favorite TV moments would have to be, "When does this end?" And then Jack replies, "Tomorrow," and bang. Great stuff!

    All up, fasscinating and sensational episode! I hope this standard can be maintained as we move forwards, because this one was just brilliant! I would highly recommend it, and keep it going!
  • wow...

    Wow. This episode was amazing. The story was amazing. The characters were amazing. So, two girls were abducted and one is found dead. The father of the missing girl turns out to have been in the mofia. I thought he was the one that did it the whole time. The father of the dead girl told the mob father where to find the people to abducted their children and the mob guy went after them. It was creepy and unexpected. The mob father finds his daughter and has a shot gun pointed at the man that kidnapped her. Reid comes in a tries to convince him not to shoot. He says something along the lines of "When will the killing stop?" and the mob father answered "Tomorrow" and shoots. Wow. I was not expecting that. Every time a cop tries to talk someone down, they usually do (in tv anyways). I was really surprised. I was also surprised that the girl was begging her dad to shoot him. She was creepy. Anyways, I loved how the father and daughter were allowed to start fresh. It was sweet. Overall, a great episode with an amazing story.
  • A very good episode !!!

    In this episode one girl if found brutally dead and her friend is missing, first the BAU thinks that the case has something to do with her missing girl's father because he is in the witness protection program, but that turns out not to be truth.

    This was overall a very interesting story, not a lot of drama or suspense, not even some great psychological inshights about the suspects personality, but was good.

    Liked the end, when Reid tried to convince the dad not to shoot the boy, but he couldnt and he just staied there with a scared look in his face.
  • This episode shows precisely why so many watch the show. Not only is the case of two missing girls intriguing, but the interaction of the characters is compelling.

    The storyline itself is fantastic. The case is intelligent and well written. Overall, this is another fantastic episode that comes highly recommended.

    However, it is the final scene that leaves the audience with no doubt as to why this show is so great. When Dr. Reid cannot stop a murder right in front of him with words, the look on his face cannot be described.

    The cross between disbelief and shock on Reid's face sets the tone for the last scenes.

    Reid's questioning of himself as he allows someone who just killed to walk away, yet he doesn't move shows just how startlingly human he can be.

    Overall, this was a terrific episode, and I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Loved the episodes, but I still have a problem with it...

    ... Is this really a show that should air at 9 o'clock?? I was just shocked to see how disturbing, and full of awful images and shots this episode was... Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy watching the show, but still, I wouldn't let my kid watch it in a million years... But I couldn't make the kid go to bed before 9 day after day... I'd rather let him watch FX shows like Damages, Rescue Me, even Nip/Tuck... I might sound like a bad future parent ( :D ), but little kids don't really know a lot about sex, but when they see a dumped body, a stab victim with his dead eyes opened like he is possessed or when the victim's parents have to sit through their childs' last moments, they wouldn't be able to sleep... Nevermind... The episode was great, from the very beginning it was full of suspense, twists and surprises... The acting is still kinda mediocre, but with great cases every week, I forget about the acting easily...
  • Great episode nice twist with the plot and plenty of team interaction. I love the way it was setup that one of the fathers of the missing girls was the unsub. Though we should've know a setup that easy a show of this caliber

    Great episode nice twist with the plot and plenty of team interaction. I love the way it was setup that one of the fathers of the missing girls was the unsub. Though we should've known with a setup that easy a show of this caliber wouldn't be so simplistic. We soon learn that the father is an ex Irish mob hitman about to testify and the case takes a turn. Avoiding the cliche of the mob coming after the witness was great. Also the spree killer unsub had way more dimension than a bunch of mindless killers. Both stories converged perfectly giving a tried and true formula that felt original. The team was in top form with banter and controversy Rossi wanting to play the death recording of one of the girls and Prentiss protesting. Reid had a pivotal scene of allowing the hitman to kill his daughters kidnapper and lamenting on how he could do nothing to stop it. Real good episode the best mix of story and character development we've had all season.
  • Two girls are kidnapped. One is murdered immediately, but the other one is a "survivor" from the word go comes out of it alive with a little help from her very own dear old dad. Kidnappers turn out to be some high school boys out of control.

    Dear Lord, please forgive me, but even though I expected Reid to talk Jack out of pulling the trigger, I thoroughly enjoyed the ending when Reid asked him "When does it (the violence) end?" as Jack hestitated while Lindsey whispered "kill him, Daddy Kill him" and then surprised all of us by saying "tomorrow" as he blew that murdering little rapist away. Good climax. Not what I expected. Good acting too by all.

    I also loved the part where Jack shot the other boy in the leg and then said, "You have two legs and I have one question." So then when he asked where his daugher was, the suspect spit it out. I've always said the courts should just step out of the way and let the father of any young girl who is raped and/or murdered deal with the perpetrator however they see fit. That, to me, seems like justice. Sick I know. But I loved that ending. It was also realistic, in character for Jack, and believable.
  • Another example of the excellent writing and acting that make this show my favourite hour of television. *Spoilers contained in review*

    This episode was just breathtaking. From the beginning to the end, there was not a moment that let up, whether it was the heartbreaking scene of a father listening to his daughter's final words (and needing to deny that it was her) or the shocking ending with a father killing the unsub. Other shows would have had him take the high road in the end, but that wasn't who the character was, he was a violent guy that used violence to solve problems. Any other ending would have been completely out of character for Jack, especially with his daughter begging him to do it. Also, I loved the way they kept cutting from one character to another while they were searching the abandoned houses, how they were all synchronized in their actions. The way that sequence highlighted their training was another of the detail oriented moments that sets this show apart from other shows. They don't need shoot-outs and explosions to make a great product, not when they have writing and acting of this caliber.
  • Well worth the wait!

    Wow. Incredible. Acting aparently runs in the Mantegna family. Young Gina gave a fantastic performance as the kidnap victim.

    The whole episode was good, but what makes it shine was the rescue scene with Lindsey begging her father to kill her abducter, and Reid beautifully pleading with him not to. When I first heard Hotch tell Reid to be careful, and saw that he beat the rest of the team there, I was so excited! I feel like Reid has been neglected this year. They made a single refrence to his drug use, and that's all. It's like the writers feel as though so much attention was given to him last year with the kidnapping that they don't want to make him ever be the main focus this year. So I first was thrilled, thinking he would get to be the hero for the first time in a very very long time. But the opposite happened. He failed to save the unsub, and stood there horrified. I can only hope this spills over into other episodes, maybe somehow with his drug use, or just his feelings about the situation. I hate when stuff like this doesn't carry over. In real life, people take time to deal. Let's let Reid take his time, it's obvious he was horrified. Perfect acting by Matthew Gray Gubler!
  • Excellent from the get go

    Very awesome show as I couldn't agree with the other two reviewers any better. As the team heads to find one of the girls as her friend has been killed and now she is kidnapped and may die. We learn that the team has hit a brick wall in this. As the government is protecting them father and the daughter for some reason. Goes to show you that it seems that some people care about their own case while ignoring the most important case. Finding someone that is kidnapped before they are killed. Hate it that little poor Reid had to witnessed an execution. You could tell that he was so scared. That I wanted to hug him. Very sadistic killers with no care in the world.
  • I was glued from the get go.

    I really was intrigued by this episode. Here we have the team looking for a missing teenager who witnessed her friends murder. We come to find out that our government is protecting that teenager and her father because of what he knows and what he's done. But the killers in this case have nothing to do with Jack, but they are just sick kids. Now we have Jack's daughter who knows EVERYTHING about her dad, ordering a hit of her own and Reid witnessing an execution. I was just blown away by the actual possibility. Then in the final scene we see Jack and Katie starting all over..... AGAIN.
  • Two girls go missing abducted by several unsubs.

    That was great. I almost missed it to eat dinner with my family, but then I saw a commercial for it and couldn't have possibly voluntarily missed it. The only complain is the end where they made poor little Reid witness that little tragic event. The ending was pretty well written though. Hope we don't have to wait forever and a half to get the next episode due to the writers' strike. The only thing I would want to see is a little more main character action. I think after revelations and Gideon's leave later the characters' actions have not been portrayed as in depth as usual.